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  1. Looking to communicate with folks that have a family member in the Maryland Prisons
  2. Employment Opportunities in Maryland for Ex-Offenders
  3. Messed up Maryland Parole Commission!!
  4. Are there grants available for parolees?
  5. What is a home plan and how do they work?
  6. home plan, do you have to be related?
  7. questions on parole
  8. Closed Parol Hearing
  9. Good info on Parole etc.
  10. Question about my friend relocating to Oregon after his release.
  11. Will a PO visit my home to approve it?
  12. Maryland Parole Site
  13. Parole Or Not To Parole
  14. Md Parole Site
  15. Questions about Parole
  16. Hagerstown Release Information
  17. need parole advice in MD
  18. Released From Hagerstown
  19. Question-Does anyone know anything about the Parole Process in Maryland?
  20. Parole Process question in Maryland
  21. Parole Release Date
  22. Home Detention
  23. Parole Chances in Maryland
  24. How can I reach my boyfriends Parole Officer?
  25. parole violation question
  26. Can my son drink while on probation?
  27. No Daddy on my wedding day, how can I get him paroled?
  28. Vop
  29. Parole/Probation's Proactive Community Supervision Has Positive Effect on Offenders
  30. 2 time violater... How Much Time Will He Get for a Technical Violation
  31. Pre-Release In CH..Earned Hours Out??
  32. Parole Question
  33. Parole In The State Of Maryland
  34. Parole granted on first try??
  35. Applying For Home Monitoring
  36. ECI and Parole
  37. Work Release Questions
  38. Home Plan Questions
  39. Parole Hearing
  40. Parole approaching - U can help your loved one
  41. waiting 4 a parole hearing at WCI
  42. Anyone have experience work release in MD?
  43. Need honest opinions on parole for murder
  44. State Benefits upon release....
  45. Frederick county work release
  46. work release walk off
  47. Pre-release In Baltimore
  48. Does anyone know about revocation hearings
  49. Need Answers - Delayed Release?
  50. Delayed Release Questions
  51. When they're released?
  52. no parole
  53. Home Detention Questions
  54. Moving on Parole???
  55. After Parole Hearing....
  56. Parole revocation hearing in Maryland?
  57. Need advice- Hearing to revoke Parole
  58. Messed up His relase date?
  59. Anyway to find a Parole Date
  60. help!! Parole Questions
  61. Work Relase
  62. all of a sudden immediate release!!!
  63. info please- Parole questions
  64. Can you be on parole and probation in Maryland?
  65. parole retake warrent question
  66. Anyone Have a Loved one at Southern MD Pre Release
  67. How long will he have to serve?- Parole violation
  68. Work Release Questions
  69. How long does it take to be approved for parole?
  70. How to get a job in Maryland with a felony
  71. pre-release at MCTC
  72. Parole question
  73. Parole hearing?! What the heck?
  74. Parole Question
  75. Can an outstanding warrant prevent him from getting paroled?
  76. Questions about work release?
  77. Upcoming parole hearings
  78. Maryland's Open Parole Hearings
  79. Parole Violation Dirty Urine
  80. Home Detention / GPS Tracking / Employment info in Maryland
  81. Maryland Parole violation
  82. Help how long is someone usually in Metropolitan Transition Center ?
  83. How does Parole work?
  84. Just wondering how hard to make parole at ECI
  85. setting up the home plan
  86. passes on work release
  87. Moving up parole dates
  88. Need address for Home plan
  89. Parole home plan felon address
  90. Is it true inmates are only serving 1/4 of their sentences?
  91. Is the Maryland releasing 1400 Inmates?
  92. VOP-Due Dilegence/Warrant Stale
  93. Anyone heard of Parole Hearing so early???
  94. 7000 inmates out
  95. What can I do to help him prepare for his parole hearing?
  96. What does this home plan mean in Maryland?
  97. Where can they live on home plan?
  98. General question about the Home Plan
  99. Need Home Monitering info
  100. How long does parole board have to make decision???
  101. When can inmates be released?
  102. home pass info anyone??
  103. Violation of Probation/Parole
  104. How often will A PO give a random UA while on probation in Maryland?
  105. Home Detention Questions...
  106. When is he coming home?
  107. New charge while on parole - now what?
  108. sentence modification-how does it work?
  109. Sentence Modification/Reduction Any Luck??
  110. Home Detention-How long after they investigate the house do they bring him home?
  111. Sentence Review Hearing
  112. early release from wicomico county detention center
  113. He was approved for parole release. How long before he comes home?
  114. COUNTDOWN but is it really?
  115. Private Home Detention Services
  116. Home Detention....Familiar with it???
  117. Post conviction experience
  118. Half way houses in md???
  119. whats up with parole??? ughhh
  120. still waiting for immediate release
  121. Private Home Detention
  122. Parole transfer to another state?
  123. BPRU Work Release
  124. Our Update....working towards the sentence reduction
  125. Parole info?? confused ......
  126. Parole review date not right
  127. Re--rec house or home detention questions
  128. delayed parole hearings?
  129. Parole Question
  130. My dad's going to a halfway house tomorrow(4/15) HELP!
  131. Home Detention Phone Service
  132. preparole questions
  133. Parole - going up soon
  134. Violation of parole hearings
  135. Can a person on parole/probation visit an inmate in Maryland?
  136. Halfway House-Balt-Volunteers of America
  137. How long do inmates stay at BPRU before being released on home monitor, etc?
  138. Parole Questions
  139. question on parole
  140. Anyones LO coming home in 6 months or less?
  141. what do you to when time gets short
  142. Question on Home Plan
  143. Help...can anyone give advice? Probation/Parole Violation
  144. Home Monitoring
  145. Transfer of Probation
  146. MCI-H Parole Hearings
  147. social security after release??
  148. So blown :-( (home monitor delayed)
  149. How to calculate the time they will be released
  150. Probation and Parole in MD
  151. Please some one give me some insight on Parole Violation !
  152. Technical violation of probation .. Help plz
  153. moving from one prison to the next
  154. Devastated!!!! Home Detention made Mistake
  155. Hoping He'll Be Home For the Holidays
  156. Mctc - work release question
  157. Earlier Rehearing Question...
  158. Can he apply for the home box?
  159. Work Release and the holidays
  160. Parole Conditions
  161. BCDC & Home detention???
  162. Help! Can he live here??
  163. Appeal date set 2/18/11 think we will be alright?
  164. Approved for parole
  165. Parole Hearing Set for Today!!
  166. Will he be violated for traffic charges?
  167. Home Plan Questions
  168. Options: half way houses in Baltimore, MD
  169. Help--Post Conviction Relief Maryland--Medical issues
  170. HELP!! Parole Violation
  171. Parole revocation hearing and time credited questions
  172. County parole?
  173. Work Release
  174. how much time will my man do on a 2 year sentence for child soporrt
  175. I NEED HELP, RE: home det!
  176. What does "interstate" under Parole/Probation mean?
  177. Question about work release.
  178. Post conviction
  179. Does the parole board listen to inmates phone conversations?
  180. How long before work release at BCDC?
  181. Help Preparing a Parole Package
  182. Pre release center
  183. Governor's Signature for Lifer's
  184. Poplar Hill Pre-release, needs job bad!
  185. VOA Halfway House in Baltimore
  186. MRDCC RELEASE tomorrow !!
  187. Hagerstown, Md Parole Suggestions
  188. Home detention in Maryland?
  189. Release date, held on detainer. Still no court date!
  190. Parole hearing today
  191. B/f arrested for Parole Violation and 3rd DUI
  192. MD/PA Delayed release for parole?Please help-pregnant n need answers asap
  193. Maryland Parole- what's the process once parole is granted?
  194. Parole in Maryland
  195. Costs Involved in Probation
  196. Supervised Probation
  197. I called my bf counselor and they corrected his parole eligibility date!
  198. Looking for housing in Hagerstown, Maryland ASAP
  199. Confused?/Sentenced to 15 years, when will he be eligible for parole?
  200. Confused about Time/Parole
  201. Do past charges affect parole?
  202. Maryland probation violation question
  203. Who rents to felons in the Baltimore / DC area?
  204. PreRelease Status in MD
  205. Brother's Probation Status
  206. Home Monitor Process
  207. MRDCC and early release?
  208. Parole in September
  209. Parole question
  210. JPRU Parole Question
  211. How much longer before he paroles?
  212. Revocation Hearings at MRDCC
  213. Need help with Home Plan in Maryland
  214. He's back in on 2nd parole violation
  215. What Frederick County Work Release is like...
  216. Who hires inmates on home monitoring in Baltimore
  217. Why Won't They Tell Me What Time Release Is?
  218. Parole on an 8 yr. sentence in Maryland
  219. Patuxent institution release?
  220. Who is a good Parole hearing Attorney (Maryland)
  221. Change of address- Does proation get a notification?
  222. Anyone have info on halfway house or programs...
  223. BCDC Information for Interested Parties.
  224. How does parole work in Maryland
  225. Sentence Remodification in Maryland
  226. Sentenced to 7 years w/4 suspended; When will I be eligible for parole?
  227. Can you call Parole Board and find out the date of their hearing?
  228. What are his chances for parole in Maryland?
  229. Question about violating parole in Maryland
  230. Parole question in Maryland
  231. Any release info help please!
  232. Early release programs in Maryland for violent offenders?
  233. Could he get out early? If so, how early?
  234. Please help!! Violent or non-violent?!?!
  235. Figuring out when my husband is being released?
  236. Post conviction help in Maryland
  237. Is parole different in county jail then DOC in Maryland?
  238. Good time and parole in Maryland
  239. Eligible for home dentention but one problem
  240. What are the homeplan requirements?
  241. He's being released Monday; What time does Baltimore City release inmates?
  242. Mctc file review
  243. Maryland took tax refund for old MD probation fees.
  244. Parole diversion program, how does this work?
  245. Pre-release info needed
  246. Daddy Made Parole!!!
  247. Home detention in Maryland
  248. Confused by Vinelink /Release day
  249. Information on Patuxent Parole Violator Program in Maryland
  250. Bail Revoked for 2nd assault on me - what next?