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  1. Parole Letters...when should they be sent?
  2. Probation Question
  3. prerelease probation
  4. parole violation questions
  5. Need info regarding parole
  6. How do you find out the results to a parole hearing?
  7. shock probation in KY
  8. Can anyone tell me where to send a letter to the parole board?
  9. Probation Question
  10. Shock hearing monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. His shock request was granted!!!!!!!!
  12. Halfway Houses?
  13. filed for shock probation
  14. Question about parole in Kentucky
  15. Halfway Houses
  16. Questions about Parole Board Hearing
  17. Halfway House Denial
  18. Parole, shock probation, and early release thread
  19. Parole Board Letters
  20. KY Parole Board?????
  21. New Home Incarceration Program for class D&C felons
  22. Need Parole Package Info for Kentucky???
  23. Releasing Inmates?? Overcrowded
  24. need desperate help with classification questions re: parole
  25. does anyone know how parole works?
  26. ? regarding two people on parole/getting together legally
  27. any info on the parole revoketion process
  28. I need some information about parole..
  29. Info On transfers/ shock probation
  30. Shock probation chances for 4th DUI?
  31. Link to Statute Regarding Shock Probation for Misdemeanor Convictions
  32. Is There A Difference Between Probation And Parole?
  33. Questions Shock Probation
  34. A question about parole for sex offenders
  35. Will I be able to send my son street clothes to come home in?
  36. Can he sign baby's birth cert. after his release?
  37. Shock probation rules
  38. Credit For Time On Parole Questions
  39. what is Shock probation?
  40. Witing a letter to Judge for shock probation
  41. Parole Letters
  42. getting a picture id for released inmate
  43. Parole Guidelines
  44. Petition for Ky. Parole Board??
  45. How do we file our own motion for Shock Probation?
  46. What are the qualifications for homeplacement
  47. Home Incarsaration
  48. Shock Probation-What is it and info on acceptance?
  49. Shock Probation ?
  50. Wish us Luck-Applying for Shock Probation...
  51. can they drive when they get out?
  52. KY parole after revocation
  53. Brother is up for parole! What's the Parole Process?
  54. Home Incarceration In Kentucky
  55. Parole Board Deferred Him 12 Months, Will An Appeal Help?
  56. How long does it take Supervised Parole
  57. Parole Out of State Questions
  58. Jobs After Release for a Felon
  59. Serving Out Release Date Calculation
  60. Parole Board Questions
  61. Please help on KY halfway houses
  62. Information on Kentucky Shock probation needed
  63. Different Programs Available Besides Shock Probation
  64. Parole and Home Placement in Kentucky
  65. Parole Question
  66. Looking for a list of Halfway Houses
  67. Questions About Parole Letters
  68. Shock Probabtion
  69. Help! Parole Board Decisions
  70. We Need Info on Parole Packets.....
  71. Parole Questions
  72. kentucky parole violation question
  73. Shock probation ...
  74. are people allowed at parole revocation hearings
  75. What happens at preliminary pv hearing?
  76. Parole violation question.
  77. He applied for shock, but the facility placed him in SAP. Will that help/hurt?
  78. Attorney Screws up my womans Shock Ap
  79. Important Information For Inmate Release
  80. Shock Probation after being Revoked?
  81. Attending Parole Hearings
  82. Parole date and the KOOL website
  83. home placement check
  84. The Official Early Release Discussion Thread
  85. How long before release after parole hearing?
  86. Halfway House vs. County
  87. Paroling out of state from Ky.
  88. VINE No Parole or Expiration Date
  89. Help with sending letter for Shock
  90. Kentucky Halfway Houses
  91. Parole question
  92. child support probation revocation hearing
  93. Covington Ky HH
  94. Parole eligibility changed????
  95. Question about Home Incarceration
  96. Contacting his parole officer?
  97. guns in house if on HIP?
  98. Need release date help.
  99. got a question about parole
  100. Still Waiting for Home Inspection
  101. Passed Home Inspection? How long now before he's Home?
  102. He made parole! Now what?
  103. Home inspection completed!!!!
  104. Home placement denied/UPDATE
  105. parole restriction on leaving the county?
  106. What are my options?
  107. Do they Test alcohol in urine
  108. Parole/Probation Revocation Question
  109. Home Inspection
  110. Question about finding employment in KY after release?
  111. Shock probation/prison time to serve/actual
  112. Got some great news today
  113. Release on HIP info needed
  114. Question about release
  115. Parole Eligibility?
  116. What does Parole board look at in home visits?
  117. Administrative Release.... How does this work?!?
  118. What should I do? They have the wrong parole review date
  119. Parole Violation Hearings
  120. Need to find out info on his release date
  121. Can he parole again? When?
  122. Letter 2 parole board?
  123. Where Does A Facility Release an Inmate?
  124. Halfway house-Louisville
  125. Parole/SAP Question
  126. Probation Revocation & Jail Time Question
  127. Kentucky Innocence Project
  128. Shock Probation ??
  129. CTS Louisville, parole, & getting married...
  130. Motion for Shock Probation
  131. HB 564 corrections, parole board, early release/signed into law 4/12/10
  132. Parole letter number 4!
  133. Home incarceration
  134. Parole, Home Placement, Responsibility, Accountability Questions
  135. Nervous about where we are gonna live after parole
  136. Time taken off sentence and parole question
  137. Shock Probabtion with a PFO?
  138. Ky Revised Statute on Shock Probation for Felony
  139. He made parole...but has to take SAP first
  140. Notified of parole?
  141. Home Incarceration questions
  142. Parole Board Information & Schedule
  143. Question on a charge
  144. upon release are court-ordered restrictions dropped?
  145. Ky Revised Statute Shock Probation for Misdemeanor
  146. Questions on shock probation in KY
  147. If the KOOL website says parole recomended?
  148. Good time refigured??
  149. Time limit for release when parole is granted?
  150. Omg the PO came by!
  151. Home Inspections
  152. Info on Halfway Houses in Kentucky
  153. Should she tell her PO we want to live together
  154. Which is better? Shock or parole?
  155. Can a Sex Offender Be Eligible For Parole?
  156. Question about VINE/KOOL and Release
  157. Husband home!
  158. Transferring probation
  159. College paper on Recidivism
  160. Court hearing questions
  161. Question about parole eligibility
  162. KRS 508.020-will he get parole?
  163. Need info on release from Big Sandy
  164. Felony probation/drug court/How much time if violated?
  165. PV and changes in law before seeing Board questions
  166. Home Incarceration
  167. Just found out he can get parole with the completion of SAP!!
  168. How long does it take for the Judge to decide on Shock Probation?
  169. How is parole in Jefferson County? Anybody know
  170. Time Calculation
  171. Im confused about the process/SAP after release?
  172. Calculating Time
  173. What he/we do to help his chances at parole?
  174. KY Shock Probation?
  175. Early Release
  176. Need info please (override)
  177. Release Date & Time Calc
  178. 1/2 Way Houses.
  179. New KY prison laws/Early release?/HB 463--UPDATE
  180. Deinied shock/How can I keep his spirits up?
  181. Aftercare on parole
  182. Time served questions
  183. How will HB 463 affect my b/f's case?
  184. Home Incarceration Offender Re-Entry Program
  185. Shock probation: How long for an answer from the Judge?
  186. Need help/Husband kicked out of SAP..will he still make parole?
  187. Called into the Case Worker's Office
  188. Good time?
  189. What kind of letters should we send to the Parole Board?
  190. Shock vs. Appeal
  191. Parole Board date, but not part of plea according to attorney?
  192. Getting his days for Time Served?
  193. I called probation officer
  194. Are inmates released at a particular time of day?
  195. Do I need a reality check?
  196. Do they have to be so rude?
  197. Any one over local probation & parole?
  198. Consecutive Sentences
  199. Filed with the clerk, what now?
  200. Parole Question
  201. PO recalculated release date/UPDATE! He's HOME!!!!
  202. Parole hearings : rumor
  203. Questions about the SAP program
  204. "Restitution compliant?"
  205. Seeing the parole board early
  206. Needing a little hope...Parole Hearing June 2nd.
  207. Buying days??/Good time?
  208. Good Time Changed.
  209. Parole Packet and does it help!!!
  210. Urgent Probation Question- Advice Needed!
  211. Home incarceration: What are the rules?
  212. Why don't class D inmates get a face to face hearing for parole eligibility
  213. Parole w/completion of SAP program... wait time?
  214. Up for parole in july. Send out a prayer?
  215. Question Regarding My Fiance's Parole Hearing
  216. Stressed About Fiance's Up && Coming Parole Hearing In September
  217. Shock Probation
  218. Can inmates parole to an apartment?
  219. Kentucky Halfway House's length of SAP Program?
  220. Fiancee on Lockdown - Will this affect parole?
  221. Question about good time and time off for work release
  222. Will he be violated for driving on suspended license?
  223. Please help with Shock Probation and release questions
  224. Parole Violation Question
  225. Probation revoked, when will I be eligible for parole?
  226. Need info on parole restrictions/requirements etc
  227. Do KY SO's get *street for time* credit?
  228. What is minimum time to serve on 15year probation violation sentence in KY?
  229. How does sentencing work?
  230. 85% dropped to 50%?
  231. Hip question
  232. Release date/Parole Question
  233. Parole & shock probation
  234. When are inmates given the home placement form?
  235. Please Help! Dirty UA and Probation Violation Questions
  236. Parole Lawyer
  237. My man got a job, but the parole problems are lingering.
  238. Roederer class D file reviews this month(Sept) ?'s
  239. Parole fast track
  240. Parole Violation?
  241. Shock and HIP
  242. Halfway House to Parole
  243. Calculating time
  244. Can the Governor amend her charge/sentence?
  245. Who do I contact if time sheet is wrong
  246. Seeing the Parole Board and time sheet is wrong!
  247. Hubby Was Granted Parole!!!!!!!!
  248. Do the prison case workers know all that can happen at a parole hearing?
  249. KOOL says Serve out?
  250. Parole issues