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  1. do u know whos on ur mans vi list?
  2. 86'd
  3. Mexico Jails have better visitation
  4. You might think I'm slow...
  5. ID Question
  6. how can i visit
  7. What If He's Sleeping?
  8. help--getting calls to my cell
  9. Need some ideas for upcoming anniversary....
  10. Anybody else going through this situation? (unable to visit)
  11. how long?
  12. Alternatives to MCI in Florida?
  13. fake return address?
  14. Phone calls
  15. Anyone else having a problem???
  16. Lost pictures what would you do???
  17. How often do you visit your loved one?
  18. WHat if my billing info doesn't match where MCI thinks the calls are going?
  19. How can I get calls if I owe CBS?
  20. disliking the mail man
  21. Finally made it
  22. Never miss a call
  23. FYI Calltones can cause calls to drop!
  24. how to dress for your visits
  25. Final Dispostion for visting
  26. I saw my honey!!!
  27. Ever See Anyone Infamous While Visiting
  28. need badly some help
  29. HolidayS?
  30. I wanna go see my man but i have no photo ID=[
  31. Soooo i got my 3rd letter today
  32. Would He Tell You if another woman visited him?
  33. Never Let your man use you to send letters to other inmates!
  34. gwinnett county ci mailing directions
  35. Amazon: Wont Ship Using USPS
  36. How many letters a day do you write
  37. I press 0 but the collect call won't go through...
  38. Outside Connection
  39. congical visits
  40. CBS site down???
  41. Visitation Pic
  42. Can you really get to know someone through letters
  43. He's not getting all of my letters
  44. I am heartbroken, we lost our visits
  45. washington correction..
  46. A&E Status at Dodge Correctional Prison
  47. mci is wrong
  48. Any 1 Have A Clue What A Burn Out Phone Is?
  49. Anyone Know How I Can Get A Hold Of My Own Record? For DOC Visitaton App.
  50. Oversea calls - Im new and need help
  51. Will I be allowed to visit?
  52. What would you do if someone stole you addy?
  53. Now or Later
  54. How much does it cost for them to buy stamps/paper?
  55. Do you sneek a peek on the visit floor?
  56. Kinda Sad... Kinda Upset...
  57. Hoochy Mail!!!! being denied
  58. exciting prison mail!!!
  59. He Sen T Me A Rock Yess A Rock
  60. PCO or sumone spending my moNey!!!!have eva answer???
  61. taking sexy pictures???
  62. question about setting up phone account
  63. Not sending as much as he is!!!!
  64. Is There Any Way???
  65. Is Your Mail Held When Moved To A New Dorm?
  66. no mail for 3 days
  67. have you ever tried to do something naughty while visiting?
  68. drawing paper?
  69. His First Letter Home!
  70. What's the longest you've gone with no mail?
  71. Book Suggestions??
  72. help new at this!
  73. calls via mci to uk, problems help needed!
  74. does your visits keep getting better and better or worse?
  75. MCI/PCO happenings in Ohio
  76. would you visit everyday if you could?
  77. who is more "behaved" at visit you or your man?
  78. Are Federal inmates ok to recieve (western union)
  79. How long before my Husband can call home?
  80. are you the most beautiful woman in the visit room?
  81. I was wondering is anyone going to visit ccc
  82. visitation requirements
  83. I need Help....
  84. Does visiting him get you high?
  85. grrrrrrr!
  86. what do I do? I blocked his calls on accident.
  87. Ever Gotten Caught Forwarding Calls?
  88. The Easily Offended - Pls Do Not Read!
  89. Does he like to send you cards?
  90. just got approved for visits...!
  91. Hi Can anyone help me find things to send him
  92. what do i bring for my family visit? HELP!
  93. Did your man ever walk out of a visit ??
  94. Global Tel problems...again
  95. Mci Website Is Down An So Is There Number ?
  96. scary mail. What to do about threatening letters?
  97. Prison calls online
  98. CBS Questions
  99. I want to send some Sexy Letters
  100. Collect calls on my celly.
  101. Problems With Phones At Wayside
  102. Can you send birthday or anniversary Cards
  103. Phone only rings once with PCO and then Missed Call??
  104. Trying to Get to Canaan
  105. Anyone Know what I am talking about????
  106. What are your man's visitations like?
  107. suprise visit
  108. Who develops your "special" pictures
  109. Scam Alert--They are using the same message that we get for prison collect calls!!!
  110. NFCF Phone Problems
  111. Forwarding Mail when he's moved.
  112. Centinela Prison/ Imperial, Ca.
  113. Pco
  114. Do you let other girls look at him?
  115. MCI/PCO/Evercom/Paytel
  116. Truly blessed
  117. Do You Have Routine?
  118. Please Help So Confused!!!!!
  119. I need help with sending books/information
  120. Mail when guys in the Box??
  121. Got my Runway walk On
  122. pin number??
  123. What is allowed and not allowed at AZ and MN visitations?
  124. Flirting
  125. MCI:the new rates are they in effect????
  126. what is the forever stamp?
  127. Need ideas for boyfriend's birthday
  128. Going To See Him!!!
  129. Anything Special For Easter?
  130. What Does It Mean When It Says Visitor 0?
  131. Why am I still being charged the same?!!?
  132. someone help me figure this out?
  133. Has the Outside Connection phone company gone bust!!!??
  134. I really don't get this...not allowing legal info in mail
  135. Has anyone ever had this problem
  136. I'm approved
  137. Pco Again
  138. PCO and connection fee question
  139. PCO and connection fee question
  140. What appears on the caller ID?
  141. Would You Walk Off The Visit?
  142. Question: Why would he refuse to come out?
  143. Did I make a bad decision
  144. CBS updating systems--Our accounts will show incorrectly!!
  145. jail do u know?
  146. help please - outside connection
  147. Charter Allows Prison Calls!!!!
  148. Best Letter Ever
  149. He sent me some chicks letters not by mistake
  150. Do they actually read mail in the mail room? and diff. last names
  151. collect calls overseas how long till you are billed ?
  152. anyone heard of prison-tel?
  153. SAD Story Ladies
  154. I'm still being Charged a High rate
  155. I can't accept collect calls on my business phone
  156. Best Birthday present EVER!!!
  157. Is there any way you can recieve collect calls on a cell phone?
  158. what is up with PCO???
  159. PCO increasing charges without notice?
  160. MCI has me fuming .........
  161. new phone service
  162. Upset with PCO
  163. Out of Business - Fraud Warning - Brian Prins on the Run
  164. evercom is a big scam
  165. prision phones
  166. very Important - ION Scanners
  167. Technical difficulties with accepting a call
  168. Infinity Phone Service
  169. Options for Cheaper Prison Calls
  170. mailing photo's??
  171. How many wear no panties to visits?
  172. Prison visitation provides much needed closeness
  173. Right Name, Wrong Din#
  174. refused mail because of taps?
  175. when are family visits?
  176. curious
  177. I'm So Nervous Waiting For Results Of My Visitation Application
  178. I am new to all this & can't even get through to CBS!!!
  179. Finally got through to VAC... question about fees
  180. How can I keep the bills from going to my mom's house
  181. what cell phone companies allow you to get calls
  182. why would my visitation be denied
  183. Prisontel
  184. Frustrated about not being able to get off work for visit
  185. Do they cancel visitation because of weather?
  186. Digital Phone Service Need Info.. Anyone Every Used This Before?
  187. Prison phone credit
  188. new number
  189. OutsideConnection Customer Credit Card Numbers still being (Illegally) used
  190. my letter came back...
  191. YAYY I get to see my man
  192. Does it take long to get approved for visits?
  193. Inmates can't call out??
  194. Will Verizon shut off my phone?
  195. Tomorrow is our last visit for a long time
  196. they got approved before me! is that normal?
  197. A little too close
  198. Trying to get visitation approved
  199. He Refused My Visit Today
  200. ever gotten a letter that just didn't make any sense? help!
  201. MY GLOBAL TEL LINK account(misplace the 800#)Does anyone Here have it?
  202. Hear me ROAR!!!
  203. Anybody as pissed as me about the weather?
  204. I Saw Him Through The Glass Today At Visitation Reception-I'm Worried
  205. any other company but mci???
  206. Does anyone else cancel appts to wait for mail?
  207. Do you think he's writing another woman?
  208. they woke him at 2am? about visitation? i'm confused?
  209. visitation question
  210. Received sexy letter from my man!
  211. Why isn't he writing?
  212. Sexy Poses
  213. I forgot to include the zip code
  214. How can I find out if I blocked him by accident?
  215. What should I write?
  216. Is writing really worth it?
  217. Any birthday suggestions???
  218. Do you Converse with the CO's?
  219. Help my calls wont connect-Fixed!
  220. T-netix-How do I contact them?
  221. Can I send pictures of cell phones????
  222. I am so embarrassed!!!! I mailed a sexy letter to the wrong address
  223. Hating on the woman next to you- have you seen it? Do you do it?
  224. he can't call on the new phone company I use
  225. Does anyone else completely hate sundays??
  226. Visiting routine In A Rut
  227. Time Warner Users I Need Info and Help on MCI
  228. My kids aren't allowed to visit their "dad"
  229. how long did you have to wait for visiting approval?
  230. They say I can't write to him
  231. Ladies what have you worn to look very pretty WITH OUT BREAKING PRISON RUlessssssssss
  232. MCI - you are not going to believe this!!
  233. has anyone sent dried flowers?
  234. Why? do we get possesive over who is visiting our inmates?
  235. If your letter didn't go through, would you be sent a notice about it?
  236. How much should I expect to pay for calls from him? (FL)
  237. Voip--How can I get prepaid set up?
  238. I don't understand the options for his calls
  239. Just my flippin luck...we got busted
  240. I sent sexy pics and now some of them are missing
  241. I think he got a ticket.
  242. Will The Rate Increase In Stamps To .41 Cents Affect Your Writing/Receiving Letters
  243. no mail for over 10 days!! ladies, please help me calm down...
  244. Visiting with others, when you rarely see him
  245. Anyone else look forward to hearing "This is MCI"?
  246. A Dream Come True-Finally I have been Approved for Visits
  247. Am I over reacting to his Wandering Eyes
  248. Facility Gave My Letter To Wrong Dude.....
  249. Please Help how do I Unblock my phone--Fixed!
  250. can we say FRUSTRATING, should have waited for a visit