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  1. Release Question
  2. Help anybody somebody please!!!
  3. Help Need Advice!!!!! Question about interstate parole
  4. GA State Parole Board website trouble (5/09)
  5. Work Release/Transitional Center
  6. Have a question
  7. can anyone help with question on early release?
  8. Who to call about Pic Month
  9. need advise about parole
  10. Seeking help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. question
  12. Let me tell you my story, please tell me what you think
  13. GA Probation Violation
  14. I found out his TPM
  15. Parole Attorney
  16. how do i help my boyfriend get parolled
  17. came to a decision but not not in system
  18. Is this another rumor?
  19. Parole Question
  20. How long tille he gets home?
  21. Georgia's Injustice System
  22. Parole Board does good for a change!!
  23. Need Automated Number for Parole Board
  24. Totally clueless
  25. Prison Closing
  26. Releases!!!
  27. Recent Interstate Compact...
  28. Pardons and Paroles visitation day
  29. The 2 for 1 is definately taking effect!!!
  30. Parole Board closed on Fridays?
  31. sex offender half way houses
  32. Parole Violation in GA, sentenced to 10 serve 7 on new charges. How much of that.....
  33. He was finally transferred
  34. RSAT and TPM...
  35. Question about parole for robbery in GA- possible?
  36. Parole violation by first-time offender and new charge...what happens next?
  37. Sentenced for trafficking in NJ while on Parole in GA.
  38. Which charge should be on the grid?
  39. RSAT- does my hubby need this? No issues.
  40. Why is parole board asking ME post-release questions?
  41. Question about address verification
  42. Barely got a TPM, and we're only 8 mos away from Max out?
  43. Parole vs. Probation
  44. Had a parole interview today
  45. How does parole and 1st offenders work?
  46. Hearing and Examiners office
  47. Benefits upon release?
  48. TPM changed to PIC Month date...What does that mean?
  49. ankle monitor and parole...
  50. Post 2008 Parole Decision Guidelines
  51. Question about credit for time served
  52. Why no TPM after 3 years.... 1/3 coming soon!!!
  53. Don't know what is going on anymore.
  54. Help with grid sheet questions
  55. His name was taken off the pardons and parole page
  56. TPM this month but no release date yet!
  57. Parole officer coming!!
  58. Victim's Impact on Release Date...
  59. I'm the "co-defendant" and he's not allowed to be around me when he gets out
  60. For 1/3 parole time, what are the nonviolent crimes
  61. question about parole violation?
  62. Probation Revocation- Help
  63. sentence modification/reduction
  64. Help!!! What if he doesn't have an address to parole to?
  65. Work Release Program & Referral
  66. I dont want him to parole... Am i wrong???
  67. Does it mean anything when they move them?
  68. He's going to be out really really soon...
  69. oh no not again/he violated parole
  70. What does teletyping out of prison mean?
  71. got a release date
  72. Called local parole office....
  73. Do you "update" support letters?
  74. GA Parole & Pardons Investigation
  75. Address Approved!
  76. Websites to track progress of offenders?
  77. State board of pardon and parole open meeting
  78. Finally got a TPM
  79. I can't believe it! We got a RELEASE date!!!!!
  80. Work Release Program Question
  81. transfering to a different transitional center
  82. How Long does it take to get a Release DATE
  83. Release on New Year's Day?
  84. nervous - PV and maybe new charge
  85. Parole violation question
  86. What are the chances of a TPM being changed for the better
  87. What time are they released? How long is the id out process?
  88. Parole for Life +20 after 6 years???????
  89. Still No Phone Call From Fiance
  90. Parolee Database
  91. We got a TPM...I think.
  92. Electronic monitoring
  93. Release from Johnson State
  94. Probation Question
  95. He Came Home!!!!!
  96. Parole and 3 month ankle monitor?
  97. Paroled from county?
  98. help me im confused. Question on time served
  99. Anyone know when they start interstate compact paperwork??
  100. Electronic Monitoring...
  101. Is it possible to parole before your parole date?
  102. RSAt
  103. Any info on how long it takes to get word from parole board
  104. Should I get my hopes up?
  105. Parole Violation
  106. TPM Update
  107. Question about probation violation
  108. We got our parole date
  109. Having problems with GDOC automated number
  110. Please help! EF number and other...
  111. How do they decide when parole decisions get made.
  112. Tpm has changed!!!!!!!
  113. PB still working on October releases?
  114. Need info on parole visit.
  115. another parole violation question?
  116. Sad but Happy
  117. Update!! Official Release Date from Atlanta
  118. Verify Address for TPM?
  119. What is the Parole Board Visitor Day like?
  120. Y'all aren't gonna believe this!!!!!
  121. House phone 4 parole
  122. If he violated parole n got new charges will they parole him again?
  123. TPM vs. tentative parole date
  124. Insider explanation of parole process
  125. Nervous Mom Needs To Know!
  126. Probation violation question ? What calculates your exit date?
  127. Help!
  128. Help!
  129. Disciplinary Report
  130. Fewer paroled recently
  131. Question
  132. Do they set the release date BEFORE or AFTER they verify address?
  133. Pickup Question??? What's the process?
  134. Today is our day!!!
  135. Release date
  136. thousands released in Jan rumor?
  137. PB parole status phones not working
  138. Where could he go after RSAT?
  139. waiting on address verification from the parole office!
  140. Gwinnett County Government Detention Center - rules and release date?
  141. 1st review??????
  142. question of shortened sentences
  143. Tpm
  144. True Average Percentage Rate
  145. What is an early release ?
  146. victims
  147. STILL waiting on release date!
  148. Parole noard site
  149. Meeting with local Parole
  150. It's official!!! TPM has been changed
  151. TPM with charge outstanding... help!
  152. What Happens next???????
  153. She came home
  154. Confused on Different Parole Procedures
  155. Oh Happy Day!
  156. Ga Parole Visitation Day
  157. OMG! We got a release date!
  158. Denied parole & not sure why - Devistated!
  159. Transitional Center
  160. Parole officer came by today!
  161. Residence Plan...
  162. What are his requirements to be eligible for parole?
  163. Faith Based Initiative in Dekalb County
  164. Parole Review Summary...How does it work
  165. Any Self-Surrender Suggestions?
  166. Need info for parolee to Dekalb County, GA
  167. 2 ?s about parole
  168. Hello...Please beware - Release Scam
  169. One step closer!!
  170. Grid sheet correction
  171. parole/charge question
  172. December releases
  173. Smith Transitional Center
  174. How accurate is TPM on GDOC Website?
  175. After all the insanity the time has finally come..
  176. Interstate Compact Update!!!!!!
  177. Please help !!! How long for a release date after home visit?
  178. Update he was moved
  179. Probation & Interstate Compact
  180. Residence Plan submitted/How long until release?
  181. Got a call from the local PO!
  182. Conditions of Parole...
  183. Any suggestions???
  184. How Many Inmates Paroled in GA during 2009?
  185. waiting on parole packet
  186. TPM - how close to 1/3rd
  187. please help!!how long to be transfered to be paroled
  188. misdemeanor vop cherokee county
  189. A ray of hope?
  190. I find out his release date tomorrow!
  191. Release outfit...
  192. He's coming home!!!!!
  193. Preliminary Hearing???
  194. He's Out!!!!
  195. help!! job market for felons?
  196. Quick question bf "violated" probation
  197. He's getting out next week!
  198. I am hoping for a miracle
  199. Release papers being sent to the prison...
  200. Grid Sheet Question
  201. How long does paperworrk take?
  202. I'm Deflated now!
  203. Calculating Time - How much time will he have to serve?
  204. Prayer request
  205. He's home!!!!
  206. County Transfer of Parole
  207. Parole Lawyer???
  208. question aboutTuesday PB visit
  209. We have a date!
  210. Surprised with a TPM and release date
  211. What reason DOC picture not showing
  212. They are notifying him
  213. We got a TPM
  214. RSAT & Interstate Compact Process?? Confused!
  215. Moving/Changing address after IC Parole release
  216. Questions about Release Process
  217. So Anxious!!!!!
  218. PB Family Day Visit
  219. Is this a new procedure?
  220. Not sure what this means!!!
  221. TPM this month. What's taking so long?!
  222. Parole Review
  223. Parole Office visit, now what?
  224. 4 Months from TPM....What should I be doing???
  225. March RSAT Graduation!!!
  226. Scared of the outcome......
  227. Interstate Compact has Hubby's file!!!!!! :)
  228. Got a TPM and PIC month!!!
  229. Pre-parole process
  230. Need help
  231. question about classes taken before release
  232. How is the TPM date set? Any help is greatly appreciated :o)
  233. Grid Sheet Calculation
  234. RSAT Graduation
  235. TPM May 2010
  236. House Arrest (Electronic Monitoring)
  237. Address Approval ?????
  238. Phone Numbers
  239. GA Grid Sheet
  240. 1 year/ parole????
  241. Felony Probation violation
  242. Parole Office has his file
  243. April 2010 TPM and no set date yet
  244. Lifer referred to transitional center
  245. how does one get an early release ?
  246. Husband in rsat program - things i can do?
  247. Why are some individuals getting paroled before 1/3 time?
  248. TPM - HELP me understand
  249. No more waiting for a date - We got it!!!!!
  250. Only common sense!!!