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  1. Post-prison supervision/parole violation
  2. 15% Good Time and Last Year on House Arrest??
  3. Program failure
  4. Questions about Release
  5. I need information about Marriage on Parole
  6. Transition or half way house
  7. AIP and the transitional leave
  8. Supreme Court decisions in on Agg. Murder
  9. Durning release to transition
  10. change in 90 day transitional leave
  11. Half way house during the 90 day trans leave
  12. Restitution
  13. Release Procedures
  14. Post-prison supervision and Measure 11
  15. Questions about housing after prison
  16. OMMP and Parole
  17. Oregon 30% early release 2011
  18. 90 days transitional leave Clackamas ?
  19. Living in RV after release (post prison supervision)
  20. Inmate being release
  21. Family member terminal - any way to get a furlough?
  22. Dangerous offender and the parole board
  23. M11-being released to California?, HELP!
  24. Ddo they pay rent durning transitional leave?
  25. Question about transferring probation
  26. Probation violation please help!!!
  27. Pleased to announce my lifer friend got paroled!
  28. Staff letters to the parole board
  29. Transleave and Intimacy and lie detectors
  30. Question about Release Counselor/Plan
  31. Sponsors Transitional Program - Eugene
  32. IMPORTANT - Please READ Before You Post
  33. Parole officer is trying to remove his support please help
  34. Applying to parole to a different state
  35. What to expect Summit Program
  36. Release and Parole
  37. PLEASE! How much time will actually be served
  38. Inactive status and violations
  39. Post-prison supervision
  40. Question about house arrest vs prison
  41. Transferring probation/parole to another county?
  42. No sanction, but.....
  43. Violation? Consequences?
  44. Relationships on parole
  45. Post-prison vs parole
  46. Transfering to a different county
  47. HUD asks local public housing agencies to be flexible re ex-cons
  48. Breaking post prison probation
  49. Questions about release, in a few days
  50. Special probation conditions for domestic violence?
  51. Halfway houses in Bend/ Crook County area?
  52. Please HELP!!! DOC's release date calculation not what we expected
  53. Clarification on good time
  54. Intake in OR, release to Wa, possible?
  55. What is AIP?
  56. Questions about trans leave??
  57. Parole case - Juveniles convicted of Agg Murder in early 90's
  58. Request for Basic Information Re Detainers/Warrants
  59. Parole Violation Question
  60. Transfer parole
  61. Imposition of Administrative Sanctions/ Interventions on Transitional Leave
  62. Release in 3 months
  63. How many days/months do they give you notice on release date?
  64. Questions about a Urinanlysis hit
  65. How much post prison supervision in Oregon for a Class C felony?
  66. Looking for jobs or resources in or near Salem OR
  67. Out of state parole!
  68. Question about Parole
  69. Multnomah County to Lane County transfer
  70. Manufactured Park living?
  71. Good time???
  72. Parolee charged with reckless driving, hit and run
  73. Question about Parole in Lane County
  74. Seeking help on post prison supervision rules
  75. Parole Release
  76. Release day
  77. Release in 3 Months need help...
  78. Release on Monday!!!!
  79. Congrats to TrinaBeanna9815
  80. Release from Prison
  81. Internet Access after he gets out...
  82. Felon friendly housing
  83. Probation violation / How long will she get?
  84. Case reversed by Court of Appeals - does he get out now?
  85. Transferring to Oregon
  86. Non extraditable warrant
  87. Need help calculating release date
  88. Where I can find a list of *rules* for when my son gets out?
  89. Questions about calculating release date
  90. Release Day Jitters
  91. Rules for Early Transitional Leave in Oregon?
  92. Oregon Parole Question
  93. Interstate Compact. Oregon to Washington
  94. Pendleton housing
  95. Restitution turned over to department of revenue?
  96. Required to work, now claims he is a pastor?
  97. Release and Re-Entry
  98. Can live within the state without transfer?
  99. Living in the RC in Washington Co. as a T-Lodger
  100. Boyfriend on parole, I have questions!
  101. Detainer from Arizona, what happens when released from Oregon?
  102. A.I.P. Question
  103. Getting released and worried he has a hold for county!!
  104. Questions about release day
  105. Suspended Sentence - Zero Tolerance Probation?
  106. Oregon Post Prison Supervision - where does he check in when he releases?
  107. Life on Parole? Really?
  108. Question about release after AIP. help ease my mind?
  109. Release Details
  110. Release Stressors
  111. Early discharge from Parole
  112. Transitional Leave
  113. On probation & arrested for crime that happened 3 years ago
  114. 11days left
  115. Didn't report to PO when put on parole, now what?
  116. Question about trans leave.
  117. PPS and County transfer
  118. Boyfriend is on parole. I have questions!
  119. 90 day trans leave and county transfer question HELP
  120. Hasn't met with Release Counselor - should he be worried?
  121. Help! My bf released on transleave has not called me?