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  19. Ever consider moving?
  20. They are trying to validate my guy and I need more info on what to expect
  21. WOOOO-HOOOO!! Have to share the GREAT news!!
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  23. Valentines <3
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  28. Babez getting out soon.....someone please fill me in on the process :)
  29. Please read if your loved one is currently on lockdown
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  35. Anyone have a loved one that is a Muslim?
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  37. I need to find my inmate hubbys address to write
  38. Not sure if this applies to us, since our loved ones are out-of-state...
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  42. Hubby sent back to Cali from OK
  43. Anyone have a loved one in GC 202?
  44. Visitation via Webcam..-peeved.
  45. Has anyone heard of this service called Prison Call Solutions?
  46. NFCF Riot.... 10/11/2011
  47. Can somebody tell me what yards were affected from the riot?
  48. Billions Behind Bars CNBC
  49. I'm new - can somebody help me? need info on NFCF
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  52. Prisoner's Family Conference in NM
  53. Did everyone hear about the earthquake in OK?
  54. Anyone know about pen pals??
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  74. CA Senate Bill #SB0009 due to sentencing
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  80. Worried about my Fiance
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  82. Haven't heard from my son in LARC for 2 days
  83. Cali husband moved to Sayre
  84. Haven't heard from my Sweety for almost a week :-(
  85. Visiting my fiance christmas 2013
  86. New and have a few questions
  87. Got confirmed for visit
  88. Level 1s and 2s being sent back to Cali...
  89. Visiting applications expire in 2 years!!
  90. What hotel?
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  92. Cali brother moved from Cali to OK
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  105. How can I get a hold of my fiance's counselor?
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  107. What are the rules for sending books to inmates at North Fork?
  108. My guy is at North Fork in Sayre Ok. Anyone else have a loved one there?