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  1. Anyone W/info On Motion To Reduce Sentence In Ohio
  2. Sirak Lawsuit
  3. Scott is out
  4. Sirak lawsuit update (Ohio)
  5. Help! Does anyone know about judicial release in ohio?
  6. Jobs for felons!! Help!
  7. Ohio Parole Board Suit Clients
  8. Ohio Parole Board E-Mail address
  9. All Sirak Lawsuit Updates
  10. Parole Board Sending Out Denial Letters On The Layne Decision
  11. Good Time Being Reinstated?
  12. Tim Saw the Parole Board today...
  13. Warning About The Parole Board A Must Read!!!!!!
  14. Legislation of parole hearings being changed, and the meeting is at the DRC!
  15. Help I need figures, on the cost of keeping the parole board and all parole officers
  16. ohio judicial release
  17. Need Advice!!!!
  18. New "Good Time" Law???
  19. DRC Meeting ON Parole Board Guidelines
  20. Pray For Joey N Putter
  21. Recent releases from OWR in Marysville
  22. Parole board guilty of ex post facto law
  23. Runaway Parole Board
  24. Need Employment
  25. motion for reduction of bond
  26. release date of 2002????
  27. Unjust Ohio Parole Board
  28. Hasn't you loved one been imposed a cruel injustice by the Ohio Parole Board and bein
  29. any one know about sentence reduction
  30. Does anyone know how what Becki Miller's Website is??
  31. Attorney Sirak sueing more Ohio prison officials
  33. It happened, he's getting parole!
  34. Need Help Quick, Parole Hearing in Oct.
  35. stated term
  36. Sirak Case Update
  37. Judicial Release or sentence reduction
  38. Can anyone help?
  39. Judicial release
  40. Sirak Case Update For October
  41. early release
  42. ohio parole/judical release?
  43. Question on Parolees status
  44. Judicial Release Information/Experience
  45. Ohio Good time
  46. Ohio Judicial Release
  47. filing for judicial release pro-se
  48. Filed for Judicial in OHIO
  49. Update on the Sirak case for old law inmates
  50. Pickaway Correctional Institution/Halfway Houses?
  51. New Filings in the Sirak case for old law inmates
  52. He is Home!!!!!
  53. Ohio NEW Law coming 1/2004
  54. Judicial Release
  55. About Judicial Release!!!!!
  56. judical release
  57. we got denied!
  58. Need link for good time law
  59. Judicial Release and those who have/will file
  60. Sirak January update for old law inmates
  61. I'm in a 1/2 way house and may be on PRC
  62. Out Date
  63. looking for an attorney
  64. How do I find a parolee?
  65. Furlough's at MACI?
  66. Anyone files Judicial Release Motion Pro Se??
  67. States Prison Term????????????
  68. Attorney Sirak's Progress Report for February 17, 2004
  69. judical release
  70. What is judicial release and how does it work?
  71. Does anyone know the goodtime guidelines for ohio?
  72. Question about judicail release
  73. courts got our judical release
  74. restoring Civil rights
  75. judicial release
  76. Judicial release not granted :(
  77. Public Defenders Lawsuit
  78. help, i don't understand judicial denial
  79. transitional control
  80. Attorney Sirak March update
  81. I Need Prayers, I did not lie on my job application
  82. What is Earned Credits?
  83. If an appeal is denied can you get a sentece reduction?
  84. Update On Old Law Inmates Lawsuit
  85. How to transfer probation from Indiana to Ohio?
  86. Does anyone know if there is good time in OHIO?
  87. Does anyone know about good time in Ohio?
  88. Furlough
  89. time from working
  90. So excited, my man home in 31hrs!
  91. Judicial Release in Butler County, Ohio
  92. Do You Think Ohio Will Accept Him
  93. Judicial Release
  94. Judicial Release Filed..Thanks Everyone
  95. Sirak old law inmates lawsuit update
  96. i'm trying to be happy, cop got judicial release
  97. Judicial Release - paperwork submitted to judge
  98. Ohio Clemency denied
  99. waiting for judical this a good thing?
  100. Doesn't make sense!! Sentence descrepancy
  101. Looking for Parole Board Attorney
  102. Old law inmates lawsuit against the Parole Board
  103. 85% Good Time Down To 65% ???
  104. I am Livid with the Parole Board
  105. Making Plans For His Homecomming!!
  106. Vocational furlough
  107. Montgomery Education and Pre-Release Center; Ohio?
  108. Sirak Update :(
  109. job in columbus ohio
  110. Columbus, Ohio Halfway Houses
  111. I am officially fed up with OHIO!
  112. info on the Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program(PRC)?
  113. It's been 59 days, no answer on Judicial Release in Ohio
  114. Judical Release/Letter of recommendation??
  115. stated prison term
  116. judicial release
  117. Up for Judicial release AGAIN!
  118. What exactly is PRC...
  119. Help !!!!!!!! Need Help With Prc In Another State
  120. very nervous about judicial release
  121. 30 day Judicial release?
  122. Ohio Directory of Criminal Justice Prison PH#'s & OH Parole Board Info..
  123. Judicial review or judicial release procedure in OH...
  124. help when someone gets out
  125. I Need Help!!!!!!!!
  126. Listen to this cr*p
  127. Sirak progress report for old law inmates
  128. keep me in your prayers
  129. Judicial Release Question
  130. Back from judicial hearing
  131. Judicial Release was denied.
  132. I hate PRC
  133. Richland Co halfway house
  134. judical release
  135. need a job!!
  136. extorted for parole release????
  137. "old law inmates"
  138. what if you are on parole and then go back to prison and get on prc
  139. what to include in judicial release filing
  140. Sirak Update for old law inmates
  141. Paroles for Sale?
  142. Post-Release Control?
  143. fiance's lawyer is filing for judicial release
  144. Ohio PB...Wait or NOT Wait?
  145. Need some HELP, Husband in for 6 mos
  146. Does anyone have any info on TRC?
  147. Furlough In Ohio
  148. commutaion information needed
  149. Ohio half-way house question
  150. i need some good advice
  151. The waiting game :sigh:
  152. Post Conviction Release???? help
  153. It's filed, now the wait
  154. Judicial Release?
  155. Parole requirements???
  156. 100 more days till i will be making my trip to Ohio to pick Marco up!!!! YEAH!
  157. fiance' is up for judicial release
  158. PRC optional??? Judicial Release
  159. judicial release
  160. Judicial Release ?
  161. parole board hearing tomorrow
  162. Released from Madison ?
  163. 100 more days and he will be home
  164. Sirak Update for March
  165. Question about PRC and a furlough??
  166. Flying HOME!! Ohio to Missouri?????
  167. Any Ohio Girls or Guys heard of a Fixed Release Date?
  168. Help with letters to Parole Board
  169. Double Digits to the Final Release Date!
  170. Good site to get info or vent
  171. Oh My God Great News For Old Law Inmates
  172. New law inmates post release
  173. Parole Board Plans A Retaliation
  174. parole board ruling
  175. Questioner For Old Law Inmates
  176. DOC starting to hold Parole Hearings for old law inmates!
  177. Good News!!!
  178. mandatory time and furloughs
  179. Initial Parole Hearing
  180. Parole meeting Update.
  181. List of Inmates to see the Board under new court ruling
  182. Update On Old Law Inmates Sirak Case
  183. A hand book give to new Parole hearing Officers
  184. Confused? Is there Early release for a Definite Sentence...
  185. A update from the Sirak old law inmates case
  186. New court filings for old law inamtes in Ohio
  187. Ohio.......Judicial Release??!!!!
  188. A update Ankram And Sirak case
  189. Parole Board Decsions???????
  190. Need help for wrongfully convicted friend
  191. Rumor of Release?
  192. Oh Yeah...How does Judicial Release Work?
  193. Picking him up at Belmont.....10 days...
  194. Parole for some F1 New law offenders
  195. Judicial Release. Please Help!
  196. when they are released what do they have to do??
  197. judicial release when do they qualify
  198. UPDATE Ankram and SIRAK CASE
  199. Reduced sentence rumor
  200. Release Date
  201. Judicial Release in Ohio
  202. Ankrom
  203. For us, info on classifying for parole
  204. Anyone with a loved one in Montgomery Pre-Release and Education Center?
  205. Release Date ?!?
  206. 1st Time Offender Max, Rumor - true or not?
  207. Need Parole Attorney in Columbus
  208. Jeff got out
  209. Holiday Release
  210. another question on judicial release...
  211. an old inmates lawsuit update
  212. Ankram Decsion
  213. parole question
  214. Questions about Furloughs?
  215. release--Noble Correctional Institution ?
  216. Parolereform, Ankrom,& Judge Cain...In Ohio
  217. Help need release info at toledo correctional
  218. Ex is going to a halfway house
  219. Halfway House
  220. Newbie - Brother about to be released to OH
  221. APA has recommended denial, now what?
  222. Assistance when your loved ones come home (jobs,legal,etc.)
  223. 3 yrs probation,do it in another state?
  224. Do Ohio prisons offer HIV testing for approved parolees??
  225. judical release
  226. Ipp -early Release Program Info
  227. Attorney Sirak
  228. Where can ex felons find jobs?
  229. St Clairsville Halfway House
  230. Trans. control hearing?
  231. Sirak's Law suite in Ohio
  232. ? about being parolled to another county than the one you were sentenced in
  233. News about my son
  234. Is there a REAL person I can talk to at APA?
  235. Has anybody heard updates on Ankrom?
  236. Seeking employment in the Akron/Canton Ohio area
  237. When their P.O. comes to see where they will be living....
  238. Congratulations ((Dboylove)), your man is coming home!!
  239. question about Judical Release & "Extentions"
  240. Help from the Government after he's home
  241. what is happening in the courts/parole board
  242. Halfway house in Wintersville
  243. hubby is home from ohio prison
  244. Help needed from Ohio - releasing inmates after lawsuits
  245. Question about transitional control
  246. What is a TRC Hearing?
  247. Approved for TRC?????
  248. Judical Release Denied
  249. Extensions on Judicial release requests?
  250. Ohio case about judges Post Release Control sentencing (released some inmates)?