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  1. Please Help!!!! (need to be able to get calls)
  2. If he calls when you're not home and you don't live alone
  3. Package Vendors?
  4. Show Me How To Save The $$$$ W/local#'s
  5. Anyone else not able to stop at just ONE card
  6. They have to get mainlined before they can use the phones right?
  7. Do you get angry if he doesn't call when he said he would?
  8. The Art is Amazing!!
  9. Visits Reinstated
  10. Visits at Wicomico County Detention Center
  11. Mail Problems At Wicomico County Detention Center
  12. How long does it take for mail to get to them after it arrives at the prison??
  13. so mad (mail was returned for using colored ink)
  14. holiday visits.......
  15. how many of you record calls?
  16. have u ever set it up so u and him got a letter on the same day?
  17. Will he be able to get through if I use PCO?
  19. Pictures not received--Why?
  20. Does your man say " I love you" over the phone, or when you visit?
  21. Going to visit
  22. about to go visit.....
  23. call won't go through when I push zero
  24. visititation reinstatement
  25. WHAT'S da PROBLEM ? He's not writing, but expects me to!
  26. How many people get calls on their cell phones?
  27. C.O. got Nasty with me at Visit
  28. Intimate Letters ideas needed
  29. what can you do about a BAD CO?
  30. Prison Phone Calls - Not received or fixed.
  31. How many have had there visits terminated for a stupid reason?
  32. Global Tel Link-Anyone else use them?
  33. Who else hates Monday Holidays???
  34. It was worth the wait for me,Was it for you?
  35. Please help.
  36. Can incarcerated Sisters have 1 wk visits?
  37. Vonage with V.A.C. and MCI
  38. Husband in the hole-how tight do they need to put the cuffs on?
  39. Finally - I got to visit my husband!!!
  40. Question about call alternatives
  41. Visitation with a sealed record?
  42. New to all this
  43. Experiences Bringing Your Children
  44. Cool gift idea that I mailed to my husband
  45. Will I get a call at all when he tries to call, even if I can't accept the call?
  46. I have PCO and I got a call from MCI and the number is blocked...
  47. calls-I use OC
  48. Visiting Ulster Correctional Facility help!!
  49. sending packages....
  50. Chowchilla prisons cannot have prepaid phone cards - HELP, I HAVE VONAGE!
  51. tattoo magazines???
  52. How long does it take to get approved?
  53. When Do Inmates Get to Use phone(new inmate claims can't use it?)
  54. Letters getting inspected
  55. Do they mark it return to sender?
  56. Is there anything I have to do to make sure I can accept calls?
  57. Is it a thin line between you and your man during glass visits?
  58. new here with phone questions-Would I save with a VoIP?
  59. Birthday ideas
  60. Visitation forms (Vent)
  61. new to this (visiting sounds scary)
  62. anyone know how to play chess in the mail?
  63. Do inmates get to keep ALL of their mail?
  64. info on phone calls through ICS-INMATE CALLING SERVICE
  65. New here need some phone help-CBS and Global Tel Link claim the jail...
  66. Can our loved ones prepay for the calls?
  67. Newbie to this - some general questions
  68. Do inmates receive mail while in the hole or bed lockdown
  69. how can I make sure my friends get my mail?
  70. Freakin' while on the Visiting Floor (rude)
  71. Which company would you recomend?
  72. Can you get mail while you are being processed
  73. Is there anyway I can set up a pre paid account with CBS if california uses MCI?
  74. What are the questions on the Visiting App?
  75. Costs for calls-How much do you pay??
  76. Appeal hearing on Wed. the 9/13 to reinstate my vistation priviledges!
  77. how does the prison determine if an inmate is calling a cell phone or home phone?
  78. Calling Cards-can inmates use them or pay for the calls?
  79. First Visit On!!!
  80. New here with some questions please-How long before I get a reply?
  81. fun new survey questions!
  82. Making A Collage
  83. need mci high toll number
  84. Name was lost on visiting roster! UUGG!
  85. To get my phone number on his list (Indiana)
  86. I hate MCI--call goes dead. Any idea what the problem is?
  87. Need a contact number for Global Tel Link
  88. Garden State Correctional Facility, Trenton NJ
  89. Return Mail
  90. help-carrier for California Medical facility in Vacaville??
  91. Can an inmate leave the visit if it is not going well?
  92. MCI verification fax--what is the number?
  93. Wondering about OHIO prisons....
  94. visitation
  95. Has anyone else been through this? ( he hasn't been writing!) What should I do?
  96. Does anyone receive calls from London, OH? How can I get cheaper calls?
  97. How can a Prisoner in NY Call England??
  98. what feelings do you have after your weekend visit?
  99. Visiting Atlanta from Canada. Help!
  100. First Visit Tomorrow!!!!!
  101. I am interested invisiting someone inthe Florence Prison.
  102. How can I Encourage Someone who is Guilty?
  103. I need cheaper calls. Any suggestions?
  104. I am now able to talk to my Husband
  105. Does Anybody Fly to Old Folsom
  106. My first letter...
  107. Isn't MCI like a monopoly?
  108. Went to visit today.....He thought this site was a great idea
  109. Looking for sites that has questions and surveys
  110. Photo Stamps!
  111. Just a question???
  112. What Can I Expect 4 The First Time
  113. Do I have any other options for prison calls?
  114. Mail to McAlester / Oklahoma
  115. Does your man primp b/f visiting?
  116. Halloween cards?
  117. Got Back From A Great Visit
  118. My Boy Will Spend his 22nd Birthday in the fish tank
  119. Im approved to visit!!
  120. plymouth county correctional and I need to know if have phone inside of prision
  121. Excuses A man might give not to receive a visit from you.
  122. Is there anyone else I can use to receive calls?
  123. MCI can't decide how to bill me--Help!
  124. Can you have calls on your cell phone if you're using pre paid calling card??
  125. Sweetest Day!!!
  126. his letters don't quite seem the same...any ideas?
  127. zip lock big bags
  128. Magazine Subcriptions Best Deals
  129. Not getting his magazine subscribtions
  130. I Got My First Letter!!
  131. MCI has to verify debit/credit card payments now!?!?!?
  132. How much should I expect to pay for phone calls in tx?
  133. I Got Mail
  134. This is my "Friends of his keep trying to steal my visits" rant
  135. Is there another Phone Co I can go through
  136. $10K Paid to MCI and now blocked because they want to verify.
  137. How long does it take MCI to post payments mailed in?
  138. How can you tell if your number has a block?
  139. Letter to MCI Corporate Office
  140. When Calling Mci...Make sure to get info of the rep you speak with!
  141. CBS - Detecting Custom Calling Features that aren't there
  142. Does anyone know
  143. What other options are there for International calls from prisons serviced by MCI??
  144. prison info site
  145. I Need Somme Info On Any Bus Service That Goes To Eastern Ny C/f Please Someone Help
  146. When can an inmate not send mail?
  147. Case Challenges Verizon/MCI Monopoly On Inmate Phone Calls
  148. Never been able to write much
  149. What's the best way to send a money order?
  150. any letter suggestions for interesting things to include in mail/letters
  151. How long will it take for mail to get to him?
  152. Texas visits... how do you get approval for contact visits?
  153. Please help me with some ideas for encouraging my man....
  154. how to send these items to bf
  155. How will I know where he is located at?
  156. MCI won't accept debit/credit card payments
  157. Anyone using PCO/Outside Connection had an MCI block which was successfully removed?
  158. how many of you are on block right now?
  159. mail - when it soon do inmates get it?
  160. Now Can't Even Log On To MCI's Site!!!
  161. What do you send to inmates for fun???
  162. Yes, MCI HAS lost its mind. New Blocks Info here!!
  163. Does someone NOT want me to visit?
  164. Now blocked for call forwarding, but I don't have it!
  165. 1st Visit - Terrell County Correctional Institute
  166. Are the problems with MCI only for direct billed customers??
  167. Number was taken off his call list-not by him
  168. Colored envelopes, paper, stationary?
  169. corrctional billing fraud????
  170. A New Found Respect for CO's
  171. How Long Does It Take....?
  172. What should I do? How do I know if he added me to his phone list?
  173. How do YOU make sure your phone doesn't get blocked?
  174. Trying to get phone unblocked-MCI wants a copy of my phone bill
  175. Wonderful visit but....
  176. Reporter looking for people to interview about cell phones getting inside...
  177. My Very First Visit in 18 years
  178. Verizon wireless cell phones-Can I receive calls?
  179. Mci Blocked My Call For Paying On Time!
  180. He Called!! But we got Disconnected too soon!
  181. Are you usually satisfied with the table they assign?
  182. How long does it take $$ to post when you mail payments to CBS??
  183. Need a different MCI 800 number
  184. How can I get a refund from CBS??
  185. the phone is not connecting right or he hangs up before the phone connects...
  186. My first visit with my big brother at Camp Hill
  187. Returned Mail-What can I do?
  189. My visit between the fence!!!
  190. Halloween & Christmas ideas to send him ..
  191. Visiting On Probation
  192. Is It Just Me or Do Prison Men Have Better Handwriting Then the Average Man
  193. Magazines to Donate
  194. Its only taking three days USA to UK !!
  195. French Kissing-Do you still?
  196. MCI - Charging me for phone calls that were never made!!
  197. Favorite perfume for you letters?
  198. Making ur own lined paper
  199. The Birthday Cards Ideas-Which is better?
  200. How do you keep from feeling bad about ceasing writing??
  201. RE: Correctional Billing/Evercom/T-Netix-KY residents being overcharged?
  202. My First Visit
  203. What kind of info can I use to fax to MCI?
  204. This is a little corny but oh so sweet...
  205. Sites/facilities no longer serviced by MCI
  206. First Call FINALLY!!!
  207. most horrible night of my life
  208. What prepay service is everyone using?
  209. Do you think they'll allow Perfume Inserts?
  210. Inside the beast no more
  211. someone please help me on brickey info. my brother just moved there from pine bluff
  212. How do ya'll handle "BAD" phone calls?
  213. What's the Story Today With the Outfit
  214. i have a question about possible mail tampering
  215. Anyone have any experience with Paytel?
  216. First Paragraph- What is yours?
  217. New member looking for approved vendor list for NY
  218. Needing Halloween ideas
  219. can u send photos printed on plain paper? Is there a limit?
  220. why does it take so long for them to get there mail in Hutchins state jail in texas
  221. Great Visit!!
  222. Help!!!anyone Know telephone system North Kern State Prison in Delano Ca uses?
  223. Looking for ways to save on calls...
  224. What company handles prepay for TX?
  225. I am able to get Collect Calls on ,my Cell Phone!!!
  226. Any idea how to get collect calls on cell phones from Kansas?
  227. Frustrated with no mail
  228. this is frustrating-mail taking a long time to get to him
  229. Would you?
  230. Haven't received mail from him yet, what's going on?
  231. What did you get for your Birthday from your loved one?
  232. Visitation Forms
  233. i finally went to my first visit!!!
  234. Cab to the Prison for a visit
  235. Women Haters at prison visits
  236. Car trouble to/from visitation???
  237. can we send pictures that were taken in the visiting room?
  238. New Phones at Allenwood having problems!!
  239. Is tomorrow a mail holiday?
  240. Florida phone verification number-CBS
  241. Phone charges are HIGH! What can I do?
  242. any ideas for our anniversary?? =)
  243. Vonage and MCI-It works!
  244. denied need help
  245. Christmas ideas through the mail
  246. Can T-Netix tell me who is trying to call?
  247. Need Ideas of what to write...
  248. getting pregnant by him sneaking stuff to you
  249. Mail from an inmate thats not my man!!
  250. What are good things to print off and send?