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  1. Are jail suicides common in other states?
  2. DOES a person who has a felony charge get early release
  3. Health Care in MS prisons
  4. Pro Bono Attorneys
  5. getting married (Does anyone know the process?)
  6. trustee (How does someone get to be one?)
  7. question about case information
  8. life sentences for crimes besides murder
  9. Marriage in process
  10. They Changed His Release Date
  11. i am not trippin they keep changing his time
  12. Writing the Judge
  13. Legal Question about Mississippi Inmates
  14. Families of "Hawaiians" in Tallahatchie, Mississippi
  15. Mdoc...(experiences:Good or Bad?)
  16. Does anyone know anything about this? (reconsideration hearings)
  17. Editorial (Miss. prisons owe better conditions)
  19. Help looking up Bills in MS. Courts
  20. Audit may cut use of cell phones
  21. Appeal help
  22. Mississippi Resource Links
  23. Food Issues at ALL Mississippi Facilities
  24. Son Sick
  25. Jail fight question
  26. All MS prison info here - A quick reference to the Mississippi Prison Profiles
  27. Help From All Members!!!
  28. Time reduction? (How to file a motion for)
  29. Question about charges being changed
  30. Question about medical license renewal
  31. Can you really believe the case manager?
  32. Need Help With Mandatory Time Not Noted
  33. Help Appreciated (Rule 9 violation??)
  34. Legal Aid to fight for visitation?
  35. Are you a guest or new to PTO - Read here first!
  36. Is this legal? (Warden added 40 hrs. of community service w/ no work to be done)
  37. Still can't find our Attorney in Pascagoula
  38. Terminally Ill Inmate with cancer in MS
  39. They took away his good time - What does it mean
  40. Questions about Legal appeals in mississippi
  41. Anyone been represented by Boty McDonald?
  42. The case against Tyler Edmonds
  43. How can I find my friend?
  44. Are there any Programs for Assistance in finding Employment for an Ex-Offender?
  45. Help - Looking to change MS Women's prison
  46. I would like some information about drug and alcohol program
  47. I need to find a pro bono lawyer for legal advice
  48. Questions regarding medical care at Parchman
  49. Can you expunge a record?
  50. We need a new lawyer
  51. Mississippi H.I.R.E Resources and Assistance
  52. Mississippi CURE, Inc. - Criminal Justice Reform - Family Support Group
  53. Change in Mediacal Care at SMCI
  54. Help my father is a heart patient and not getting meds
  55. Re-entry in Southwest Mississippi
  56. Federal Halfway Houses For Mississippi
  57. Need info on MDOC accepting out of state transfers
  58. Mississippi CURE - Fall 2006 Newsletter Released
  59. More Medical Info..transfers to CMCF for Medical
  60. Maybe he will be one of the 300
  61. DNA Testing is being done everywhere - is this ok?
  62. Need research assistance, lots of questions
  63. Told not to call Mississippi Department of Corrections anymore?
  64. Lawyer Needed for stabbing lawsuit
  65. Renting an apartment with a felony
  66. Overcrowding issue?
  67. Co-dependency groups
  68. Innocence Project
  69. Transient Unit
  70. Mississippi CURE Inc. Support Group Meeting
  71. Information of Ms. contacts
  72. Frustrated in Mississippi
  73. Mississippi Cure Support Group Meridian Chapter
  74. Is there any type Govt child support for inmates minor children?
  75. Tuberculosis at CMCF?
  76. Any experiences with Dr Lehman?
  77. DNA test while in Parchman
  78. Does anyone know about Protective Custody
  79. Prison Bloodtests Question?
  80. Canines to be trained to SNIFF OUT CELL PHONES
  81. revoked on "an accusation" only
  82. My 15 year old has been sentenced to 10 years in prison last week. What is the proces
  83. Hardship Transfer
  84. House arrest - do officers come by often to check?
  85. Need help husband not getting meds
  86. i need some info! Failed drug test, can I just pay her restitution?
  87. Does anyone know if she will get treated for cervical cancer while locked up?
  88. Thanks for the encouragement and support!
  89. He's coming home next weeK!
  90. Son being released and taking the bus...information please.
  91. Clear Cased AM/FM Cassette Boombox: Where Can I Find One?
  92. Can someone clear up a question about a parole date?
  93. New Prison in MS?
  94. Loved one caught with cell phone
  95. Credit for time served while awaiting transport
  96. DownSizing Prisons
  97. New in need of answers.
  98. Laws changing?
  99. Kicked out Central Mississippi Correctional Facility for asking for a guards name and
  100. Soon to report to jail
  101. Want to share some good news
  102. Transfer to BCRWF Satellite from CMCF
  103. Entry date question
  104. Crime
  105. Inadequate Diet in M.S.P., Parchman
  106. 6 months on a 3 year sentence?
  107. Codependent at Work Here!
  108. Moved back to CMCF after only 10 days at SMCI
  109. Prob.w/Med. info. release Help!
  110. Felony Embezzlement (just barely)...scared.
  111. Need info on getting a divorce
  112. Question on early release bill
  113. Are there time limits on plea bargins
  114. Red Tape - re: house arrest
  115. Timesheet question
  116. Inmates being released?
  117. Trying to marry but I am an
  118. Transfer within the System
  119. Need help w/mental health issue........
  120. Question about time..possible mistake?
  121. Restitution Center
  122. Barbour's Budget Proposal
  123. Anyone know the address for Innocence Project of MS, Lowndes County?
  124. MDOC Response Time
  125. Take a stand re: staff verbal abuse
  126. Prison clothes/color of stripe on pants
  127. Working in prison - do they get good time for working?
  128. Release delays (due to closure of state offices)?
  129. Non-Citizen friend going to Adams CCA
  130. FCC Yazoo Yazoo City, Mississippi
  131. Pre-release blood testing?
  132. Looking for info on visitation procedures at WGYCF
  133. Mike's Second Chance Bill
  134. Anybody else heard that PC might move from WCCF?
  135. Need replies: Dental check ups for inmates
  136. Never Been Convicted Of A Felony? Probation Possible?
  137. Lockdowns at WCCF
  138. Info about Wilkinson Co Please?
  139. CURE meeting
  140. Does your man try to control you?
  141. Is it normal for the doc to "lose" Inmates?
  142. Volatile Conditions in Unit 32B
  143. Inmate Calls to Cell Phones?
  144. Have not heard from friend
  145. Death at EMFC questionable at best!
  146. Objections to the Dismissal of Presley v Epps
  147. Recent changes making Residential Burglary a violent crime?
  148. Excessive sentence appeal or reduction of sentence... possibility?
  149. Petition to discredit forensic testimony
  150. House arrest/case managers??
  151. Medical information for inmates.
  152. How can an inmate get a divorce
  153. Possibilty for parole after serving 25% of his time.
  154. Visitation Update for MCCF
  155. Answers Please
  156. Looking for answers about parole inspections
  157. Inmates attending funerals
  158. Systemwide lockdown?
  159. Challenge to all familes and friends with love ones in Mississippi prisons
  160. Cell phone charges
  161. Post Conviction Relief ?
  162. Medical records to be sent
  163. Questions about WCCRCF Lexington, MS
  164. Officer in 32B, Parchman
  165. Cell Phone Shake Down at JFCF
  166. Move to 29 from 32B
  167. Loss of Radio and Television Signals Since Move
  168. No info on Yazoo County REGIONAL Facility
  169. Child support while in prison
  170. Re-entry programs
  171. Intro to MS threads
  172. Issaquena county jail inmates
  173. Mississippi Roll Call!
  174. Parole Violation Question
  175. Post your concerns..problem, facility let us know
  176. Letter from my son
  177. Urgent-Is There Early Compassionate Release in MS?
  178. MDOC Faulty Drug Tests
  179. Dental Question
  180. Can sumone help me?
  181. Restitution Center
  182. For the first time in 16 years, Mississippi has a state medical examiner.
  183. Just need to vent
  184. Need APt for Son in or near Meridian MS
  185. RVR appeal process
  186. What is Constituency Services?
  187. Need Info on Forrest County Jail in Hattiesburg.
  188. Information please!
  189. Trying to get in touch with chickletone
  190. Can my Dad use JPay
  191. Yazoo City Federal Prison Low!!
  192. New to your forum
  193. Update
  194. Marion County Jail
  195. Bottom rack profile?
  196. What are Mississippi laws and sentencing for possession of cp
  197. Help with Calculations
  198. Policy changes?
  199. I have question
  200. Info about house arrest procedures?
  201. Mississippi Prison Industries
  202. MDOC going tobacco free in 2012?
  203. Commissary
  204. Help with Calculations
  205. Halfway houses in Mississippi ?
  206. Interstate Compact
  207. put all our eggs into one basket ...
  208. Anyone hear about a new law for releases?
  209. My husband made parole!!!!
  210. Charged with embezzlement....Help!
  211. Are Mississippi's sentencing laws being changed?
  212. Is probation or house arrest possible for a drug charge, counterfeit money
  213. Desoto county
  214. Likely sentence for his charges?
  215. Yazoo mississippi
  216. New rules for getting caught with a cell phone?
  217. Questios about R&C
  218. Hinds County Detention Center
  219. Anyone help, Is there any hope for my husband?
  220. My lady has been moved???
  221. NEED ADVICE ASAP-- Dad in prison
  222. Visitation Form
  223. Can anyone please give me some info on rankin co?
  224. Mississippi roll call!
  225. Finally after 4 years
  226. Green dot????
  227. Miss Legislature Daily Action Report
  228. RID Program
  229. Drug unit?
  230. New to all this and need help
  231. Mississippi Forum Needs To Be Revived
  232. Calling a cell phone
  233. Calls
  234. Classification ????
  235. Change at SMCI?? Or not.
  236. getting married in MS
  237. Lost in the system
  238. Getting married in MS
  239. How do I make him trust me
  240. Conjugal visits
  241. Info on a medical hold at cmcf
  242. CMCF lockdown
  243. Lack of care at wexford at cmcf
  244. visitation at S.M.C.I.
  245. What will happen now? - mail and visit questions, too
  246. Wilkinson County CWC????
  247. RID program
  248. Anybody's man locked up in Mississippi and why???
  249. Isaac & our loved ones
  250. Mandatory time in MS?