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  1. Which Georgia Prison is your loved one at?
  2. Wilcox State Prison, Georgia
  3. Sumter County Correctional Institution, Georgia
  4. Missing Georgia Member? (tonyskajungirl)
  5. Relocating to Atlanta, GA
  6. I hate this life (frustrations with Georgia DOC)
  7. Vending Machine Problems
  8. Brother coming home fm Lee St Prison
  9. Who bills for your collect calls from the Georgia prisons??
  10. Let's get to know some of your fellow Georgia Forum members!
  11. Encouragement
  12. Finished Diagnostics in Jackson In Only 10 Days!
  13. Thanks for your Support Georgia!!!
  14. Outstanding Warrants UPDATE!!!!
  15. son in prison
  16. Update Called to counselor's office
  17. Changes to the Georgia Forum....
  18. my son
  19. my son
  20. my son
  21. Intro-missing My Son
  22. Pictures
  23. who has someone in a womens prison in Georgia? and what relation.
  24. I am puzzled!
  25. New at this, but i need some advice :]
  26. my son
  27. Tea
  28. Save Georgia Prison Chaplains
  29. Gov. Perdue's 6% Budget Cuts Affecting Ga. Inmates Meals
  30. Revocation Hearing Set
  31. My dad is refusing surgery - experience with health care?
  32. Is there anything I can do to help
  33. Final Sentence
  34. Long time in prison
  35. I need help
  36. help!
  37. Acdc
  38. 6 Months to Go!!
  39. Holiday Visitation
  40. Another (NEW) Date!
  41. Forum Expansion & Remodeling Going On
  42. Burruss ctc question
  43. Looking to get married in Georgia?
  44. Only TWO days left!
  45. We got a date!!!
  46. Teletyping out
  47. BF incarcerated..haven't heard from him in 2 weeks! (Freaking out)
  48. coastal State Prison
  49. 2 for 1 in GA
  50. Post Conviction Lawyers in GA Recomendations
  51. some info please
  52. missing mail (periodicals)
  53. Holiday Release?
  54. Know of any Alcoholic rehabs in Ga that don't cost an arm & a leg??
  55. Ok...i have a question...if anyone can help..please do.
  56. Good Friend who needs friends.
  57. Desperate
  58. Hello
  59. JPay - What kind of bank account is this?
  60. My first early release!!!
  61. Family Day
  62. Laurens County
  63. need update on Telfair
  64. EF Number vs BC Number
  65. Pre Parole Hearing
  66. Please help--How long before I hear from him since he has been transferred? (GA)
  67. Can you be charged with this Convicted Felon with a firearm, no firearm found!?!
  68. WHAT A DAY!!! I wish I could talk to him!!
  69. How long does it take for the website to update after a transfer?
  70. If given the choice should I go state or federal
  71. Info on Treutlen Probation Detention Center???
  72. Questions, please help!
  73. 2 for 1~is this Georgia "good time"?
  74. An end to the transfers?
  75. non-violent infermed early release possible??
  76. Do you know the answer? What is a "pic month"
  77. How many times has your loved one been transfered?
  78. oops...another question, you may know...
  79. please help...probation detention center
  80. Information about Coastal
  81. Looking for information on Smith Prison
  82. more questions...
  83. Would like info on Muscogee County CI
  84. Turner pre release center
  85. Looking to contact someone at Washington SP
  86. Out of state speeding ticket
  87. update...?????'s
  88. Son getting out in April will need a room to rent any suggestions?
  89. Smith prison
  90. Help please! Fiance ordered not to allow contact!
  91. Does anyone know anything about the PDC's in GA
  92. Infinity and Globle Tell Link???
  93. What is the difference between work release and halfway house?
  94. Question about boot camps.
  95. Final Parole Interview
  96. GA women's prisons
  97. Georgia Department of Correction Closing Women's Facilities???
  98. Has anyone else seen this article? Georgia Inmates Would Pay for Jail Stay....
  99. Boyfriend Transferred to Coffee Correctional Facility
  100. Whats the best phone service to use with Globle Tell Link
  101. Just wanting to vent....
  102. Question about Private Facilities
  103. Letter to Judge re: Credit for time served
  104. Treutlen PDC
  105. Husband transferred............
  106. What is the hold up?
  107. Female CO watching him take a shower.
  108. ranting about the justice system
  109. Question
  110. What is difference in medium and maximum security?
  111. mother of 8
  112. hold from another county! ANOTHER SENTENCE????
  113. Going away soon!
  114. Will budget shortfall help or hurt
  115. What happens if your inmate gets in trouble?
  116. Washington State Prison
  117. Help! Pile of charges for meth
  118. gdic
  119. Family members of Ga sex offenders do this now!!!
  120. Shocking News Today!!!!
  121. Work Incentive Credits!! Send 'em home early!!!
  122. Pen PALS
  123. he wants me to call the gdoc for him
  124. Question about time calculations
  125. Does anyone ever just get irritated?
  126. Do you think the parole board really cares?
  127. guilt?!
  128. What does Closed Security Level mean?
  129. Probation Detention Centers
  130. Gov. Perdue and clemency
  131. truth to rumors?
  132. are they or arent they?
  133. Husband moved to Coastal State this morning
  134. Let's stick together and get some answers!
  135. Is all da inmates being transfered left n right or is it just my inmate???!!!
  136. Come on people!!!
  137. Good news comes in 3's!!!
  138. Just venting
  139. Georgia Forum Question!!
  140. Under investigation vs under review
  141. Emanuel County PDC
  143. My Answers on Post Conviction Attorneys
  144. he home
  145. where is he? nothing on website
  146. First offence felon traveling over seas..
  147. Death of immediate family member-Can they attend the funeral?
  148. My baby just got sent to Jackson and i'm having a hard time dealing...
  149. FOA being fixed!!!
  150. Prayer Request Needed
  151. Question's about transfer
  152. Any chance of getting married at Jackson institue(in jefferson county)?
  153. warrant,but already in prison
  154. Unnecessary Required Counseling?
  155. self defense at least thats what he told me...
  156. Coweta County Correctional Institution
  157. Are the GA prisons open for visitation this weekend?
  158. Probable cause hearing
  159. GA DOC website question...
  160. looking for some answers
  161. EF# vs EA#
  162. hancock state visitation
  163. Happy Mother's Day
  164. Finally
  165. Visitation at Hays Annex cut short today
  166. Got A Tpm BUT............
  167. Seg
  168. Lagrange transitional center ?s
  169. Scott State Prison
  170. Need help... About to be paroled but still has a pending charge
  171. Question's about jackson diagnostics or coastal
  172. anyone else's guy in Montgomery State Prison?
  173. What do you think??
  174. GA man sentenced to 100 Years
  175. Autry
  176. A Few Questions
  177. Treatment of the disabled in prison
  178. Emanuel-swainsboro tc??
  179. GDC number
  180. Need info about NW.P.D.C. in Cedartown Ga.
  181. Who should I ask????
  182. got my first call tonight!!!
  183. Transitional cernters in GA.
  184. NO SCREENS at Phillips State Prison
  185. Update to Need help approved parole. but has pending charges
  186. gtl question
  187. Places to stay/things to do near facility
  188. What can you do when a guard is harassing you or your inmate?
  189. Whatever happened to yourfriendlyda?
  190. need help:How do u find out ur loved ones GCD#?
  191. Treutlen PDC
  192. Habeas Corpus Process
  193. so confusing-in the hole but not?
  194. 17 year old son sentenced today....
  195. getting transfered to fla from georgia
  196. wrong info on DOC records. How do I get it changed?
  197. help: pres regan law?????
  198. getting released
  199. TPM not what we thought...he has to go to a halfway house
  200. interstate compact - parole
  201. Employment
  202. Counselor called me today!
  203. RSAT Graduation and TPM...
  204. My baby is in the hole.
  205. Coastal Prison
  206. Scott State closed, where are they now?
  207. Violation Of Probation
  208. Would I be notified?
  209. Hays state prison
  210. Ware State Prison
  211. Open book petitions
  212. whats the diffrence
  213. How long after clothes request do they get out
  214. How much time will he serve?
  215. Roger State Prison
  216. Boot Camp Question
  217. Venting Gwinnett County Detention Center
  218. Help Needed !!!! Husband not getting foods he needs for health issues
  219. Prerelease and transitional
  220. Gwinnett County Detention Center Bankrupt ?
  221. No Smoking!
  222. Question Finally Answered!
  223. Finding Inmates in PDC's
  224. More prison closings?
  225. GA PB & Twitter!
  226. Can they refuse him medical care??
  227. Can anyone help me on how to get someone transferred
  228. Need a lawyer
  229. Public forum on prison reform in Georgia
  230. Barber school in jail?
  231. Anyone married at Macon State Prison
  232. Question about EF#
  233. quick question-Prisons near GA/FL border?
  234. Georgia testing GPS on inmates?
  235. Work Release Program Question
  236. How much time for drug + gun charges?
  237. Info on Hall County CI
  238. What's the difference between RSAT and re-entry?
  239. What is the "way out" program??
  240. Warden Allen Ross Sued?
  241. I need some help, please!! Is there a HWH for sex offenders near Savanna Ga?
  242. Help please!! Any min sec camps on the Fla/Ga border?
  243. Need info on Carrol Co CI
  244. buruss inmate bootcamp
  245. Feel like such a B**ch, but I am soooo sick of rumors
  246. He's done 4 months of dead time on a 90/120 day sentence - HELP!
  247. So so confused
  248. Hell began a year ago today.
  249. Education and Training in Women's Prison. Auto & Motorcycle Mechanic Programs
  250. Some help please - Parole question