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  1. Release info-FYI
  2. Nevada Probation Questions on Travelling and Passports
  3. Best places to live for me and my ex-convict?
  4. I Need Help With Pardons Board Anyone Dealt With Them Before??
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  12. Nv Pardons Board
  13. Any one know what the % of habitual criminals getting pardons and or paroled?
  14. He made his board!!!
  15. Oct. 3rd is the deadline for applications for pardons board
  16. Freaking out over MPR/Hold from another state (long)
  17. Looking for released inmate from NNCC
  18. Pardon's application - who do you petition at NNCC
  19. Making a parole plan
  20. Any Parole/Prob Ofcrs here? Have a question.
  21. Release Date Question
  22. Surprising outcome of pardons board hearing
  23. Parole Board - what are the % changes of being approved?
  24. Nevada parole board: how long do they take?
  25. The parole board: do they post the reease online?
  26. Wish Us Luck his parole hearing is tomorrow.
  27. Parole frustrations
  28. Does anyone have any experience with the house arrest process?
  29. Any experiences in finding jobs in Las Vegas?
  30. Parole Board News - all hearings cancelled.
  31. Anyone know when next parole or pardon board agenda will be?
  32. Parole Questions - must your appear or write letters?
  33. Early Release in Drug Court program
  34. Who do I ask - Did he make Parole?
  35. Anyone heard of Casa Grande halfway house?
  36. Will they release him?
  37. Looking for information on expiration date of sentence
  38. Computers down--is it affecting release dates?
  39. More charges
  40. Question about release dates on the computer.
  41. I need help getting something for hubby (presentence report)
  42. Is there a Statue of limitations for parole absconders out of Nevada?
  43. Looking for info about inmate release from Nevada DOC
  44. New To Prison TalkLooking for Info on Halfway Houses.
  45. Half Way Houses or Transitional Housing in Nevada
  46. My husbands last chance to go to parole board
  47. Parole Letter Help - what is relevant and what is not?
  48. Jobs for Transitional Inmates
  49. Half Way Houses other than Casa Grande
  50. Any info would be appreciated about him transferring to NV after parole from UT
  51. Questions about Parole in Nevada
  52. Is it true that you only get 3 chances at parole in NV?
  53. Anyone have experience with parole violation in Nevada?
  54. Anyone attended a parole hearing in Nevada - I am going as a witness.
  55. Building a life after in here
  56. Casa grande and the prison system
  57. A question about felons joining the army
  58. Has anyone attended a Parole hearing at HDSP?
  59. Looking for information on the Rope program in Nevada
  60. Parole Board address for support letter?
  61. Parole Information Number??
  62. Nevada Pardons Board 2009??
  63. Programs for Ex-convicts?
  64. Questions about MPR date?
  65. Nevada Licensed Treatment, Transitional Living and Halfway House Facilities
  66. Question About Sentencing/Parole Violation.
  67. How does Ad seg affect parole?
  68. Transferring Parole from Michigan-can anyone share experience with home visit?
  69. He goes to the parole board tomorrow
  70. Interstate Compact Denied !!! What can I do?
  71. Parole Board Ely
  72. How Long from parole board to release?
  73. Interstate compact parole transfer to Nevada
  74. Question about paroling out of nevada
  75. Parole hearing in absentia - Why would that happen?
  76. Any information available on Residential Confinement/House Arrest
  77. Questions about house arrest
  78. Can he parole to my home when i am on probation
  79. Incarcerated in California and want to parole out to NV
  80. Mandatory parole hearings, your experience
  81. How do I go about getting an apartment or house in Las Vegas?
  82. Omg, he's coming home!
  83. Pre-release for sex offender parole
  84. First parole hearing not sure what to expect
  85. Clark County Detention Center
  86. Dad TBR after MPR date
  87. They want to send my husband back
  88. I am on parole in NV, can I move in with my GF who is also a felon.
  89. Lifer Parole question - how to get off paper
  90. URGENT! How to get ahold of OMD??
  91. He sees the parole board in 9 days
  92. House arrest, name on the Lease question?
  93. How good is NV about accepting from another state?
  94. Arrested On Parole Violation AFTER expiration date.
  95. Disciplinary actions and parole eligibility?
  96. How do I request House arrest?
  97. Length of penalty - will he be off paper?
  98. My Dad's Parole Hearing
  99. Questions regarding Interstate Compact
  100. Reckless Driving SBH, early release question.
  101. How much time would he do?
  102. Casa Grande Transitional House
  103. Are there pre release classes to take before release?
  104. Parole Violation so close to expiration date... What now?
  105. Finding housing to be placed on House Arrest.
  106. Apartment parole is not allowed anymore.
  107. Moving - Will they ket him parole to NY
  108. In absentia
  109. Good Luck with the June parole board
  110. Approved treatment centers
  111. Employment with felony
  112. Coming home!!
  113. Las Vegas Probation Violation. Failed drug test
  114. Changing drug counseling while on probation
  115. How long before he's eligible for parole?
  116. What if he has no money for a halfway house.
  117. Temporary housing for regular release, if you have no family to help you.
  118. Sandy Shaw Parole hearing
  119. About halfway houses - how long does it take to tranfer them?
  120. Parole Questions - Do they come and do a check on your home?
  121. Do you see the parole board for each sentence?
  122. Moving release dates dates all the time?
  123. I need to know Info on parole in Nevada.
  124. Parole hearing questions
  125. How to contact a Nevada Parolee from FMWCC 4370 Smiley Rd?
  126. OJ Parole Hearing
  127. Patiently Waiting For Hubbear Parole Revocation @ HDSP
  128. What are his chances for parole?
  129. Time in prison counting towards unpaid tickets?
  130. LOTS of questions about a "parole plan" for my son
  131. Revocation Hearing For My Hubbear
  132. Parole board timing?
  133. Today's The Day @ Revocation Hearing For Hubbear
  134. Question - when will he be released?
  135. High Desert Prison Parole Board, how do I get updates?
  136. Probation transfer
  137. Release to America Brings No Happiness
  138. Sex Offender chance at parole ?
  139. Extra time credit for Fire Camp? When will he see the Board?
  140. PED 1/11/15, hasn't seen Board. Automatic parole for 1st time offenders?
  141. It seems Getting a Nevada ID upon release is a problem.
  142. How long does it take for someone to be released on probation?
  143. PED information - where can i find it?
  144. Finally a parole hearing date! Update: "No Action" listed as answer??
  145. Who else made Parole Eligiblility List for May/June 2015?
  146. Do they drug test whle on house arrest, is - how often?
  147. Has anyone appealed a Parole board decision?
  148. Parole website question in Nevada
  149. How to Challenge parole in Nevada
  150. When will the Parole board let us know the answer?
  151. Subject: Challenging Nevada’s lifetime supervision law
  152. How long does parole last for life sentence
  153. Parolee dates
  154. Parole eligibility
  155. Questions on Parole
  156. Interstate compact transfer
  157. Nevada parole violation interstate compact
  158. Where do I find latest the Parole Information for HDSP
  159. First strike, can he see board before those 60 days?
  160. Transfer Parole from NV to NC
  161. Sentencing/Time To Serve
  162. I really need some information on category b felon receiving good time on m
  163. On parole 3 months, relapsed and re-arrested. What's going to happen?
  164. Lifetime Supervision
  165. Sentence and parole question
  166. Post Conviction Writ of Habeas Corpus
  167. Hopeful release date, 4/15/2017 Halfway house? Parole/probation? How long?
  168. How to Check Parole Status?
  169. Probation parole housing requirements
  170. Waiting for release to halfway house? Need info on Freedom House
  171. If I can't pass full FBI check, can we live together when husband released?
  172. I Broke No-Victim-Contact Before I Got Parole. Can My Parole Be Revoked?
  173. Nevada Pardons Board sent him application for commutation of sentence?
  174. Las vegas nevada transitional housing
  175. Parole packet
  176. Interstate Compact Rules regarding earned time
  177. Can someone please tell me what PAR means??
  178. Wrong expiration date given at a parole violation hearing
  179. Casa Grande Transitional Housing info.
  180. Housing Help after Parole
  181. What advice can I give to a inmate at his 2nd parole hearing in Nevada?
  182. What is Transitional housing like in Las Vegas? Rules?
  183. Parole Granted, what next?
  184. Where can I find results for Nevada parole hearing?