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  1. Anyone out there with Forrest cityMed. family?
  2. Hey, why are my threads being moved
  3. Welcome Guests
  4. Where are the posts and how do I navigate?
  5. Reminder: Spring Package Program
  6. When will this end???
  7. Husband Gone!!!
  8. Help...need some advice?
  9. Husband got bad plea deal in Arkansas
  10. I want to apologize to anyone that I have offended....
  11. does anyone know anyone @ RPR
  12. Fiance` gone 2 BIG House
  13. Visitation check points
  14. Quick Question????
  15. Happenings at Cummins
  16. anyone interested in a pen pal?
  17. bad day
  18. When does his time actually START?
  19. Texarkana Regional .. questions
  20. Property stolen
  21. Meth Charges
  22. Transportation Issues
  23. It has gone from bad to worse.
  24. rpf in little rock need help
  25. New here and just really need to talk & info!!
  26. Well I guess it's started..........
  27. Innocent & on Death Row
  28. new and questions about transfers from brickleys
  29. Worried and Scared
  30. Mark Brander weirdo email?!
  31. He's Been Moved
  32. Need Help
  33. Someone Living in El Dorado Arkansas who visits the Tucker Unit in Arkansas
  34. Hubby Approved For Emergency Powers Act!!
  35. Info on Forrest City prison
  36. My Wife Coded @ DCC HELP!!
  37. MY son is home asleep in HIS bed
  38. PE-TE date on DoC website changes...when?
  39. Diagnostics - what IS/is NOT allowed?
  40. Classification: "Medical II" (Finally Free?) what does that mean?
  41. P.A.L.S. program -- opinion from those familiar?
  42. **{Applause}} for 'Finally Free'
  43. Russleville? Can't find a facility there, but that's the address on his letter
  44. Lodging..close to Walco Lane?
  45. How can I find affordable housing?
  46. Hello Arkansas!!! I am here to help YOU!!
  47. One was locked up and one once worked there.
  48. My son was involved in an altercation. What can I do?
  49. AR-CURE's Annual Event Saturday October 25th
  50. Time Coming to an End
  51. 65 Days and Counting
  52. Our PTO flyer is done.
  53. Boot Camp - What is it like?
  54. Anyone from Arkansas going to the PTO Conference?
  55. Desperately seeking a job!
  56. Thank God for the EPA !!
  57. Parent/Legal question
  58. My son has come home
  59. Protective Custody...
  60. Is RPF the same as the ADC?
  61. Texarkana work release
  62. Cold Grimes - They turned off the heat
  63. No Photos at Pulaski County Detention Center
  64. Boot Camp for women - Need information
  65. Glasses/ Contacts in Prison
  66. Is there any sex offenders here in Arkansas?
  67. T.I at FCI Low Arkansas
  68. Does anyone know anything about the cross county 309 work program?
  69. Released from Newport-Grimes on Monday
  70. Which Arkansas Prison is your loved one in?
  71. Which ADC Prison is your loved one in?
  72. Can't Believe the GRIMES UNIT!
  73. Epa
  74. Petition for a revised version of the EPA
  75. How can an inmate in arkansas get a divorce? Please help!
  76. TC/SATP Program
  77. How can I figure out the amount of time he will serve?
  78. I'm getting him out...Need to file a Commutation of Sentence
  79. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!?? I have NO help, and I don't really know what's going on.
  80. Pre Bootcamp
  81. New Packages for inmates?
  82. New Bill??
  83. Need Some Answers
  84. Can you help-need to find out which prison boyfriend went to
  85. Help! Needing info about 48 hour relief!
  86. Bootcamp
  87. Has anyone heard about the 2 year EPA?
  88. Confused
  89. Benton county help!
  90. Wrightsville Unit Work Release Program and Sentencing
  91. Do you have to schedule visits to the ADC?
  92. Grimes Unit SEX and VIOLENCE...
  93. Question about the Hole
  94. Malvern/Ouachita Unit
  95. If someone can help me, thanks if you can
  96. Parole Hearing was 9/09/2010
  97. Just got home
  98. Pulaski County Detention (Trustees)
  99. Diagnostic
  100. Parole revocation
  101. Out to court?
  102. McPherson Unit
  103. Is it ok to discuss one inmate's info w/another inmate?
  104. Has anyone got married in an Arkansas Prison?
  105. Holiday Package time Again! :)
  106. Christmas EPA?? Dec. 1st?
  107. Help! Question on pe date and release
  108. Poinsett County Jail
  109. Question about epa?
  110. Your Help & Opinion
  111. Who is eligible for yearly kickout?????
  112. Can we get married???
  113. EPA release
  114. Looking for a penpal in arkansas
  115. Parole plan
  116. Out of State Transfer
  117. Cummins Modular Unit
  118. Step-son's mom in prison and having baby
  119. Qestion about parole answer
  120. Parole Approved! :)
  121. Cons call home
  122. Will I have any nails left??
  123. Parole Granted!!! woo hoo!!!
  124. Talk about cards they draw
  125. Support Group
  126. Husband set up by guard at Texarkana
  127. He is asking MY advice IDK what to tell him!
  128. Aah frustration!
  129. RPF Arkansas
  130. 2 more weeks until he leaves
  131. New to all this...
  132. Looking for information on TV stations and newspapers in Russellville
  133. Is six months, six months? I am so confused.
  134. Arkansas Girls.
  135. Good behavior in county jail?
  136. He has another warrant....
  137. Questions about Arkansas Reform Bill
  138. My voice is being heard
  139. Sex Offender in Arkansas
  140. Ex-offender here to answer your questions about Boot Camp
  141. Act 570 Question
  142. Trying to get him out
  143. Dermott ~ Places to stay when visiting
  144. East Arkansas Regional unit in Brickeys?
  145. Pen pals
  146. New to this.. Haven't heard from him since he paroled.
  147. Gordon Barner
  148. How does county time work?
  149. Programs
  150. Pine bluff wardens..
  151. WM3-Hearing set for 8/19
  152. O.o help -bites nails-What does work release mean?
  153. Email prison service
  154. Not many ppl on here in the natural state!!!
  155. I got my first letter today!!!
  156. How is visitation at Brickeys?
  157. Kinda Bummed
  158. Any info will help...
  159. Phone Number for getting money back from phone acct
  160. Help a couple of questions...Can he change his plea?
  161. Work Release Programs- BEFORE & AFTER RELEASE
  162. Wondering - is RPF the same as RCF??
  163. Whar are the guidelines for a level 1 SO?
  164. Rsvp program
  165. Looking for the lady in russellville
  166. Input needed
  167. When does the next EPA start?
  168. How much good time do they get for the first 2 months?
  169. My son is coming home soon
  170. Punishment for getting tattoos in Prison...
  171. The hole:-(???
  172. My husband is being expedited to Pulaski County
  173. EPA question...
  174. Fiance just transfered to ADC....
  175. Day in the life of a ADC female inmate
  176. 7 days and no call :( / UPDATED!
  177. Diagnostic closing?
  178. Stabbing at brickeys
  179. Delta Regional
  180. Care Packages in Parent Units?
  181. Warrants
  182. Phone calls from tvp
  183. Womens RPF/RCF In Pine Bluff. PLZ HELP
  184. Omega tvc
  185. Sentenced to RPF but not accepted
  186. Will his case be dismissed??
  187. Let's have a little fun!!
  188. What is the lowest his time could be?
  189. Gyst House??
  190. TVC Omega questions...
  191. Darp?? Anyone heard of it or have info?
  192. Work Release
  193. Tucker Unit
  194. May kickout
  195. Pathway To Freedom Inc
  196. On my way to OMEGA TVP
  197. Good Info
  198. My husband is due to be released
  199. Custom Mail
  200. Desperate for Help / Husband jumped in County
  201. Why it would take over 2 & 1/2 months to go from county to prison?
  202. FYI on May EPA
  203. Hoe Squad not Mandatory?
  204. polygraph test
  205. Commissary $ Stolen
  206. Ok now what...EPA
  207. Benton Release
  208. 570 Act
  209. Job Trouble :(
  210. He finally left county!
  211. 10 years!!!
  212. Parole date
  213. TE/PE date moved up. Yay :)
  214. Class Stipulations
  215. My husband made parole!!
  216. Got parole approval, and still waiting. So frustrating!
  217. Arkansas -- August 2012 EPA
  218. What would you send your man for his birthday?
  219. Parole Plan Question
  220. Commissary List
  221. My baby graduates from bootcamp at Tucker on August 20th!!
  222. What is ratification of votes?
  223. Arkansas Parole Question
  224. Tucker unit mail
  225. Drug Test Question
  226. There WILL BE an August EPA!
  227. How long after a hearing/screening til you can find out the results??
  228. In the hole... Again
  229. Video Cameras in Bathrooms in Brickeys
  230. Ouachita River Unit-Intake
  231. How long after evaluation to find out one's SO level?
  232. Possible Early Release
  233. November EPA ( Thanksgiving kick out)
  234. Patiently Waiting.......
  235. Anyone out there who has experienced life after 20 years?
  236. Help with decision - what are the pros and cons of ADC and RCF?
  237. Even tho I'm not approved to be on the visitors list can I send money order
  238. When is the next epa
  239. Act 679
  240. Questions on new Intake
  241. Jack Jones Juvinile Detention - Pine Bluff
  242. Good time
  243. Parole in AR - picked up on DUI warrant
  244. Class 1C vs. 1B
  245. Hobby Craft Card
  246. Anyone Been Released per ACT 679 Recently??
  247. Diagnostic questions
  248. Very angry and upset - they have not given him his meds for 10 days now
  249. Randall Williams/Pathway to Freedom
  250. Marriage counseling at Cummins Unit