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  1. Community Transition Program
  2. What is with this approved address B.S.
  3. Info on Reynolds Work Release?
  4. Early Release question about Washington State inmates
  5. Jobs in Thurston, Mason, Kitsap County...
  6. Washington agencies - assist individuals with criminal records find employment
  7. Work Release Facilities
  8. Tacoma Pre-Release
  9. Question for anyone who has had ESRB release Sucess
  10. Work Release Date Set!
  11. Sponsor...
  12. Anyone have anyone at Ahtanum Correctional?
  13. Parole hearing outcome
  14. Olympic Correction Center
  15. who hires convicted felons in washington?
  16. Seeking advise on release
  17. What Can I Expect?
  18. Work release confusion
  19. 6 Days ...oh My Gosh
  20. What is a verifiable home address? (Lincoln Park)
  21. Is There Housing For New Released Inmates?
  22. He's Home Today ....
  23. Visiting, curfew etc. Lincoln Park questions
  24. Work Camps/Work Release/Diabetes?
  25. info on Brownestone, besides what the DOC website says?
  26. how much money they keep?
  27. Why would the DOC send a Seattle resident to work release in Tacoma?
  28. visitation at work release centers?
  29. bringing in food to work release
  30. need housing help in Bellingham
  31. Can I take him out for the whole weekend?
  32. what are WR facilities like? Esp. Port Orchard
  33. He is home!!!!!!!!
  34. He just got work release, lots of questions
  35. Any tips/advice for finding a "felon friendly" landlord to rent from?
  36. Washington DOC Guide on When and How to Challenge, Seal, Vacate or Expunge
  37. Work Release in Washington
  38. Looking for info on Lincoln Park in Tacoma
  39. He's going to Tri-Cities WR, possible early release?
  40. Can I pick him up to take to work and back?
  41. Longview WR - 2 weeks to get visitation approved?
  42. release address
  43. Legal help, WA inmate held past release??
  44. Work Release visiting
  45. Need to know about Work Release
  46. does anyone ever beat the WA parole board?
  47. Disclosing Conviction on Job Applications in WA
  48. unbelievable!!! probation violation?
  49. rules at home
  50. Public Housing...
  51. I got the call, he's at work release!!
  52. What is release like?
  53. Work Release...
  54. What to do When He Gets out?
  55. boyfriend being released next month! Need info!!!!
  56. Resources for Release WA state
  57. Interstate Compacts
  58. Question about release county...
  59. Reynolds pay phone numbers?
  60. Earliest Release Date Passed 5 months ago!
  61. I have questions about parole!
  62. Advice for a smooth release?
  63. Work Release
  64. Early Release Date
  65. Hurry, Parole officer pressuring me to take son.
  66. Coming Home Supplies
  67. How long does it take to approve a Release address
  68. YAY! Parole Hearing!
  69. WA Early Release and LFO Court Ruling
  70. Can anyone give me insight on what parole is like here in WA?
  71. are there exceptions to being released in the county of conviction
  72. traffic tickets/warrants on release
  73. Info on work release?
  74. Can I send him stuff at WR?
  75. Rumor on work release
  76. Halftime and county state 2 to 1 conversion
  77. It Worked!!! He's being transfered!
  78. Steps for work release?
  79. 1 yr until he is finally HOME!!!!
  80. I need work release info... please help!
  81. earned release date calculation
  82. Work release I need some help
  83. Ways to shorten their incarceration/work release question
  84. Early Release Dates?!?
  85. Inmate handbook for Reynolds?
  86. Can work release time be reduced
  87. Needed - Sex offender housing Snoho. Co.
  88. Release COUNTY?
  89. Need address for Classification Unit
  90. Parole in Washington State?
  91. restoring their voting rights
  92. Quick question - work release
  93. have you heard of this? vicitim notified prior to release
  94. Alcohol Monitoring Surveillance Ankle Bracelets
  95. Who to write to petition for his half time
  96. Changing to different county's work release?
  97. Need info for Probation involving interstate compact
  98. Ahtanum View Work Release Info
  99. Trying to get him into Ahtanum View Work Release
  100. Interstate compact question
  101. Possible probation .... PLZ Help
  102. transfer probation from ND to Seattle, WA
  103. Scholarships for ex-prisoners
  104. No place to release!
  105. What a happy happy day for me!
  106. How does the release process work
  107. Coming home soon. We have a release date
  108. How does Clark County WR work?
  109. Question about county of release
  110. Release Address denied
  111. Help need info about violation of probation
  112. how do you contact someone at at progress house
  113. Work Education Release in Seattle?
  114. I really need some advice/help/info
  115. King Cty Parole-Violation Out of State
  116. Time off/out from work release?
  117. Serving an infraction
  118. Interstate compact, Washington receiving state
  119. Family giving jobs to inmates who qualify for work release?
  120. Sending property to WR - Progress House
  121. Taken from work release, 5990 revoked.
  122. Kicked out of Work Release - now what?
  123. camp eligiblity
  124. Car pools
  125. Job Resources?
  126. How long does orientation take at Reynolds?
  127. Vacating/Sealing prior to 1984 question
  128. Frustrated about release date!
  129. Probation Help!!!
  130. 1/2 time of 1/3 off? Please help.
  131. Work resources for newly released ex-offenders
  132. Can he move to a different county???
  133. WR Bed Date Requests in WA State
  134. Felon Friendly housing????
  135. Relocation to Another State
  136. Laws on community supervision after prison
  137. Transportation on release?
  138. Sunset of Half Good Time
  139. Sentencing vs. Time Served
  140. Determinate Sentencing
  141. Can DOC change his court ordered treatment provider?
  142. Help Please - Need info on who to contact re early release
  143. Early Release?
  144. Work Release v.s. Halfway house
  145. Work Release
  146. Any recent info for Brownstone?
  147. Does Home monitoring count toward early release?
  148. Good Time/Early Release?
  149. Early release and bench warrant
  150. What should I expect?
  151. FOSA anyone know anything about it??
  152. First probation hearing questions
  153. Interstate Compact
  154. Work release interview
  155. Transferring Parole from Oregon to Washington
  156. Release pictures?
  157. Lifetime Community Custody QQ
  158. First Parole violation. What to expect? So anxious
  159. No good time if no address?
  160. Release address questions?
  161. Can I employ my husband on work release?
  162. Financial supervision
  163. Is this right? Can victim oppose his good time & delay his release?
  164. Work Release? Will I be allowed to enroll in school?
  165. Parole Support for Washington State Inmates
  166. Parole Hearing
  167. My offender is looking to interstate-compact to WA
  168. When does the address get approved?
  169. Release address & victim concerns? Advice needed
  170. Probation and parole harrassment
  171. Progress House-Tacoma
  172. Parole and Housing Assistance?
  173. Progress house work release?
  174. DOC sent my fiance back for false violations / Early release possible?
  175. Extradition US Marshals
  176. Work Release in Longview Washington???
  177. Release revoked 72 hours prior to coming home
  178. Housing resources in Washington State
  179. what is transitional housing all about?
  180. Northgate Field Office CCO's for Compacted Offenders
  181. Sentencing hearing
  182. Release Clothing
  183. What is the punishment for a parole violation?
  184. Work Release Question
  185. Questions about County of Origin Change
  186. Address denied before it even reaches P.O.??? Help!
  187. When does the DOC start an offender's Release Plan?
  188. Are they re-instituting Parole Hearings?
  189. Halfway housing in King County
  190. Probation question
  191. Alcohol tether/ interstate compact
  192. Housing in King County
  193. Brownstone work release questions
  194. Visiting at Brownstone?
  195. Experiences with home monitoring?
  196. Interstate Compact transfers to Wahington? Anyone done this?
  197. Accidentally blocked calls from Brownstone - how do I unblock them?
  198. Question about release
  199. Governor's consent?
  200. Places in South King/Pierce county that accept felons on parole?
  201. 6 Months until Release! but transferred 110 miles away!
  202. WA early release question
  203. DOC / Parole Officer's Unannounced Visit
  204. Anyone have Progress House WR Info
  205. CCO Assignment
  206. Lincoln House
  207. Michelle from New Jersey, writing an inmate at Monroe Correctional
  208. Out of State Electronic Home Monitoring
  209. Pay phone numbers for Bishop?
  210. Phones in women's work release
  211. Transfering from GA to WA, how long till I get reporting instructions?
  212. Problem with cco, just released
  213. Fiance moving to work center, questions about visitation
  214. A couple questions, now that he's home
  215. Work release: How strict about where she can be / where she can go?
  216. U.A. procedures for interstate compact offenders on community supervision
  217. HELP: Girlfriend needs a release address, but a frnd is already using mine!
  218. Roommate with a pit bull?
  219. Official webpage for release
  220. Official Washington DOC webpage on work release programs
  221. On CC and sent back to prison
  222. Releasing soon question
  223. Release and warrants
  224. Can I pick her up personally from prison?
  225. Release and places to stay clark county
  226. DOC Home Plan
  227. What chance does he have to get on work release?
  228. Interstate compact
  229. Where or how to find out about release date?
  230. DOC home visit
  231. Washington interstate compact payments
  232. How does anyone have LOP sentence / get out on parole? Parole was abolished
  233. Early Release from Probation
  234. Second parole violation
  235. 6 mos. Work Release + 6 mos. Home Incarceration = Release?
  236. Releasing to a county with no family