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  1. Hi people can anyone help? (Question about reception)
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  14. Just thought I'd keep you posted...
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  34. What is/where is (CRAF) Central Reception and Assignment Facility?
  35. Craf - & what could possibly happen to him?
  36. No Answer at (CRAF) Central Reception and Assignment Facility
  37. Question about (CRAF) Central Reception and Assignment Facility zipcode
  38. Haven't heard from him in 3 days...
  39. Im flipping out, someone please get back to me if u know the answer
  40. Central Reception and Assignment Facility Visiting Information
  41. Questions about CRAF
  42. Can anyone given me info on what it's like at Jones Farm?
  43. I have questions about classification in CRAF Please help
  44. Craf
  45. How long for transfer?
  46. Advice/opinons please
  47. Central Reception and Assignment Facility
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  60. CRAF Question
  61. Does anyone know how classification works?
  62. Looking for info on CRAF/Jones Farm
  63. Sent to CRAF this morning
  64. After we have any say?
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  66. What is courtline at CRAF?
  67. About to lose my Freakin Mind ~ waiting for his transfer
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  72. Are there still dorms at Craf?
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  77. Waiting to Leave CRAF
  78. Please Help... CRAF Question....
  79. Does he go to Craf first before being placed in a certain Prison??
  80. How long before i can call CRAF and find out what prison he going to???
  81. Anyone have the number to CRAF to call and find out information?
  82. Are they kidding? Son waiting to go to CRAF and they say they have no room
  83. DOC website says back in CRAF?
  84. How long is the wait till they get to Craf?
  85. Just when you think Craf is the worst
  86. Moved to CRAF.....anxious
  87. Too scared to breathe-my son got taken to CRAF this morning
  88. Son sent from Craf to Yardville in four days
  89. We made it up the hill...booo (AKA he got transferred to CRAF today)
  90. He was transfered to CRAF today :(
  91. Question about CRAF
  92. Questions about him being moved to craf
  93. CRAF ?'s Getting sent back from hwh..and lockup...
  94. Anyone in Monmouth Co. going to Jones Farm for a visit?
  95. Can Someone Please Explain to Me...
  96. Help Me Please!!! Its about CRAF!
  97. Jones Farm~West Trenton~NJ
  98. Doc is back in CRAF!!!! :*(
  99. Question about SBI number and CRAF
  100. Need help to this question, please/How long does it take to be classified?
  101. New to the NJ system - Once sentenced how long does it take to be moved to CRAF?
  102. Does anyone know how long inmates stay in CRAF in NJ?
  103. my man in craf in nj..i want to know what prison he most likely will get sent to..
  104. Help please..craf info so new to this..
  105. 2012 CARF & Jones Farm Carpool/Rideshare (Notices Only)
  106. CRAF - How long will it take for him to receive mail?
  107. Mail Limit at CRAF
  108. Questions about sending mail to CRAF
  109. Transportation to Jones Farm ??
  110. New at this - How long before he will be abkle to call me from Jones Farm?
  111. I have questions about CRAF.
  112. I sent computer printouts to CRAF they wouldnt let him have it.
  113. Questions about sending money to CRAF
  114. Can He Call My Cell Phone From CRAF?
  115. Is the information that CRAF puts on the NJDOC website accurate?
  116. Jones Farm Correctional Facility in Trenton
  117. How long will it take for him to be sent to CRAF?
  118. Welcome to CRAF/Jones Farm - Please take a moment to introduce yourself.
  119. Just got to Craf today...what should I expect?
  120. Can you send holiday greeting cards to CRAF?
  121. How long after he gets to CRAF can I see info on the DOC site?
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  123. Question about GTL for CRAF
  124. My boy is there and I'm confused about what CRAF is??
  125. Jones farm???
  126. Boyfriend sent back from hwh... What is the process usually?
  127. Central Reception & Assignment Facility Spring 2011 Chat Lounge
  128. CRAF Mail Regulations / Phone Account
  129. Still scared- He's been at CRAF 4 days and I haven't heard from him
  130. Husband transferred to craf
  131. How often can they call from CRAF?
  132. Super confused- Will he stay at CRAF or me moved?
  133. CRAF and Parole?
  134. Forwarding Phone Calls to Cell phone from home line?
  135. Jones Farm (Looking for info)
  136. Do they get letters at craf
  137. Dealing with this bull..
  138. Birthday presents? (what can I send him?)
  139. Sending a letter to someone in CRAF (need mailing info)
  140. Can mail be brought to CRAF?
  141. Mail to CRAF (How lonng does it take the prison to give them their mail?)
  142. Visitations questions- Jones Farm
  143. Where is CRAF located? How can I write?
  144. Craf Info?- What is it and how long do people spend there?
  145. Classification @ CRAf
  146. How long until inmates can contact you
  147. Loved one recently trasferred to CRAF- Have questions
  148. Will they send his mail from the county to CRAF?
  149. Husband is on his way to CRAF from Florida!!
  150. What happens now ? Keep callin CRAF same ol' thing ughh !
  151. CRAF question
  152. Getting tired of jumping through hoops...
  153. Does CRAF have a PC Unit?
  154. How long till he shows up on nj doc website?
  155. Comminsary
  156. Has anyone recieved calls today
  157. New to CRAF need help
  158. NEW JERSEY Transfers from County to CRAF --HELP PLEASE!!!
  159. Questions about Transfers to CRAFT
  160. Transferred to Craf to be long?
  161. Receiving calls from CRAF
  162. CRAF Visit! What to expect...?
  163. Finally I got the call!!!!
  164. What comes after CRAF?
  165. Does it make sense to establish a Comissary acount before?
  166. What exactly happens at sentencing ?
  167. Sentenced on 12/29/12, website says he's at CRAF - where is he now?
  168. Cell phone policy
  169. Phone calls -could it have been him?
  170. NJ CRAF- Do inmates get tested for STDs/HIV
  171. Protocol for Release
  172. Public Transportation to CRAF
  173. Jones Farm - phones down? visits?
  174. Jones farm visits
  175. Is my mail getting him in trouble???
  176. Time in CRAF - doesn't count towards sentencing time?
  177. Hello All! Thank you for your support
  178. CRAF Questions
  179. FiancÚ maxed out sentence, in CRAF, will he be sent home???
  180. Phone list approval while in CRAF
  181. CRAF Overview
  182. Worried - son was moved to CRAF
  183. Help please - what time do they release inmates from CRAF
  184. What can he take when he is transferred to CRAF?
  185. Is there a black out period when they first arrive at craf??
  186. Just got home from Jones Farm! Willing to answer questions
  187. Loved one in CRAf- How long before they can call home?
  188. Can inmate at craf recieve dirty letters?
  189. How can I help him?!
  190. Trying to find CRAF in the Connect Network
  191. CRAF classification
  192. New to this...son going to CRAF soon, need info please!
  193. Son taken to CRAF in middle of the night
  194. Fiance heading to CRAF soon-what can i expect?
  195. Are inmates alone or do they have cellmates at CRAF?