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  1. NY Class Action Lawsuit again MCI for the cost of calls??
  2. Dressing up Letters
  3. Hubby always wants to know when I am about to visit....
  4. Seeing my Baby next week!!!!!
  5. Scheduling Visits CANNOT Be That Difficult
  6. What would you do if your man tells you not to come this weekend but come next week?
  7. help it's his birthday soon
  8. Digital phone service collect call block and MCI
  9. New postage rates, stamp question
  10. I don't want his parents with me every visit!!
  11. I finally saw him!
  12. Sex in visiting room!!!
  13. A question about ordering from the internet
  14. He says there is a block, but MCI says there isn't! HELP!
  15. Translation needed please
  16. Are you visiting prison on New Year's Day?
  17. Help! I Need MCI Corrections #!
  18. Erotic Letters
  19. mail today
  20. Make sure it's REAL!!
  21. Sent him info to call me with 3-way and he hasn't called yet. I'm wondering...
  22. My man got 10 letters from me in one day
  23. I finally got my first letter from my baby!
  24. Anyone have penpal on the row at Raiford?
  25. Is there a hidden meaning?
  26. sending quiz in mail
  27. I've never felt so alone.
  28. Just wondering since its my first visit in a cpl weeks...
  29. Not so bad (visit at jail)
  30. Should i send him stamps?
  31. Recieving collect calls from WI-Dane County via IC Solutions-Anyone else?
  32. 106 forms online
  33. Our First Visit For The New Year And Here It Goes...
  34. Going TOMORROW!!!!
  35. I missed yet another visit~
  36. I mailed my man 20
  37. Stupid Question...How can i prepay phone calls from ACC in WV?
  38. Who can add/delete to list?
  39. Has visiting often affected your vehicle?
  40. annonymous mail.....
  41. i need to know bout the stamps
  42. Nervous about visit Friday *UPDATE*
  43. I am about to go and visit my man for the first time and was wondering.....
  44. Your Most Memorable Part of Each Visit
  45. How do you send $$ for a phone card?? (Oregon)
  46. Will he be able to call if I change companies? (T-netix)
  47. Our visit was awesome!
  48. Attn: Cincinnati Bell users--No longer billing for correctional calls
  49. Saw My Baby today!!!
  50. We finally got our date for the family prison visit
  51. Anyone have creative ideas for Valentine's Day?
  52. Here I Go...(first Family Visit)!
  53. Voicewing from Verizon? Any experience or feedback?
  54. Prison Visitation in Arizona
  55. Magazines
  56. My man must have been bored...
  57. Postage Stamp Rates Going Up
  58. It's was only my insecurity and assumptions
  59. Need a mail dance please
  60. Non contact to contact visits
  61. I am going to cry-RUDE phone reps!!
  62. whats and what nots
  63. new to this
  64. Update on my mail situation
  65. Games I Can Mail??
  66. Need new sex stories
  67. unblocking phone online
  68. How do I tell My boyfriend at a visit??? (that I was raped)
  69. The Price Of Stamps Is Changing Sunday January 8, 2006
  70. Three-way calling.. Will I get caught?
  71. I really dislike MCI at this moment
  72. Okay, here is a question of a different color...
  73. major phone issue!! need help!! Block and want to talk to him!! Update-Got a call!
  74. Omg My Girl Thinks Im Not Writing Her , Ready To Give Up On Me
  75. FYI: Verizon merged (bought out) w/MCI
  76. Embossed Envelopes at the new rate
  77. i got a letter today and don't understand it
  78. It happened so fast...I am going tomorrow
  79. Need spanish translation
  80. Got my prison Visiting form - questions about filling it in
  81. Why doesn't my phone accept calls?
  82. 3rd Party Calling and NY Prisons-The officials warn they *know*
  83. I need help
  84. missing you
  85. Collect calls to United Kingdom
  86. Printable Stationery
  87. CT phone?? How soon will I hear from him?
  88. It works collect prepaid on VoIP?
  89. If you could get trailer visits... would you do it, honestly?
  90. I Need Some Anniversary Ideas Please
  91. An Idea for Valentine's Day.........
  92. An Idea For Valentine's Day........
  93. Do you have a clear purse & does the prison you visit require it?
  94. Weird mail
  95. No contact, should I keep writing???
  96. Probation and marriage/visits
  97. so sad want to cry
  98. should I write or mind my own business?
  99. sharing phone#s with other families for emergency use
  100. Finally set up - block removed!!
  101. MCI is making me fight with my boyfriend! Do phone problems do this to anyone else?
  102. How do you deal with "postage due" mail
  103. Has anyone else been charged incorrectly by Correctional Billing Services?
  104. Scared To Visit High Desert State Prison
  105. need info about mail/inmate #
  106. Help me see my baby!
  107. Visiting approval 4 ex offendor
  108. I Missed his call :( Does this happen to you?
  109. I was denied visitation approval and I'm a Federal Employee!
  110. I need some encouragement (still no mail)
  111. Does anyone go visit at FCI Elkton in OHIO?
  112. Post Office (no prestamped envelopes)
  113. C Yard @ SVSP
  114. Info from the post office about the new rates... :)
  115. A letter from the facility itself - Not good
  116. No Mail Monday January 16th Holiday
  117. Visit today was hard...
  118. Yeah! Paid phone bill!
  119. Our first visit in 6 months!!!!!!!!
  120. Making calls for other inmates--Do you??
  121. Outside Connection - Does Anyone Use It?
  122. IL - Consolidated's Other Charges?
  123. I Got Mail!!!
  124. how much mail..
  125. I haven't written him in 2 days and feel......
  126. Who Else Has No Phone Contact?
  127. REAL Personalized Postage Stamps
  128. i sent him some letters. was that a mistake?
  129. How to write fiance in reception
  130. how to write a dear john letter without being a b***h?
  131. Lesson Learned, don't give yourself a fake Inmate#....
  132. Is it Ok to send prison inmates mail via a computer & printer
  133. Who is the service provider for Yardville Prison in New Jersey?
  134. How long did it take to get mail from a love one in Reception
  135. Special Day
  136. Valentines Day Is Almost Near
  137. Do You People Watch at visitation?
  138. Suspended Phone Privileges--Has this happened to anyone else?
  139. Am I selfish or Do I just keep it real?
  140. And the drama continues-no visits
  141. What do I do?
  142. Do you ever feel like other visitors are Eavesdropping??
  143. Silly Question maybe - Can I send him a phone card in prison?
  144. Are Jackets & Coats Allowed At prison Visitation?
  145. Problems with the prison phones...Can't get approved.
  146. No STAMPS!!!!!
  147. Other prison visitors can be very rude!
  148. Help!!!!!!!Prison Mail room
  149. Correctional Billing Services - How to avoid the service charge for payments!
  150. how big is too big?
  151. Just a little announcement... Cleaning up and PCO questions..
  152. Visiting Dilemma
  153. letter to warden to get visits back
  154. ordering tapes...
  155. how many people cry at visits?
  156. Losing hope on this one!!!! - a little long
  157. Reunited after 6 years
  158. Visiting while sick/injured?????
  159. Ever had to cancel your visit the day you were supposed to go??
  160. Going to see my Baby in a few minutes
  161. Fed. Bill would force FCC to regulate state prison phone rates!!! BACK THIS BILL!!!
  162. Abusive Phones-Find out how it works for you.
  163. Got my first letter today YEA!!!
  164. Calls from Walton blocked--And no one will claim who placed the block!!
  165. My phone company won't let me accept collect calls-how do I get calls???
  166. Prison Visiting - An Emotional Rollercoaster!!!
  167. Need some help... How will these calls be billed??
  168. False alarm!
  169. How Much Extra Postage Is Required? (on a card that says it needs extra)
  170. Mail In Arizona...
  171. How do I get approved
  172. I need some help
  173. I have to beg for mail
  174. Accidently sent V-day card early
  175. Had constant blocks or had to fax your bill to MCI--who is your local provider???
  176. Does He Go All Out
  177. Just curious about visitation rules
  178. Got my first rejection notice today
  179. Post its?
  180. Im so dang jittery.......please HELP!
  181. Do you hate not getting any mail?
  182. how much for a stamp to great britain?
  183. 90 day no contact for ???
  184. Can you visit if your sick
  185. Strain on Our Relationship Because I Can't Visit Yet
  186. What To Expect On First Visit?
  187. Clear plastic purse needed.
  188. I got denied for the second time
  189. What not to send?
  190. Ok......enough with trying to do prepaid......i got a landline.
  191. I wont be able to see him!
  192. mail- Can I send money to San Quentin?
  193. Need some opinions!!!
  194. ITI phone services in Montgomery County, PA---Are there any other options??
  195. Bad Day At Visit.....need Advice
  196. Pleaze Help Me, I am confused about sending letters and stamps :(
  197. Lost
  198. What can you do for V-Day???? And B-Day?
  199. First Visit and I want More!
  200. She almost ruined our visit!!*kinna long*
  201. i don't like this phone company!!! Has anyone had problems with Consilidated????
  202. Stamp Issue
  203. Are Stickers Allowed?
  204. Post Visit Blues
  205. great idea for valentines day!!!
  206. can he leave class for a visit
  207. Question about pre-paid cell phones....How do I get collect calls on one?
  208. Cant Recieve Collect Calls On My Metro PCS Phone--Does anyone know how??
  209. Ever gotten a speeding ticket while driving to see your man?
  210. Making calls for other inmates-After making calls for others, he was told no!!!
  211. Remote call forwarding?? Advice or experience?
  212. Please answer my question if ya can!
  213. First Time Visitation
  214. A card size 11x14...too big to mail?
  215. When you send him photos
  216. why does it take so long??
  217. I finally saw my man!
  218. wooohoo!! going to see my man soon!
  219. My awesome First Visit with Tommy Sunday.....
  220. could it be? Excited-we're writing again and applying to visit!
  221. Can I Pass As a Fiance?
  222. SOLEDAD CTF Prison MAIL Regulations
  223. SOLEDAD CTF Prison MAIL Regulations
  224. I visited Southport
  225. The Truth About Mail - is there an abyss?
  226. I need mail!
  227. What is the craziest thing you've seen happen in the visiting room?
  228. What comes up on caller ID? And will my Unknown ID Block prevent his calls??
  229. looking for cheaper phone rates--suggestions??
  230. No Mail...
  231. can someone explain Phone calls from New Hampshire prison?
  232. I need some ideas for Valentines please...
  233. magazine cutouts
  234. expensive calls! and he doesn't understand why he can't call everyday--anyone else?
  235. How Many Of You Were Denied Visits From Your Man And Why???
  236. how long????
  237. Help With Mail Regulations
  238. Spending at Visitation
  239. Help-I need to find a way to get cheaper calls! Can he use a calling card?
  240. can't write a letter...feeling guilty and sad
  241. Something New at the Post Office- A Little Long
  242. Romantic Postcards
  243. A Visit At Last!!!!
  244. MCI questions-How can I make sure I don't get a block??
  245. Mail and Pen-Pals
  246. Mail?
  247. What day are you mailing your Valentine's Day Mail to your inmate
  248. Who is the provider for NC and what can I expect to be charged?
  249. Omg! They denied his son's visit!
  250. ghetto booty