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  1. Early Release or Push!
  2. Halfway House Info
  3. Does Any One Know About Chase Center
  4. He's in the halfway house! Will they let us get married?
  5. Will my car be searched when I go to pick him up?
  6. Where is Hannon?
  7. Anyone know how it is getting released from a CT Prison?
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  12. Not allowed to be with Husband ,also looking for Rules- Parole
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  15. Connecticut dwi mandatory time parole?
  16. How do you get to a half way house
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  18. Halfway House in Connecticut
  19. TS Vent
  20. 85% or 75% before parole consideration...
  21. Anyone deal with Waterbury Division TS/Prob./Parole
  22. 90 Days for VOP
  23. Halfway Houses Looking for information
  24. Can they deny TS?
  25. Has anyone in CT filed a Sentence Modification?
  26. I need help with a parole question
  27. Anyone know about the electronic bracelet in CT
  28. How Hard Is It To Transfer to CT After Release?
  29. Daytop in Connecticut
  30. Transistional Supervision / Parole
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  32. Probation transfer to another state - is it possible?
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  34. Bishop house
  35. Parole Planning, A MUST for the Incarcerated!!
  36. Probation
  37. My Issues with Probation
  38. Advice for dealing with Probation
  39. Major question about a halfway house please help :(
  40. Are there both men and women at halfway houses?
  41. Probation Modification?
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  43. Gates-Procedure when released?
  44. Question regarding Halfway House.
  45. TS in Bridgeport
  46. Does the 85% apply to person that cant get parole?
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  48. Parole, Probation Process In Ct
  49. Does PO discuss case w/ arresting officer prior to first interview?
  50. Paroled to another state
  51. Sentence modification
  52. Son Paroling Into Ct From Wva.
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  54. Special Parole or Parole
  55. Just thought this might help with parole
  56. SO needs info on halfway houses
  57. Difference between Low and Camp?
  58. Halfway houses/Sober houses?
  59. Is parole more likely if deportation involved?
  60. Can we have him paroled home to Texas?
  61. Release due to overcrowding
  62. Can I find someones parole date online?
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  64. Halfway houses
  65. Parole PSI
  66. I got a Date- Parole
  67. Got our Answer- Parole
  68. Got some good news this morning- Able to go to HWH
  69. Filled out papers for halfway house
  70. List of Help and Programs out the for Ex-Inmates/Families/Everyone
  71. Where is Drapelick
  72. Parole Officer House Visit....
  73. Early release due to overcrowding... Does it actually happen??
  74. Probation Questions (Yes, I have atleast a million!)
  75. CT Parole Question??
  76. We got a TS date
  77. He was suppose to be released today... Suppose to be!
  78. Is a TS guaranteed??
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  81. Probation officer
  82. less than a year left
  83. Rumors of Early Parole Hearings - anyone experiencing this?
  84. New Here - Question on Parole
  85. Questions about Cottage Place
  86. Parole hearing date moved up a year.
  87. Question about home investigations unit for parolees
  88. Waiting on parole at Osborn CI
  89. 2010 is our year!!! Woohoo- Getting released
  90. Waterbury Parole/TS
  91. Can someone tell me about the Brooklyn Bridge Program?
  92. CT Special Parole question
  93. Has this happened to your loved one? - parole board issues
  94. Questions about TS
  95. Questions about the halfway house in Waterbury
  96. "Paying off" parole in CT?
  97. What does a parole officer look for when checking a home in ct for early released
  98. Revocation Hearing- He was told he has to wait and go before the Board
  99. Parole Sponsorship and DV in Connecticut
  100. Questions about halfway houses in CT
  101. The Home Inspection
  102. Transitional Supervision
  103. Parole date next month!
  104. Delayed Release from Osborn?
  105. NY parolee now in CT custody
  106. Halfaway house please help
  107. Questions about halfaway houses?
  108. HWH denial
  109. Early Release?
  110. TS in CT Question....
  111. Looking for answers regarding a parole violation
  112. Now That He's Almost Home I'm Terrified
  113. These may be good news for early releases
  114. TS to another state
  115. 'Max Release Date' Question
  116. Any figures on TS approval for level 2's?
  117. What happened to the info??
  118. How does the 50% and 85% release work?
  119. Need emergency info
  120. How Do I Go About Finding A Sponser
  121. TS Rules
  122. Transitional Supervision
  123. Parole to NY
  124. Possible PRISON negligence case
  125. Credit for Jail Time Served
  126. Help I need some advice
  127. STILL waiting on a hearing date
  128. Questions about parole & halfway houses
  129. What is special parole??
  130. Is t.s. Always at 50%?
  131. Accelerated rehabilitation
  132. Court's over... Update
  133. Almost home
  134. Inmate early release 2011
  135. Home visit-what will they be looking for?
  136. Honey was supposed to get out on t/s but it was denied
  137. Violation of restraining order
  138. In heaven-he went to the halfway house today
  139. Questions on restrictions once TS/Parole is granted
  140. Released concerns
  141. Interstate Transfer help
  142. Bill to reinstate Good Time Prgm in CT
  143. TS to long does it take?
  144. IT PASSED Bill 6650/ Public act 11-51 (22-25)Good Time/Sentence reduction
  145. What does it mean when estimated release date is "not applicable"
  146. TS denials
  147. Parole and the good time
  148. FYI Pre trial credit
  149. Help ! Questions with TS and waiting lists!
  150. Does the parole officer contact the sponsor's landlord?
  151. Transitional Supervision TS...
  152. Is there anything I can do?
  153. Parole with the new good time
  154. Good time coming back to ct jails
  155. Lost File Keeping Him Under DOC?
  156. Please help...question about parole revocation hearing
  157. Need info on Prisoner Exchange Program
  158. A couple of good programs and some other stuff
  159. Husband approved for renessaince alcohol rehab by Doc what's this mean
  160. Probate and physical?
  161. Innovative sentencing solutions
  162. TS Questions
  163. Is it possible to parole to a sober house?
  164. Won't fulfil community service hours by probation
  165. Question about parole/reentry/special parole.
  166. Mary Magdelene house
  167. What is 50 percent time and good time?
  168. Special Parole
  169. Trying to relocate to Illinois
  170. Sentence modification
  171. TS questions
  172. How can I get TS info without causing any problems?
  173. Probation Violation due to a Warrant
  174. Son being released in 6 weeks-MUST find HWH in CT, ASAP
  175. Anyone still waiting for a class to get out?
  176. 25 sentenced...two years special parole ? plz explain
  177. Probation completed! Do I get any paperwork?
  178. GRANTED PAROLE-Release date considering good time?? HELP!
  179. Will this new Seg time affect his release?
  180. I Am On Parole & Probation In Connecticut And Confused About Drug Testing
  181. Does anyone know why TS answer is taking so long?
  182. Does anyone know why its taking so long? Help
  183. Sentenced inmate has court date for probation review?
  184. What is the PO looking for in an apt. and in the person sponsoring?
  185. Retired parents as sponsors??
  186. Husband violated parole. So how much time??
  187. Can you request a sentence modification after release
  188. Can you serve 50% if sentencing is a mandatory minimum of nine months?
  189. Parole bed
  190. College courses for the incarcerated/certification programs
  191. New at this Need some info about TS please
  192. Halfway Houses in CT??
  193. Need info on release procedure from Radgowski
  194. Entering a CT halfway house 9/27/13
  195. Parole
  196. Boyfriend in Seg, will this affect him getting to parole home in a week?
  197. Transitional Supervision confusion
  198. How soon can he be elgible for TS?
  199. DUI home confinement
  200. Sober living homes - experiences?
  201. Questions on parole eligibility, sentence modification & special probation
  202. Parole in home state?
  203. Can Hotel be a residence for Parolee?
  204. Do I have grounds for a complaint? Should have been released 2 months ago!
  205. Can anyone give me info on JRI?
  206. Please help my husband is loosing his mind..
  207. TS Time and Mandatory Minimum confusion
  208. TS Process?
  209. Transitional supervision
  210. Employment after prison...need help
  211. Probation Good Time?
  212. Trying to help him get the DUI Home Confinement
  213. List of halfway houses in Connecticut
  214. Transitional Supervision
  215. Transitional discharge supposed to be today. Waiting for home visit?
  216. How to transfer special parole from CT to MA?
  217. Getting impatient
  218. Transitional Supervision vs DUI Home Confinment
  219. Questions about Transitional Supervision in Connecticut
  220. Looking for information on CT's DUI home confinement program
  221. Parole, Community Services, Halfway Houses, Pardons - Links and Information
  222. Department of Correction DUI Home Confinement Program
  223. Transitional Supervision rules, does Sponsor have to pick up the inmate?
  224. Transitional Supervision/Parole- still waiting for a home visit
  225. Violation of Probation in CT
  226. How do we find housing and a job
  227. Special Parole in CT