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  1. Questions on the parole process
  2. Should i get my hopes up? (parole question)
  3. Please help! Is this going to affect his parole?
  4. Refuse Parole?
  5. Curses, pox and evil winds
  6. If they make parole, how long till they come home
  7. My ex went up to day automaticly says pending
  8. Need Opinions on if he will make parole
  9. Transfer parole to TN
  10. Inspection Delay
  11. HELP me understand TN %
  12. Parole Hearing moved up!?
  13. Chances of Parole
  14. 3 Weeks til Parole Board!!??
  15. Need input
  16. Parole packet?
  17. What's your opinion
  18. Parole concerns
  19. Confused...Housing Planned Denied!!! Now what?
  20. He Made It!!!!
  21. Parole Worriessssss :-(
  22. I guess its another year
  23. Georgia to Tennessee
  24. Absconding and sentence end date?
  25. Housing Plan questions
  26. So excited! He got parole to red date July 15
  27. Will My Parole Be Revoked?
  28. 6 more months...
  29. Parole hearing good news!!!!!!
  30. Final decision!!!!!!
  31. WTSP Parole hearing
  32. New and totally confused - please help!
  33. What!!! I think he is on the way home earlier than expected!
  34. Final decision
  35. Home Plan Questions
  36. Please Help--Question about Time Served
  37. Held in county jail on parole violation
  38. Parole Questions
  39. Parole hearing scheduled for my man!!!!
  40. Revocation? How long will he serve?
  41. Anyone else?
  42. Interstate Compact GA to TN
  43. Parole and Foolishness @ TCIX
  44. House arrest bracelet....have a question
  45. State sentence concurrent w/ Federal. State DETAINER stuck?
  46. Question about misdemeanor probation
  47. Help! A lot of questions about parole. Don't know anything about the system
  48. Any Info on support letter, parole packet?
  49. Is there a new bill: Inmates released when they reach their %?
  50. Home Plan
  51. House Plan Question
  52. Need information about how to figure out his sentence
  53. New to this and need help,, parole violation, Tennessee
  54. Early release
  55. Parole docket
  56. Job plan?
  57. Need Answers-He was arrested on a PV. What to expect?
  58. Parole & I Need Help!!!!
  59. My OB and his recent stuff/parole info needed
  60. Is my daughter lost to BOPP?
  61. Need a little help... how do I find out where he is on the parole docket?
  62. Aggravation with county
  63. Does this seem fair? Kicked out of RDAP!
  64. Felony charges Williamson county
  65. Confused - looking for parole date
  66. Different parole hearing dates?
  67. How does new charges affect him coming up for parole!
  68. How long after max?
  69. At A LOSS Trying to Understand Revocation Vs Parole Hearing
  70. Parole Violation--- street time
  71. Write ups and parole hearings
  72. Time?
  73. Will he/can he make parole?
  74. How soon do home plans need to be submitted for parole?
  75. TN Violation for absconding
  76. Job in order to get parole
  77. Did Not Make Parole
  78. 20 yrs at 30%, can he make parole first time up?
  79. Are they releasing some prisoners due to the overcrowding?
  80. Revocation Hearing Results
  81. The new law
  82. What to wear?
  83. Help determining when my baby might come home!
  84. Early release
  85. Parole hearing changed
  86. Parole!!! He was granted!
  87. He Made It!!!
  88. Help getting ready for parole
  89. Our parole hearing
  90. Plain insanity
  91. Frustrated - I only ever hear "pending" when I call
  92. Going up or not??? Confused!!!
  93. Inmates getting released ?? New Parole???
  94. Parole Results
  95. Rescission hearing
  96. Detainers removed and appeal filed in time
  97. Parole Process, Tennessee
  98. What will happen to my husband's ex who is a SO?
  99. Will he get out on time?
  100. Someone tell me whats going on (parole violation)
  101. My OB has a hearing date.
  102. Revocation hearing recommendation
  103. CBCX - assistance w/parole packet
  104. Question!!! My husbands parole
  105. Difference between Probation and Parole?
  106. GPS Monitoring of SO
  107. Early Release
  108. 6 year Probation, 2nd drug test failed
  109. Waiting on Nashville
  110. Revocation Hearing
  111. Parole Packets and Living Arrangements
  112. What do you think the possibilities of him making it when he goes up in Feb
  113. How long will it take?
  114. Parole Schedule
  115. Any news on the "new law" of parole???
  116. No one has checked on his Homeplan / How do I find out who his PO will be?
  117. Waiting not so patiently for home plan visit
  118. New to me - how long will he be gone
  119. Parole Questions and Appeal
  120. Parole denied, should we appeal?
  121. When the doors open and they come home.
  122. Almost home ... Any programs that can be helpful ?..
  123. I made a huge mistake, hid a gun in house
  124. PV questions
  125. Please help,time already served...waiting on what?
  126. Tennessee Parole Packet's - where to send them???
  127. Question about home plans and so on.
  128. Can you get called to parole earlier then your parole date?
  129. Making parole
  130. Coming from Virginia to Tennesse on Interstate Compact...Help
  131. Parole hearing Friday...
  132. FOIL's Parole Eligibility Date vs RED
  133. Split Sentence
  134. Holy cow! - Hubby's Parole
  135. How long for parole results
  136. Good Time
  137. Question about parole...
  138. Help, Parole denied
  139. Just damn crazy
  140. If my fiance flattens his time before the hearing will they release him?
  141. Question about diversion
  142. On parole / 3 or 4 technical violations / What could happen now?
  143. 2nd VOP...but hear me out
  144. Does anybody have any experience with Delancey House?
  145. How does good time work?
  146. Recommended Release Eligibility Date
  147. If parole was granted, why would she get sent to another prison?
  148. First time in tdoc - What questions will parole ask?
  149. Greene County
  150. Flattening and 90 day warning
  151. We made parole!!
  152. We made parole..but...
  153. Completely New To All Of This / update.. He was granted parole!
  154. County time don't count
  155. He's Coming Home! How long does it take to get a release date?
  156. Thank you all!
  157. Release Friday
  158. Tn BOPP Home visit ?
  159. 8 years at 30%
  160. Release Date from CCA Nashville???
  161. Parole Violation
  162. How do I find out if he was released?
  163. What are we looking at on a parole violation?
  164. What happens now
  165. Extradition Time Frame HELP
  166. Transportation after parole to halfway house?
  167. Off close supervision for a year before eligible for parole?
  168. Advice Please on Parole Violation
  169. How much time for parole revocation hearing
  170. Unable to help brother who may get parole
  171. Released! I want to thank all of the folks here that have helped me
  172. Release from parole/probation question please help
  173. Final parole decison, do they ever disagree with hearing decisision?
  174. Parole Violation Consequences- Tennessee
  175. Early release from parole?
  176. Sentence calculation
  177. Parole Hearing Schedule, County Jails
  178. TN Tomis Sheets Explanation
  179. Technical parole violation
  180. Revocation Question- Dismissed in General Session Ct
  181. Advice needed LO got parole in October but wont be released until May 2017
  182. Red date in 5 months, how long does it take to schedule a parole hearing?
  183. New to this Please help parole
  184. Parole Hearing & Technical Violation Questions
  185. Parole support letter
  186. Parole Has been Approved now...
  187. What is a initial parole hearing?
  188. What chance of making parole first time?Updated: hearing this week!!
  189. Anybody else have a love one going up for parole soon
  190. What is a saftey valve?
  191. Need Advice! Absconding probation/court
  192. IPO interview coming up, what happens after that?
  193. Do they always give a recommendation at hearing?
  194. Dad was approved parole & home plan, how long til he is released?
  195. Do they do early call backs on parole flops?
  196. Parole ? About State Inmate in Co. Jail
  197. Parole Granted Contingent to 90 days in Transitional Housing
  198. Parole flop: Did your LO complete whole flop before called back to parole?
  199. What is a erd?
  200. Share your experience with the Tennessee parole board here
  201. Can inmate be released on parole before their red date /release eligibility
  202. Earned time not sent correctly. I am going crazy!
  203. 1st time technical violation on enhanced probation
  204. How is jail credit applied if more than one sentence?
  205. Bed at halfway house reserved & paid for, IPO dragging her feet
  206. "Parole eligibility date" on FOIL
  207. Are parole lawyers worth it? What sort of things are favorable for parole?
  208. What is an IPO? How long until Home Plan approved?
  209. Likelihood of parole: Has served 35 yrs 1st degree murder & armed robbery