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  1. NC Parole Hearings
  2. Letters to NC Parole board
  3. What is the true rate of inmates being paroled?
  4. Paper Parole
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  13. Do he receive papers stating he is done with parole?
  14. NC Parole
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  16. Clothing For Parole?
  17. Parole Procedures
  18. Parole
  19. What should I/we take with us to the parole board?
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  21. Parole Vs Post release Supervison
  22. Question about release date change because of school
  23. Inmate Status Active, Probation Status Active
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  25. Cohabitation for parolees? Is it possible?
  26. Work release problem
  27. How does paroll work?
  28. Post conviction sentence reduction??
  29. Question about release, and home passes... maybe for 2021?
  30. Needing help - post release warrant
  31. Work Release... can you trust them?
  32. Possibility of release date being recalculated?
  33. Anyone know what he has to go through at 90 days out?
  34. Work Release ~ Finally!!
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  36. Locked-in release date?
  37. Difference between reviews
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  40. Transfering Probation to NC from PA
  41. Home addy needed for parole, True or False?
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  44. Structured sentencing ?
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  46. Jobs after Prison
  47. Someone please help me - probation violation
  48. Possibility for his parole to my state (Ohio)?
  49. Testing before release?
  50. Trying to locate a new place
  51. Probation violation while incarcerated
  52. Release Question
  53. What is the process for home plans?
  54. Post Release Supervision
  55. Totally lost / How can he get more time off his sentence?
  56. Question about day of release...
  57. Release date
  58. Post Release Supervision
  59. Forgive me if this has already been addressed
  60. Transfer closer to release date...
  61. Very confused about how long I will serve
  62. Parole Determination letter
  63. Getting released /If no one picks them up, how do they get home?
  64. Another Question about Post Release Supervision
  65. Release - Randolph Correctional
  66. Do parolees in NC go to halfway houses?
  67. Will the prison give me info on getting him transfered closer to home?
  68. Can my MWI be paroled to me if we're married?
  69. Parole questions / Home Placement & process?
  70. Post release violations
  71. Sent back
  72. Post release supervision revocation...?
  73. Plea agreement question
  74. Anyone's advice/Parole eligibilty under Fair Sentencing Act?
  75. Does a Parole Letter to the Parole Commission help on behalf of a loved one
  76. STG Classification
  77. My day is finally here!
  78. Post release
  79. Phone calls prior to release date
  80. Due Process Violation
  81. Anyone have experience with N.C. Parole?
  82. Moving counties and probation
  83. When will he return :(
  84. Revocation question
  85. Transferred from another state.
  86. What percentage do the have to serve
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  89. Living together before married
  90. Prison time in NC up today now on to VA?
  91. How do I get to Dart Cherry NC, picking up my b/f!
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  93. Home Plan
  94. What time can we pick him up on his release date?
  95. Violated Probation
  96. Confused... DOC website showing two projected release dates
  97. Obtain property by false pretense & NC ?
  98. How long does it take for his new date to be posted?
  99. Projected release date? real release date?
  100. NC Rule for termination of Parole
  101. Project Release Date Changed ?
  102. Will he be automatically released on his "maxed" date?
  103. Will he be moved closer to home around release date?
  104. My LO has a 60 day sentence for violation of probation how long will he do
  105. Post conviction attorneys
  106. When will he get out, his case is "pending" now
  107. How long will bf serve if sentenced to 24 months for dwi
  108. Probation violation / Is there a standard proceedure?
  109. Can I drink on probation 21 bday
  110. When someone is released from prison do they need to register as a felon...
  111. Electing to serve jail time instead of probation
  112. Is North Carolina a tough state to do probation in?
  113. Absconding from parole?
  114. MCLeod Half Way House - Charlotte
  115. Parole Hearing 10am
  116. My boyfriend is being released tomorrow
  117. Sentenced 13 to 16 months, what percent to serve before parole eligibility?
  118. Released from supervised probation June '16 still owe $
  119. 1st infraction added 6 months to bf sentence
  120. Hubby up for parole? Can I attend? What happens?
  121. How many days can you possibly get a month for working and good behavior?
  122. Sex Offender Housing in NC?
  123. Need info about inmates sentenced under the structured sentencing act
  124. Inactive probation but has detainer??
  125. Transfer to lower level or release for good time?
  126. Post release supervision for sex offenders
  127. Transferring from NC to MD, how will "post release" work?
  128. Life sentence, served 23 yrs, up for parole this month. Will attorney help?
  129. Friend released on 1/20/17 on probation and has failed 4 drug tests
  130. Help- how to calculate time for PV
  131. Please help? Need to know about traveling
  132. Need info on parole in North Carolina
  133. 2019 release: Does anyone here know good re-entry programs?
  134. Girlfriend waiting on extradition from NC to SC
  135. Moving to another state/ out of country. While on probation (misdemeanor).