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  1. My husband noticed me 25 lbs lighter....
  2. Going To see David for the first time today
  3. I need an address...Please help!
  4. Visitation Withdrawl~
  5. An gift idea to send your loved one for Christmas!!
  6. Visiting Clothes~
  7. A Gift for yourself or a loved one...
  8. Another visit
  9. AT&T overcharges in California
  10. happy visits!
  11. Funny Visiting Room Stories....?
  12. up date on rcf (remote call forwarding)
  13. B.O.P. is extending minutes to 400 for the holidays
  14. B.O.P. raising phone call rates?
  15. Dressing Up
  16. Tele-Net Inc. Update
  17. NOthing is SIMPLE in my life
  18. Update on Tele-Net phone
  19. Going to surprise David with a visit tomarrow
  20. Can't Visit My Man
  21. Worst Part of a visit
  22. What do you do with your letters?
  23. idea for a unique christmas gift
  24. More ideas for Christmas...
  25. Excitment at visitation yesterday
  26. First visit in 7 years!
  27. Curious about contact visits~
  28. What To Expect?
  29. Help!!!!!!! (MCI vs. Outside Connection block)
  30. Update on Tele-Net phone Number
  31. Update on Tele-Net and SBC
  32. House Bill 6367 (phones!!)
  33. Just got back...
  34. My Visit Day Share Yours With Us
  35. am i being unreasonable?
  36. Visit Went Smoothly!
  37. Going 4 my 1st contact visit~
  38. Finally - First Contact Visit!
  39. Going To See Jesse
  40. 15 Minutes of Fame
  41. Who Has Visitation On Thanksgiving?
  42. Waiting for your hair to dry
  43. How Steamy does your visit get?
  44. More Famous Than 15 Minutes!!
  45. visitation problems
  46. Went to see Stephanie!
  47. My First Contact Visit
  48. Visitors from UK - help please (finding places to stay in the U.S.)
  49. TeleNet update
  50. my visit with clinton!!!
  51. I am SO angry!
  52. hotel for visitors
  53. My visit tommorow with News!!!!!
  54. my new visitation strategy...
  55. happy and angry
  56. D@mn Block!!!!
  57. a warning, with love
  58. This makes sending letters a lot faster...
  59. that banner up top about saving on calls
  60. HELP! Need Phone Call Info....
  61. the save up to 60% banner
  62. Stock in the Post office
  63. Restricted from Visiting HELP
  64. I Dont Know What To Do Anymore!!!
  65. Hey everyone!!! He called today!!!!!!
  66. my first visit
  67. Got my Tele-Net bill
  68. My first call...
  69. How far do you travel for a visit?
  70. My First Food Visit - Awesome!
  71. Our many different subjects thread!
  72. No Glitter on cards???
  74. Phil's Idea -- about visiting with Todd
  75. This flying Dutch-woman is back from the second trip to Erik!
  76. my visit today
  77. Overseas calls ??!!
  78. another great visit....
  79. My So-called Christmas Visit With Todd!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. Christmas Visits
  81. Had me my first visit in a prison!
  82. what to do anymore? phone bill
  83. no visit tomorrow.........
  84. no more calls
  85. Contact Visit
  86. My first visit with Sonny
  87. your first time....
  88. cute ideas to express love
  89. Valentines Day is coming - What are we going to do????
  90. Has Anyone gone through this (short visits, barely able to see one another)
  91. Last Day Of Year To Visit
  92. My Christmas Visit!
  93. Bad visits around the holidays
  94. Here is the letter everyone!!!
  95. phone calls
  96. no call in a week
  97. Contact visits for children only?!?!?!
  98. Welcome...
  99. just wanted you all to know how visit went!!
  100. Am I the only one that's ever called the number back?
  101. visit with David today
  102. Finally, a visit with Sonny!!
  103. chippewa correctional
  104. Letter from micke soooooooo sweet
  105. going to visit---what about prescriptions meds
  106. Avoid Ion detector troubles
  107. Missed call etc
  108. Picture of the Family from our Visit
  109. messed up -- will this come up when i fill out a visitation form?
  110. Visit Might Close A Chapter!
  111. Tyrone is a little under the weather - Visit rocky
  112. have i got one for ya'll - Venting
  113. My Happy Visit
  114. Do you know of any facilities or if your state allows Conjugal Visits??
  115. A Nice Surprise (something special arrived in the mail!)
  116. Care Packages
  117. Valentines Day Idea!!!!
  118. $226 & I hate Alabama!
  119. Lysbeth - about the $39 non-refundable Tele-Net fee
  120. My long over due visit.
  121. A scary visit
  122. A visit with a not to well Sonny
  123. I'm in Oklahoma!!! :)
  124. need help with unblocking prison phone calls
  125. what does this mean for tel-net users
  126. Hotels in Prison Towns
  128. how often do you visit?
  129. Valentines Day Visit?
  130. Any ideas?
  131. AT&T Correctional Facility Value Plan
  132. Finally!!! (Going for First Visit)
  133. Back From First Visit!
  134. A great big hand to Tele-Net!
  135. This Really Ticked Me Off!!
  136. Todays Visit
  137. Visit tomorrow...finally!!!
  138. My Fun With The Phone Company
  139. I had a good visit with Javier
  140. Birthday Surprise!
  141. Finally! (Getting to Visit)
  142. Remote Call Forwarding?
  143. have you ever felt like not going to visit?
  144. Visit From Hell - CO's are a pain!
  145. Buying gifts...
  146. How do I get pictures taken?
  147. Another Fun Filled Visit With Todd
  148. Code Orange & Visitation restrictions
  149. How do you pass the time during the drive to a visit?
  150. 9 year anniversary
  151. Tele-Net'd & Rarin' to Go!
  152. Upcoming First Visit Jitters
  153. I Got Approved!!!!
  154. So When if ever Do we say something?????
  155. I'm (almost) off!
  156. I got my letter from Javier and now.....
  157. Going to visit Travis tomorrow...
  158. Travis did not know about being granted parole!
  159. Yippe I Finally Got A letter
  160. Consequences of visiting another inmate
  161. Back from my first visit! (long)
  162. I Wanna Talk to Billy!
  163. My Visit With Stormy Yesterday, Please Read Everyone!
  164. Am I the only one? Viso / M&M's ?!
  165. My mail surprise
  166. Help I need cheaper telephone calls
  167. Moved.....
  168. anyone want to guess...???
  169. Louisiana Laws and MCI and cell phone calls grrrr
  170. how long does telenet take to set up?
  171. my visit to FL Death Row
  172. Advice Needed- Taking Kids On Their First Visit
  173. T-Netix
  174. Ron's Big Surprise
  175. Cracking Down On Visitor At Texa Prison
  176. He's Getting My Mail!!!
  177. If You Are Currently Using Prison Calls Online (Tele-Net), Please Give Feedback HERE.
  178. New York State Info
  179. Interesting Sites???
  180. How Many Letters Have You Got?
  181. I Will Be Visiting Javier This Weekend
  182. im gonna be part of mci neighborhood
  183. carpolling question? (Houston to Bonham - TX)
  184. Kids First Visit Went Great
  185. is the mail PARTICULARLY slow these days?
  186. I had a great visit with Javier ....
  187. My first visit at USP Lee
  188. Off To See My Hubby....i Hope
  189. How do you feel after a visit?
  190. Second Visit - Going Alone & Nervous
  191. how did you write your letters to your loved ones
  192. How many of you has not got to see your loved one yet
  193. I was wondering--is there a list of phone rules?
  194. A Friend Of Mine Has A Question - Drug Dog alerted on her
  195. Prison Calls Online (Tele-Net) Questions & Answers HERE
  196. Question - Phone calls from Death Row?
  197. I'm off again!
  198. Its Finally Friday, Im Off To See Stormy Tommorrow!!!!!
  199. Warning about Outside Connection phone company & Brian Prins (Customers talk)
  200. Beware Of Outside Connection!!!
  201. Bad visit.?.?.?
  202. Terminated & Banned on First Visit
  203. Had my visit with Travis today
  204. My Visit With Stormy Today!
  205. mail problems
  206. Tele-Net's a-workin', phone line's a-buzzin'!
  207. Great Second Visit! (long, as usual!)
  208. krisintx visit
  209. I haven't been able to see my fiancee in 3 months
  210. Tele-net Credit Requirements
  211. T.G.I.F!! Im Off To See Stormy Tommorrow!!
  212. The guard forgot about us..
  213. Sharing my visit!
  214. T-Fraudulent Netix, Inc.
  215. 1st visit
  216. Stamp Placement
  217. Calling Collect Overseas From Prison. Can It Be Done? His Line Is Mci>
  218. Helping out a friend in the UK
  219. Inmate Phone Carriers
  221. i got my reply...the verdict from the prison
  222. visit... but not really!
  223. Blocked!
  224. Off to Alabama again!
  225. Visitors (We) Have Rights To! (Article)
  226. We need a way to allow offenders in TX to call their loved ones!
  227. Sending letter to warden to approve visits, PLS help me improve!!
  228. My Wonderful Visit with Javier.
  229. Inmates, prisons feud over phone bills
  230. Letter Stimulation Ideas?
  231. Follow Telecom
  232. Mailman Attack!!
  233. I'm so happy! (Remote call forwarding working!)
  234. Javier
  235. Will SARS create visiting restrictions?
  236. Going To Visit Todd
  237. how does MCI do it?
  238. My Visit With Stormy Yesterday
  239. Today's Visit
  240. I Am Dying To Visit My Honey!!
  241. long drive home
  242. sometimes...mean COs leave....
  243. I feel horrible about this
  244. Is There Anything Else I can Do? (about visit suspension)
  245. Cbs And Telenet
  246. do you ever NOT want to visit?
  247. Visitation Restriction Limits HELP>>>
  248. The coolest visitation news in the world (to me)!
  249. Christopher Is Depressed
  250. Need help,Visit was Disapproved (What does "DISPO" mean?)