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  1. Rules are Rules So WHY put visits at risk?
  2. Day started out great then turned ...
  3. first contact visit for leigh
  4. Carpooling to coffield unit
  5. Visit to Albion Pa
  6. Oregon Snake River Prison Ride share?
  7. MCI dumps WorldCom name
  8. First Visit At Terminal Island
  9. Help! Rates Up 62% - MCI cannot explain - (Canadians please look...)
  10. Sending Visiting Application
  11. visitation questions (denied visit when moved to max)
  12. stupid question
  13. Just had to share my wondedrful visit with all of you.
  14. Lexi's 1st visit in 3 wks!!!!
  15. Special Request (Looking for kids perspective visiting prison)
  16. First visit after four months!!!
  18. I am still fighting this! A question here
  19. I Have Some Problems...............
  20. phone calls
  21. How often do you write?
  22. A Phone Call! Finally!!!
  23. needs a ride in ohio.......please.
  24. Do prison mailrooms read incoming mail?
  25. Simple things should be posted for 1st time visitors
  26. Yay I got to see my sweetie!
  27. Live in WA State, Visiting in CA
  28. Permanent Visitation Restriction
  29. Visit time~
  30. Overslept & on the way!
  31. How to survive L/c time and loss of visits w/your husband?
  32. just wanted to share great news from mail today
  33. My Visit with Travis~
  34. Amazing Visit! Guards on Happy Pills!
  35. "You can' t wear that"
  36. Well, Im Finally Going!!!!!!!!
  37. Just wanted to share my good news
  38. Be Careful!!! (Some states going after discount phone services)
  39. no cheap talk here
  40. TDCJ at it again
  41. MCI Pre Pay
  42. Has anyone heard of Global Telling?
  43. Looking For Someone Who Also Visits At Polk CI
  44. Javier
  45. First visit and thanks to all of you
  46. colllect calls cell phones
  47. Visit Made Me Sick??
  48. Mail Problems
  49. my 3rd visit
  50. Verizon Customers please help
  51. any advise?? Overseas calls from US Prisons?
  52. Omg!!! Guess What I Got In The Mail Today
  53. Best visit ever =)
  54. Three way calling with someone in jail or prison
  55. Bad Visit...I need some love from you guys!
  56. prison rates
  57. how do you handle none contact.....
  58. Flowers From Him
  59. Phone calls from Mom
  60. "special" visits........ha!
  61. Ill Be On My Way In A Few Hours
  62. Suspended visitation
  63. Conjugal Visits
  64. Absurd new rules for visitation!!!
  65. I Can Visit Him!!!!!
  66. Ok Im Back And All Smiles...heres Every Detail
  67. ****mothers Day Visit****
  68. TELE-NET - Just Signed Up - Gotta Love IT!!!!!
  69. no communication with son
  70. Lonely and still no visits...
  71. Tried to Turn His Mother Away Yesterday
  72. Post-visit depression
  73. new and curious about this telnet
  74. No visit this weekend!
  75. who what where??? (Number for Tele-Net?)
  76. here we go....
  77. Raised Terror Alert & Visitation
  78. help needed!! (Missed call from Texas)
  79. Wish Me Luck
  80. SATURDAY where are you????????
  81. A visit this weekend
  82. Hard to leave...
  83. My visits being revoked
  84. Visiting penpal for the first time
  85. What if your line has a Block on it?
  86. Visitation Denied
  87. Phone Calls
  88. What else ? denied again
  89. visitation denied indefinatly
  90. My Visit: The Details.....
  91. Heard of This Rule Before???
  92. I need Stationary.....
  93. Evercom!!!!
  94. Finally going to visit my Baby!!
  95. Empty Mailbox
  96. I sent it out today!!!!
  97. Most Upsetting Prison Visit!
  98. Thanks guys
  99. I get a visit anyway!!!!
  100. Louisiana - Don't Call, Don't Accept the Call
  101. My Visit
  102. It Is Going To Be one hell of A visit
  103. Thanks for helping me to see
  104. More questions on International calls
  105. Going on my First Contact Visit, haven't kissed him in 9 months!
  106. shu program?whats that mean
  107. I Had A Great Visit With Javier
  108. Thank You Very Much !!!
  109. Phone Co Help - How to reach EVERCOM
  110. first visit
  112. ANGRY AT PHONE SYSTEM--SORRY--its not fair
  113. Visit didn't happen
  114. I'm went great!
  115. Ontario, OREGON...BEST RATES....
  116. I have a question - Can Prisoners call 800 numbers?
  117. Carpooling to Livingston or Groveland in NY
  118. I Got Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. My Visit Was Fabolous
  120. Corruption from guards while visiting....
  121. I Got To Visist!!!!
  122. I'm off to see the wizzard~
  123. Iz There Any Other Phone Service Other Than"rip Offz"correc.bllng.serv?
  124. not fulfilled after a visit
  125. Transfer telephone from one country to another, possible?
  126. Sundays Visit Really Sucked!!
  127. I saw my Jeffrey!!!
  128. Haven't had a visit
  129. I got a letter from my baby today!!!
  130. Hurry up Friday
  131. unfair visitor restriction removed!!
  132. Telezappers
  133. Visitation Rights - Did not know Inmate before incarceration (Ohio)
  134. Denim's Great Visiting Adventure!
  135. Didn' make my visit
  136. Im Finally Going To Visit My Stormy Today After 6 Weeks!!!
  137. Block calls help
  138. Lancaster Visitation
  139. PRAYERS FOR...My next visit is in 6 days....?!!!
  140. Van
  141. Father's Day Visitation
  142. Long Distance Visits!!!
  143. Bus service from Dallas...
  144. How do you write a Dear John Letter?
  145. Frisky Visits
  146. Fresno California ~> Salem Oregon Visit
  147. what is tele-net
  148. Email The President To Investigate These High Toll Prison Calls
  149. Prison Telephone Revenues...Falling Short? Let's Tell Ms. La Follette, the TRUTH!!!
  150. Visitation - Much better in county
  151. Visiting Approval
  152. I got my phone Bill!!!!!!!!
  153. Need a lift
  154. Visit at Garza West in Beeville
  155. Does anyone know the Origami site online?
  156. Barter System...Carpooling, Babysitting and just plain HELPING!
  157. 1ST... "DADDY'S" Visit! !!!!
  158. Local line
  159. Three Days Until My First Visit/I'm Nervous!!
  160. My First Visit/I'm Nervous!!
  161. lockdown at Lawrence, Ill
  162. Bummed!!!!!! Credit was not approved!
  163. Upset about visit to see Frank yesterday
  164. I talked to Tel net today!!!
  165. Let Me Tell You About My Visit
  166. What do I do? - (Should I go visit?)
  167. I am going SUNDAY!!!!!!
  168. Tele_Net starting Pre-Paid services
  169. Carpool from Houston to Dominguez?
  170. Help PLEASE! (What phone system services Alabama?)
  171. First Visit
  172. my good visit
  173. Aren't visit weekends just the peachiest?
  174. Sunday Visit
  175. Something He Has Never Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. Walking on Cloud 9!!!!
  177. Carpool to Rahway
  178. Todds Visit
  179. Prepaid Service for Collect calls
  180. I Got Approved
  181. Nervous about 1st time visitation
  182. Visits suspended for no reason, I need help!!!!!
  183. conjugal visits
  184. Found out today I got denied
  185. 26 days!!! ('til next visit)
  186. NEW LEGISLATION for Correctional Phone Calls. See if your state is listed...
  187. Contact Visit?
  188. Going to see the Fireman (Travis) this Satuday!
  189. T-Netix has changed their billing to twice a month
  190. How RUDE - (conflict w/ guard over visitation questions)
  191. How long does it take? (For visits to be approved)
  192. First ALONE visitation!!! NERVOUS!!!
  193. Welcome to the Prison Visitation Forum!
  194. how do I find Info on a specific jail?
  195. My visit with Travis...
  196. I Went And Saw Stormy Today!!!
  197. OK CURE to be interviewed on INMATE PHONE COSTS
  198. first time visit
  199. first visit
  200. Should I try (to visit) anyway....?
  201. i sent my tel net fee in...
  202. Do I have to wait for an approval?
  203. I'm in Florida
  204. YAY! My visit with my Baby!
  205. Prison Visitation - Things NOT to Do Inside the Walls
  206. I Went And Saw My Stormy Again Yesterday!!!
  207. i think he is upset with me after our visit
  208. Free Printable Cards Ect!
  209. Michigan Mail Limits
  210. Banned Visitation
  211. Grrlz,ladiez{it'z Here!}prepay,with Rich At Telenet:read On,mamitas!!!
  212. I Finally Made It To C.s.p-lancaster!
  213. So Sad............ (Visits Suspended)
  214. conjucal visits
  215. Conjucal Visits
  216. Postcard's size
  217. I've been denied - Need help, feedback
  218. is it true that if you are a felon no prisons will let you visit?
  219. I am off to Pelican Bay
  220. Visits Denied, and Grateful to see him
  221. I miss my Demon!
  222. On my way to Alabama in the morning...
  223. Tele-net Announces New Pre-pay Service - PRISON CALLS ONLINE
  224. MCI Pre-paid accounts
  225. We Got To Touch...
  226. Pray For Me
  227. I want to but I don't.... (want to visit)
  228. Visitation - Can't Bring Myself to Go Back
  229. Being Banned
  230. What's the Highest phone bill you've racked up in one month?
  231. The Visit That Made Our Cheeks Hurt
  232. TOO Sick to sad
  233. Mothers' Can't See Their Sons!!!
  234. Funny Story
  235. so. CA to corcoran?
  236. Update on my Visitation Denial
  237. women admirers at visitation
  238. Urgent advice from the ladies…and men of course
  239. How do you deal with no visits?
  240. Being Banned Questions
  241. blocked Prison calls
  242. false information??? - (denied because of it)
  243. Cars To Print?
  244. To Bring or not to bring my son?
  245. The inspirational Letter I got
  246. Ride To Palestine Tx (Tennessee Colony TX) Area
  247. Pekin Illinois visit from Iowa
  248. Visits Under Glass How Do You Handle It
  249. Phone Cards
  250. I Went And Saw Stormy Yesterday and Am Going Back Today!!