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  1. Florida DOC Re-Entry
  2. Florida DOC Probation and Parole Offices (Updated 06/16/09)
  3. Employers that Hire Ex-Cons in Florida
  4. Florida: After prison, roadblocks to reentry
  5. Conditional Release and a Violation
  6. questions about work release and custody
  7. Question about probation
  8. Probation Question
  9. Release info - Food Stamps & Housing
  10. early release?
  11. Release Day Clothing
  12. When are release dates updated on the DOC website?
  13. Money after release?
  14. What happens when an inmate is being released?
  15. Release address What to do????? HELP Please
  16. Projected Release Date
  17. Upon release do they have to register as felons?
  18. Need HELP, he gets out Dec 2nd!!!!
  19. transition back to society
  20. Release dates????
  21. Does anyone know what they are allowed to take w/them when they are released?
  22. Re-entry meeting in Orlando
  23. Send money prior to Release
  24. Restoration of Civil Rights, Clemency
  25. rudster looking for help with Interstate Compact
  26. How accurate is vine w/ release dates?
  27. CRD and Gain time
  28. HR 623 Second Chance Act 2007
  29. parole for gaintime?
  30. confused-will he always have to disclose his felony record?
  31. can somebody help me with this please? i cant figure out the gain time and good time.
  32. post traumatic stress disorder after release
  33. PO visits to check things out?
  34. what should i expect when he's released from the facility?
  35. Probation Good News (Hopefully)
  36. Gain time awarded for January since he's being released this month?
  37. Brevard CI Release Procedures
  38. Florida Parole Commission
  39. When does probation start?
  40. Will DOC transfer close to home for release?
  41. Parole question..If he violates parole, will he go back to prison?
  42. ?? Signing a Release ??
  43. Bus ticket at release
  44. What is Emergency Release?
  45. Help me understand?? (parole calculation in Florida)
  46. Help? Parol Board reviewing early?
  47. Anyone watch the show PAROLE BOARD on BIO?
  48. Felony Registration
  49. 85%
  50. Release day
  51. probation question-Will I violate my probation?
  52. After Release (Worried he'll go back to old ways to make $$ because of the economy?)
  53. Gaintime~ Release?
  54. Do they release on sundays?
  55. Can you get your record expunged in FL?
  56. Finding out the exact Release date
  57. Forms before being released
  58. work release question
  59. Please help! Any information HUGELY appreciated...(Being on probation)
  60. halfway house in hernando county?
  61. does anyone know how work release works?
  62. Estimating his early release date
  63. where do all inmates go after release?
  64. how soon do they have to report??
  65. Count down my love will be home 7/05/2009
  66. Controlled Release Court Case?
  67. Home Inspection Release Approval
  68. 4 Easy Questions-Please Help.
  69. Release time
  70. Trouble. When would the release date change if he loses gaintime?
  71. prorated release date ?
  72. List of Halfway Houses in Florida
  73. Being Paroled from another state to FL
  74. Is there a chance for possible early parole?
  75. drug test
  76. what is conditional release?
  77. Complaint against a probation officer
  78. Probation 1st through 5th of the month
  79. FL probation and FLU Division
  80. can somebody help me understand (when can he go to work release?)
  81. Info on Work release
  82. Will he get out earlier than his set release date?
  83. Boyfriend has VOP in Orange County, FL. Could he just get probation reinstated?
  84. Please define community control for me
  85. Detainers (They wanted to know when he was being released)
  86. Requirements for Where They Can Live
  87. Work Release-does he qualify?
  88. Son on house arrest, comatose - Interstate Compact?
  89. p.o violation?
  90. Community control questions
  91. Strange parole examiner interviews
  92. VOP in Polk County...please help with advice!
  93. 227 Days!! Questions..(Sending release clothes)
  94. Community control
  95. Judge Ohlman
  96. Release time
  97. Traffic ticket violation?
  98. Were do we go from here
  99. County to County long??
  100. OMG! My probation was terminated 2 yrs early
  101. Help for when he comes home?
  102. Are their half-way houses in sarasota fl.?
  103. Acceptable discharge clothes
  104. When does he find out his parole restrictions?
  105. Job assistance in South Florida
  106. Apprehension about homecoming
  107. Parolee Database...?
  108. Preparing to come home
  109. Ohioan with a warrant from Florida
  110. Inmate release...I've just gotta know what's going to happen...
  111. Re-Entry and Work Release
  112. MONEY they made at work release
  113. Release on House Arrest
  114. Hes home and things are great
  115. End of Probation Period and you still owe restitution
  116. house arrest questions and adjudication withheld?
  117. adjudication not withheld and finding a job
  118. Pre-Release papers
  119. Thoughts on getting off probation early
  120. Help for homeless after release....
  121. On probation-Vacation??
  122. Hold placed if court fees aren't paid?
  123. Looking for info on conditional release
  124. WR for inmates serving mandatory sentences?
  125. Needing info on Work Release
  126. question about work release furloughs
  127. Do you Reapply for SSI when you get out?
  128. Can i pay off his court fees?
  129. when can he go to work release?
  130. Judge requested a hearing 1 week after release. Please help??
  131. Court date on Tuesday for restitution, Please advice
  132. Released and needs help
  133. Question on release time
  134. Under 1 year.....
  135. Do all Florida inmates get put on probation upon release??
  136. DOC Survey???
  137. Looking for Work Release Information
  138. Conditional release questionaire
  139. Question : registering as a felon upon release
  140. House Arrest (Electronic Monitoring)
  141. Do they test inmates for STDs before their release?
  142. Jobs for released felons...
  143. Parole questions...
  144. Work release transfer question - when will he be eligible?
  145. Probation questions-probation officers & terminating probation early
  146. Question about early termination of probation
  147. Florida state prison pick up: Need info
  148. Help- House Arrest - transfer from FL to TX
  149. Probation: Landline or Broadband
  150. Ability to search homes of probationers?
  151. Probation violation
  152. What will happen? Son likely to violate probation
  153. Pre-Release Home Visit
  154. What happens in pre-work release?
  155. Notify landlord of release???
  156. Parole reinstatement
  157. Different release facility?
  158. Conditional Release Technical Violation
  159. Probation Advice/Tips/Warnings
  160. How do you change where probation is served?
  161. Just Wondering....How do you get Conditional Release?
  162. Omg - He's already taken his EOS picture and it's on the website
  163. Emergency Release ordered by the courts - now what?
  164. Home!!!
  165. Dunphy retiring Jan 2011
  166. I Regret waiting for him
  167. Frustration w/ probation
  168. Thought this might help someone
  169. EOS Package.....When can I send it?
  170. He's home and so far things are great
  171. Questions about work release regarding employment and furloughs
  172. Halfway Houses
  173. Need to find housing by friday
  174. Probation & Civil restitution
  175. petition for changing parole stipulation
  176. What are the chances of Interstate Compact from TX to FL?
  177. Release date on a Friday-Wants to travel weekend prior to seeing P.O.
  178. Help Please~Need address for parole boarad
  179. Interstate Transfer from PA to FL...PLEASE HELP
  180. Reporting an accident, etc
  181. No parole in Florida - why?
  182. Stressed about criminal background/probation and finding a place to live
  183. Help! Has anyone ever had this happen??(RE: "unpaid" court fees)
  184. FL Work Release - What does it take to be eligible?
  185. Is there a time limit to leave the state before registration?
  186. Im out, Im still clean.... who'd a thunk it?
  187. Little brother home
  188. What can I send in a Release Package
  189. Release in just 2 weeks/Need help with housing & employment
  190. HOP Halfway house
  191. Returning to school after release?
  192. Extradition from West Plm Bch to Key West
  193. Parole Post Release question
  194. Phone call before release
  195. Probation and renting apt.
  196. Tranferring parole from NJ
  197. He's been home for twelve days...
  198. Housing after release in Ft. Lauderdale?
  199. More on Fl prison early release:(
  200. So close to 100 day countdown
  201. Parole/Gaintime Petition
  202. Probation time - Can it be terminated early?
  203. Possible Interstate Transfer from MS
  204. I called the Clearwater Circuit Office
  205. IDEAS for 100 day countdown
  206. Violation of Probation for battery case!!!!
  207. Release Account Balance Resolution
  208. Probation restrictions start time
  209. Question about $100 for bus ticket when being released
  210. TC lost state funding: Son to be released ASAP!
  211. Once He Comes Home...
  212. At the end of PTI program, what happens when the appear in court again?
  213. Bus Ride Home Question
  214. No where to go once released
  215. Will his release date be posted on DOCs website?
  216. FL halfway houses??
  217. What will change if they privatize probation?
  218. How do you get a current balance for restitution/court costs?
  219. What is the release process like?
  220. What if there's too much time served/not enough gaintime by 85%?
  221. Does florida have parole?
  222. Nervous and Excited but need answers about release and probation
  223. Interstate Compact help!!
  224. Crossing County Lines When on Probation
  225. On Conditional Release and violated-when will he be released?
  226. Vocc/absconded how to fly back to surrender without being arrested
  227. Photojournalist Helps Man After His Release
  228. Florida Felons & Firearms Question
  229. Approved for conditional release? What is that exactly?
  230. Work Release Questions
  231. What to do to live together/ new county
  232. Inmates can now be released at 12:01am
  233. Release from WRC
  234. Work release jobs-Does DOC find them a job?
  235. Interstate Transfers (FL to Ohio)
  236. Interstate Transfer (Florida to Ohio)
  237. How long will i sit in jail if she violates me?
  238. What does it mean when PO issues a "technical report"?
  239. Another reason I despise Rick Scott
  240. Question on transfers to WRC - How long?
  241. Release Questions-When will release officer go over release restrictions?
  242. Tech Violation help-Does the Judge usually go w/ what the PO recommends?
  243. Can someone do their probation while in County Jail?
  244. Release day/Vinelink
  245. Released without eos package?
  246. Do they move them Closer to Home .
  247. Well that didn't take long...
  248. Amount of money given to inmates at release decreased from $100 to $50?
  249. Why would they move him from unit to another 3 days before release?
  250. Vine calls 30 days out!