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  1. Help for when he comes home?
  2. Apprehension about homecoming
  3. MONEY they made at work release
  4. Hes home and things are great
  5. Help for homeless after release....
  6. Do you Reapply for SSI when you get out?
  7. Released and needs help
  8. Under 1 year.....
  9. Jobs for released felons...
  10. Notify landlord of release???
  11. Omg - He's already taken his EOS picture and it's on the website
  12. Home!!!
  13. I Regret waiting for him
  14. He's home and so far things are great
  15. Im out, Im still clean.... who'd a thunk it?
  16. Little brother home
  17. HOP Halfway house
  18. Returning to school after release?
  19. He's been home for twelve days...
  20. Housing after release in Ft. Lauderdale?
  21. So close to 100 day countdown
  22. IDEAS for 100 day countdown
  23. Once He Comes Home...
  24. No where to go once released
  25. Florida Felons & Firearms Question
  26. Interstate Transfers (FL to Ohio)
  27. Well that didn't take long...
  28. My son went to register within the 48 hours today
  29. Trafficking charges don't qualify for food stamps or financial aid when out
  30. Last night, one of his friends Dad's threw him out of the house!
  31. Just an update, 5 weeks home
  32. Home 5 months
  33. Home fifteen months
  34. SSI? Do Inmates Qualify
  35. Home 2 and a half months and just arrested tonight
  36. Applied for Culinary Program @ Vocatioal School
  37. He's been released, are there any work programs he can check into?
  38. Hubby home for 2 years!
  39. Fines were sent into collections.....
  40. 2016 Club
  41. Real Careers For Inmates?
  42. Behavioral treatment/drug treatment
  43. He's coming home
  44. He was released from prison but now in the county jail
  45. Sex Offender Housing Issues
  46. Registering with the County?
  47. Plumbing Training Course
  48. Home since July '12
  49. Being released and school
  50. My cousin sent me this: Companies that hire felons
  51. How to prepare for his home coming....
  52. Home for a few days now
  53. 26 more days left and I have SOOO many questions
  54. Came home May 17th - Doing GREAT!
  55. Drivers License.....
  56. Contraband
  57. Places that rent to felons?
  58. New ID pic
  59. When released, are Floridians eligible for food stamps or any medical?
  60. Re-Entry Help In Orlando
  61. So my guy is home; What a nightmare, you won't even believe!
  62. My son will be release from Holmes CI 9/1/15
  63. Son Coming Home!!!
  64. Filling out job applications
  65. What's needed?
  66. My fiancÚ coming home from Madison CI 10/11/2016
  67. Did anyone else get a hotel when LO was released?
  68. Florida Re-Entry Centers
  69. Less than 30 days