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  14. Extradition from Tucson AZ to WI, someone please help me understand WI!
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  26. Eligible for programs, but not getting them!?
  27. What are some reasons a PO wont let my boyfriend live with me after rehab
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  34. Can g/f take Treatment Assisted Program (TAP) in a different county?
  35. What do I need to do to prepare for his release?
  36. Preparation for bf coming home / Does he have to be on my lease?
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  42. His PO made a new rule: we can no longer have contact! Can it be overturned
  43. Change in "truth in sentencing' for non-violent offenders?
  44. Any new changes to SO sentencing and probation?
  45. Why won't they let me transport?
  46. Having trouble with letter
  47. How long did it take to get a response when applying for early release?
  48. ERP: PRC process or recent info or updates on AODA/boot camp programs?
  49. Process & Timeframe Of Being Released From ERP
  50. Reconfinement Hearing
  51. Classifcation question-if you abscond are you a medium?
  52. What are the hurdles to Inter-State Compact for parole to Puerto Rico?
  53. Is it up to the judge when he becomes parole eligible or Wisconsin DOC?
  54. How long after early release papers are submitted they are reviewed?
  55. Parole / Home placement: What kind of questions will the PO ask?
  56. PRC: Denying everyone for bs reasons. Who can I contact?
  57. Can a penpal be released on extended supervision in Wisconsin