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  1. My husband is in Regional Correctional Facility-Fort Knox-Questions
  2. Welcome to the U.S. Military Prison System Forum
  3. Son in USDB - Leavenworth
  4. Thanks Fed-X
  5. An Open Discussion of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
  6. Military parole/clemency procedures links
  7. education
  8. some links of interest
  9. Visitation rules
  10. Intro - new4az
  11. Non Judicial Punishment (NJP)
  12. I've been Absent Without Leave!
  13. Information Available
  14. ARTICLE: No Child Unrecruited
  15. Article: Court Reviews Military Sodomy Ban
  16. Article: Overview of the Military Legal Process.
  17. An Air Force translator at the Guantanamo Bay prison
  18. Soldier-mom refuses to return to duty
  19. Colonel in Iraq refuses to resign
  20. Court-martial ordered in Gitmo espionage case
  21. Army turns against one of its own
  22. Additional Charges brought against Ex-Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo
  23. Does military service help stop prison time?
  24. I visited my son at USDB
  25. Funny things that happened to us on the way to the military!
  26. Pentagon Record Lists Military Executions
  27. Bush Overruled on Enemy Combatant Case
  28. Charges Dropped On Translator
  29. A Parent's Memories
  30. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
  31. info about contactin inmate
  32. "US Brings First Charges Against Guantanamo Inmates'
  33. My "Husband is in the Naval Brigg in Sand diego California
  34. update on contact
  35. Charges Dropped Against Chaplain.
  36. Almy J. O'Neal?
  37. Anti-War Soldier Charged With Desertion
  38. Happy Birthday United States Navy!
  39. TV Shows Apparent U.S. Prisoner in Iraq
  40. Information on the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act
  41. Military Draft?
  42. Intro - serendipitygirl
  43. "U..S. Troops Reprimanded for Prison Abuse"
  44. Article: 14 dead in bombing at Pakistan Shiite mosque
  45. First Soldier Faces Court-Martial in Iraq
  46. Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
  47. How do you feel about the Iraqi prisoner "abuses"
  48. Families Defend GIs Facing Court-Martial
  49. Sivits Sentenced for Role in Iraq Abuse
  50. Military "Organization" (and I use the term loosely)
  51. Military prison system Help, Mothers heart is broken
  52. The Stupidity shows (words by Spec. Charles A. Graner Jr)
  53. Miramar California Brig?
  54. Checks and Balances
  55. U.S. Is Sued Over Records of Military Prisoner Abuse
  56. Military Appellate System
  57. General Information Link
  58. Citizens Against Military Injustice: Check it out!
  59. Intro - Navywife04
  60. Friend accused of premeditated murder
  61. Packages Leavenworth
  62. Help! I need to understand the military legal system ASAP!!
  63. Camp LeJeune
  64. Military Legal Links
  65. clemency
  66. Just wondering
  67. GI Resister Jailed
  68. Desperately Seeking Michael Fountain, USMC
  69. Military Appeals
  70. relatives passing on
  71. Wife of husband with his good idea filter broken
  72. It's Not Often...
  73. Worried Sick Mom
  74. Spoke with son's Atty - STILL FRUSTRATED!
  75. Need some answers about spousal benefits
  76. For Reference - The UCMJ online
  77. Husband getting court- martialed
  78. Facing Court Martial? READ THIS!
  79. A Bit of Good News
  80. The New DB?
  81. Ft Sill Rcf
  82. crimes in the military
  84. Article on CAMI website re: USDB mail problems
  85. General Military Prison Information
  86. Bethany Ministry at USDB
  87. Court Martial Help...ETS Question...
  88. Article about USDB (New and Old)
  89. Doesn't Look Good
  90. new phone service
  91. Support & Encouragement for Family of DB Inmates
  92. Just curious...
  94. Hello! Anybody out there?
  95. Need Ideas To Handle This!!
  96. visitation clerk number
  97. Continued Again!!
  98. 20 years ago today walking out the SOUTH GATE
  99. 7 Steps to FREEDOM
  100. USDB Phone #. Chaplin, Commadant etc.
  101. how can I locate a family member in prison?
  102. What's going on?
  103. Nofolk Naval Brig Visitation Info
  104. Charleston Brig info
  105. Article: Jury Seated for Abu Ghraib Abuse Trial
  106. Intro - orasa
  107. Article: Jury Sentences Graner To 10 Years
  108. Intro - nasty_boo
  109. Ft Leavenworth
  110. help maybe
  111. visitation at the DB
  112. Fort Knox
  113. magazines restrictions at Leavenworth
  114. Info on navy brig in charleston
  115. More info on Charleston
  116. Clemency
  117. anyone having problems receiving mail
  118. Intro - missyou2
  119. hurt, do you all get this too?
  120. phone cards?????
  121. Update and info on Miramar
  122. desperate... camp humphreys?
  123. Return to Duty
  124. Has anyone else's relative/friend told them not to visit because it hurts them?
  125. Is murder not murder?
  126. ID's - Why for only 1 year?
  127. any words of advice for those who just went in?
  128. benefits?
  129. Creative letters?
  130. Army officer on trial for stalking, rape
  131. US soldier killed own men
  132. Judge throws out England's guilty plea
  133. Akbar, Military Death Penalty and Appeals
  134. U.S. general demoted over prison abuses
  135. How is everyone?
  136. Article: Marine Shouldn't Face Murder Charges, Investigator Says
  137. A Group Visit in the Future?
  138. Had To Take a Break
  139. Information about USDB Leavenworth
  140. Waiver of Rights by Pvt. England
  141. Anyone from Florida with a loved one in military prison
  142. Anyone Needing Current Information
  143. PTO Military Member Introductions
  144. List of Military Confinement Facilities
  145. TLC Show Tonight at 9 PM Eastern - Operation Homecoming
  146. Intro - vim1946
  147. Army Sergeant Acquitted
  148. Discharge an GI Bill Questions.....
  149. Religious Practices Ruling
  150. A link to Army publication re: Military Justice
  151. Help please!! My husband just got sent to the Brig
  152. Denyed visitation
  153. Intro - DeNada (Research Assistant)
  154. Army Sergeant Gets Life w/o Parole
  155. Just want to scream!!!
  156. National Guardsman charged with murder
  157. Can anyone help me?
  158. Benifits with a dishonorable discharge
  159. Sailors facing Murder charges
  160. Lejeune Brig
  161. Why We Are Here (Sort of Long)
  162. Here to help!
  163. Husband went up for Clemency today
  164. Military Prisons
  165. Medical Procedures?
  166. Sample letter for clemency
  167. policy help
  168. Abuse Cases Open Command Issues at Army Prison
  169. MCI Norfolk Prison
  170. Some Good News!
  171. Does anyone know???
  172. Intro - la61005
  173. Ft. Sill Correctional Facility
  174. Question for you military women
  175. He doesn't want me to come visit...
  176. Article: Pfc. England Gets 3 Years in Abuse Case
  177. What can Lynndie England expect in Military Prison?
  178. fort leavenworth
  179. Article: NYTimes:Senate Moves to Protect Military Prisoners Despite Veto Threat
  180. Ft. Sill Army RCF
  181. Article: NYTimes Editorial:Binding the Hands of Torturers
  182. Need Info On Leavenworht Camp Please!!!
  183. Sherrill v. USDB, Commandant
  184. Did anyone here work in the metal shop between 91 and 95?
  185. Anyone familiar with Military Confinment?
  186. Military/Feds took my fiance George Parsons how do I find him?
  187. Fort Knox Prison
  188. Transfers at Ft. Leavenworth Prison
  189. Looking for info about returning to the Military after Unauthorized Absense
  190. U.s. News And World Report
  191. Worried (son just went in to Naval Brig Miramar)
  192. No movement on Parole
  193. Need info on Charleston Brigg
  194. John Travis Mohon (Deceased)
  195. Trying to locate an inmate
  196. Camp Lejeune Base Brig info. thread
  197. Parole/Clemency Info and examples
  198. Miramar Brig (San Diego, CA)
  199. USDB Questions
  200. Help!
  201. What are the guide lines for X-Mas packages for your loved one?
  202. Can any one hear me?
  203. Article: Sailor Us World News
  204. Attending Parole Hearing In D.c.
  205. Pay & Special Visits
  206. Looking for my friend Doug Hamel, an Army SGT sent to RCF- at FT Lewis I believe
  207. Need Information Regarding DishonorableDischarge
  208. What would happen to a guy that went awol 30 yrs. ago?
  209. New Forum Leader - DeNada
  210. No Super Bown @ Camp Lejeune
  211. Parole/Clemency - My story that I lived
  212. Info on OCCC
  213. when it's all over...
  214. Miramar Brig is Out of Control
  215. No more special V.O.?
  216. 2006 PTO Fund Raiser!
  217. Reinstating retirement?? USDB Rumor?
  218. Know of anyone that needs a penpal???
  219. Criminal Background Check?
  220. Help Usbd Lost My Man Literally
  221. Don't know what to do!
  222. Question about Leavenworth
  223. The practical consequences of a court-martial conviction
  224. Do Cops have any Courtesy?
  225. Info In Ft Knox Visitation Rules
  226. Finally found my son. I feel bad.
  227. Is his Military Career Over or not?
  228. I found some helpful Parole info
  229. Military Parole Board & UCMJ Information
  230. Boyfriend in Camp Humphreys
  231. Lawyers, can they have one for parole hearing?
  232. Don't Know Where To Turn!?
  233. Can someone serve after doing time?
  234. Intro - attorney1976
  235. Do I have a record for Military conviction
  236. Do I have a record for a Military conviction ?
  237. Question on appeals
  238. Correct address for Miramar Brig.....
  239. Intro - DJMOM
  240. How can they get away with this?
  241. How long before the gaping hole in your life is bearable?
  242. Fort Lewis Information PLEASE
  243. Ft Sill Army Rcf
  244. Fort Sill Rcf
  245. Mail Rooms
  246. Anybody know anything about the RCF at Kirtland AFB, NM??
  247. Spouses of Prisoners - what happens with benefits and living assistance
  248. What to do - he is writing someone else
  249. Fort Lewis RCF
  250. Abuse at Fort Lewis RCF