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  1. So mad .. I havent gotten any mail!!
  2. Do you send him song lyrics?
  3. Weird Call! No recording that it was from jail--he was using a calling card..
  4. Personally how long does it take you to recieve mail from you man?
  5. Who else is dying for contact visits finally !!
  6. need info on what i can send..
  7. Tips, Pointers, & Advice regarding dealing with Correctional Billing Services/CBS
  8. Tips, Pointers, & Advice about dealing with MCI for correctional calls
  9. Yeah me-My phone number is approved...but too late maybe.
  10. CBS not posting my payment...
  11. Correctional Billing/PCO-Which would save me more money?
  12. does anyone have the link to 200 Questions?
  13. General Book & Package Ideas and Info
  14. MCI Prepaid-What is their phone number?
  15. Help! Haven't Got His Letter Yet!!!
  16. Who is Allowed On A family visit
  17. Correctional Billing is making me nuts!!! Blocking my line again!!
  18. question if anyone know answer....
  19. print out of the board game Risk???
  20. What A let Down!!!
  21. My Baby called me yesterday!!!
  22. The strip search after a contact visit...
  23. I believe my mans mail is on hold
  24. I believe my mans mail is on hold
  25. do you think this is right?
  26. Is MCI losing their contract in NY?
  27. tonight i get to see him for the first time in three weeks
  28. what Days do you visit your loved one?
  29. i am so frustrated...
  30. question about contact visitsn in michigan
  31. am I the only one
  32. Help...Looking for
  33. Mail ideas, inspirations, printables and more
  34. Is This Possible
  35. I got contact visits ***UPDATE***
  36. multi inmate visit
  37. This Weekend I Am...
  38. Generator links
  39. Small world and not so friendly inhabitants
  40. How often do you receive mail?
  41. Got a Call and Letter TODAY!!!
  42. No Stamps -- Can You Use "Frank" in County?
  43. ~wondering If They Have No $$$...~
  44. Need mailing address
  45. Looking for Cassettes
  46. im gettin a visit!!
  47. More Greeting Cards for Inmates
  48. help please.....
  49. Are there any states that don't allow postcards?
  50. How Long After You Recieve His Letter ....
  51. I am seeing my baby this weekend!
  52. Feedback if you've used Outside Connection
  53. how do i do this? (sending screenplay)
  54. Do CO's treat regular visitors differently?
  55. Visiting Room Photos: 801 Magazine
  56. Cell phone inside the prison-how would they re-charge them??
  57. ?Does any1 know of cheap or low cost phone service 4 collect calls
  58. Error in CA mail policy link (in sticky)
  59. S.v.s.p Mailroom Any1 There?
  60. How does billing work? Why are the rates so high?
  61. Info I received from MCI regarding the merge with Verizon...
  62. Got My Letter, Just A Small Delay
  63. How long does it take to get approved list for phones in Federal?
  64. He's soooo Sweet
  65. help - can you visit if you have a felony record?
  66. *82-Anyone use it to block/unblock collect calls?
  67. CBS has a new automated system...How do I get an operator??
  68. Greeting Cards For Inmates
  69. Should I write back
  70. Has anyone used the Telecommunications Service
  71. My First Contact Visit
  72. What does an upside down stamp mean?
  73. Lorain Correctional Institution
  74. Visitation Denied !!!
  75. My visit didnt go as I would have liked.
  76. Correctional Billing Services-Their reps are busy and I need to make a payment...
  77. IN 2 Weeks My Baby will get his contact visits BACK YEAH!!!!!!!
  78. Writing to him during the weeks before his release
  79. I'm going to get calls! What about Forwarding Calls? And a service like PCO?
  80. Help Me Please
  81. jail mail and money orders
  82. Help, I need to know about MCI prepaid cards for VA facility
  83. Tryin to save a buck. What is CBS?
  84. Phones at MCI-H/Is there a problem? He missed calling last night...
  85. Visiting soon
  86. mci's prepaid collect service-I need another phone number...
  87. Prepaid Calling Cards-Do prisons allow them?
  88. UPDATE!!!!!!!! (This Weekend I Am... )
  89. Fantasy time!! If you could change one thing about phone calls from prison...
  90. When is your favorite time to get calls from your loved one... and why??
  91. anyone else
  92. Seeking help
  93. Today is Our 2nd year Anniversary together
  94. Just had to Share!
  95. Grrrr.... Ever Been Barred!!?!?!?
  96. Tooo Cute! Had to share this!
  97. First Visit
  98. Do you ever sweat the mailman....
  99. i got approved yay!!
  100. question-How will I be billed with a RCF line?
  101. Info about MCI's posting to your account and how to prevent a block...
  102. Do not call registry-What is the website?
  103. He's Ok!! I finally got a call after his transfer!
  104. Anyones Family Visit Denied?
  105. What effect does driving a long distance for visits have on your car?
  106. My First visit in FOUR Months!!!!!!!
  107. need the postmaster generals number plzzzzzzz
  108. postage stamps
  109. What do you send to inspire him, to lift his spirits?
  110. Need An Address Please
  111. Going to Cali to visit his mother
  112. Anyone who uses RCF, what address do you list?
  113. Question About Calls At Delano Prison-California
  114. Quick Question? Can I accept calls with my VoIP line?
  115. Our Visit
  116. Prison Expressions Cards for Inmates
  117. Road Triiiiiiiiiiiip
  118. ION drug scan machine
  119. Are there any actions being taken against MCI in California??
  120. Cingular Cell Phone & Prepaid Calls-Will anything show on the cell bill?
  121. phone service-How do I know who to use?
  122. I can't wait to see my Baby next week
  123. VoIP Phone Service-may be a solution for calls...
  124. My food box disappeared!
  125. Saturday mail room closures?
  126. Telfair State Prison
  127. it's HIS Birthday...... check this out...
  128. How slow is the mailroom where your loved one is?
  129. Got a letter today!!!!
  130. Suprise Phone Call
  131. Visitor Appeals Process
  132. Annoyed with mail system!!!
  133. I need to talk to anyone working in the Mail Room
  134. Bringing my son to see his daddy
  135. Visiting Next Week!
  136. mixed feelings about visiting
  137. Why are my letters not getting through?
  138. Problem with Ohio phones-Won't let me accept his call!
  139. my fisrt visit yeahhhhh!
  140. FL Interim Secretary McDonough seems think the cost of calls from prison is too high!
  141. Please Help With This
  142. Are you having a bad mail day? Need to Vent? Drop it here and forget about it.
  144. Inspiration for our Inmates
  145. Do I have to have a land line for calls from Oregon?
  146. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  147. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  148. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  149. Does anyone know how well these pocket scales work?
  150. help finding cards for my man to trade
  151. WOOOHOOO I got a letter today...Did you?
  152. Phone calls-How do I get set up to receive them?
  153. Going to see my honey in a little over a week!! =o)
  154. Why aren't three way calls permitted?
  155. I sent him a nasty letter, and now I feel dumb...
  156. What I know about monitoring of collect calls...
  157. Have YOU ever had to get strip searched before visit?
  158. Consolidated (in ILL) now uses "Real Time Blocker" to place over limit blocks!!!
  159. HELP! Need any info on visitaton at NKSP
  160. Crazy visits
  161. when my letters only hurt him more
  162. Checking ID's @ the Visit- 2 Questions...
  163. Bummed...
  164. keep us in your prays
  165. Waited hours to visit then he refuses the visit or walks out b4 its over?
  166. vistation
  167. My Honey got his contact visits Back!!!!
  168. HELP!! i need cheaper calls
  169. If I Have A Block On My Phone... Can I get prepaid calls?
  170. If Another Inmate Would Pull Your Hair
  171. Price of airmail letter?
  173. Need help: anniversary card Ideals!!
  174. I missed his call:(
  175. I got approved and I am going tonight for the first time!!!!
  176. Globel Tel Link has a new phone system! Long hold times!
  177. Does the visiting list follow him??/
  178. has anyone ever heard of minute mizer phone accounts
  179. Need Help Shopping...
  180. Has anyone been denied, then approved
  181. Reception In Cali!!!!!!!!!sucks
  182. How picky do they think they need to be? Stupid mail problem
  183. My Visit...
  184. Why is he being punished? What to do? Help
  185. How Long does your visitation approval last?
  186. Just to catch up
  187. how? (do you visit a prisoner?)
  188. Help I Go See My Baby Today At Erdcc And I Have A Couple Questions
  189. probation officers and visits
  190. Are prisoners allowed to use phone cards?
  191. sending money by mail--it's always important to verify it arrived!
  192. sending mail to Jail inmates vs prison inmates
  193. It's Monday!!! :-) Did you start the week off by sending out mail?
  194. Money or Packages or Both???
  195. Easter Mail Ideas?
  196. prison mail
  197. mail-can I sent risque pics to a federal prison?
  198. grrrrrr-Frustrated with CBS and blocks on my line..
  199. Crackling In the Phone, Please Tell Me There Is A Remedy For This
  200. You Cant Believe Why We Lost The Trailer Visit On March 25
  201. Don't forget to ask CBS for your discount!!!
  202. Might go ahead and visit 2 weekends in row
  203. So Frustrated!!! Is there any other way than MCI to get calls???
  204. When You Kiss And You Peek And He Is Looking
  205. Question about MCI-Do they need a deposit?
  206. CO's Hitting on You
  207. Custom postage w/ your picture on it!
  208. any suggestions? How can I get calls w/o a landline?
  209. Wish me Luck!
  210. Do they have to be cuffed?
  211. I have started to send post cards too:)
  212. ordering cassettes to be mailed
  213. calls won't stay connected-msg says b/c of custom calling features--what to do?
  214. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm almost approved!!!!!
  215. Need more mail!!!!! are you feeling me?(UPDATED)
  216. What will the calls say when I use PCO?
  217. new to this-should I still go visit?
  218. Every time I talk to him on phone.. I miss him more!!
  219. Buying US stamps from AUS?
  220. Vent - Visitation and Phone
  221. Ran out of minutes-Does that ever happen to you?
  222. How Long Before He`s Allowed To Call?
  223. Do I need a different phone company than when he was in County?
  224. Barney wants you!!!!
  226. do i have to have a return address??
  227. My Approved Visitor Info. "lost" During Transfer
  228. Wish I was with my Baby today
  229. first visit, no-contact
  230. Question about receiving Phone calls-Will I be able to since I am deaf?
  231. MCI Block--Does the block automatically lift at the end of the month?
  232. Great Visit
  233. Prison Mail posting guidelines & State Links ~ Please Read
  234. APOLOGY TO fstacy3074
  235. Anyone receive calls from California to Australia? Cost? Billing?
  236. Confusing answers from PCO... Two different quotes...
  237. Anyone know about MCCONNELL unit and phone calls?
  238. He's Totally Whacked Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  239. Visiting Mcconnell For First Time...Need Help
  240. Writing letter to my husband's brother.....
  241. Van Service
  242. I got my first call!!!!!
  243. Angry and Confused about Mcconnell-Prisoners can't use the phones??
  244. Has another guy stared at you Ever?
  245. Wonderful Visit!!!
  246. Delay in calls when they move facility??
  247. 3 more days!!!! Till I finally see and touch my Baby!!!
  248. Family Visits!
  249. Questions about Dodge County, WI jail phones
  250. SOMETHING is wrong...I can feel it (No mail from him)