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  1. projected parloe date??? whats that?
  2. Projected Parole Date?
  3. Parole Board Questions
  4. house arrest
  5. Violating Parole
  6. How Do I Find Someone Who is on Parole?
  7. How do you find out who someones po is?
  8. Parole Violation - Statesville?
  9. House Arrest
  10. Fulton County adult probation
  11. Home confinment
  12. Halfway house/work release center
  13. Need help re: Illinois Parole
  14. Cook County Parole Site
  15. Parole Board Question
  16. Revoked Good Time In IL
  17. Information On Halfway Houses-peoria Illinois
  18. Fines
  19. Interstate Compact
  20. Electronic Monitoring Questions
  21. Question about Good Time
  22. Good time ?: Anyone in IL get their out date when they had more than 2 yrs to go?
  23. Illinois Parole Questions
  24. Need info on Transition or halfway housing
  25. Parole Advice
  26. Inmate Release Question
  27. Paroling From State to State, Please HELP!!
  28. Half Way Houses in/around Chicago, Illinois
  29. Anyone with loved ones coming home from Greenville?
  30. Parole rules. What are they?
  31. Need Information Please.
  32. Projected Parole Date?
  33. Parole Question
  34. Success and Failure of Parole
  35. Are all Parolees Monitored upon Released
  36. Illinois half-way houses
  37. Halfway Houses and Parole Questions
  38. help me understand please-How they decide to grant or deny parole...
  39. I Need Info On Halfway House In Chicago Illinois
  40. My man is getting out
  41. IL: H.I.R.E Resources and Assistance
  42. Parole plans in Illinois
  43. visiting while on parole
  44. Need info. on halfway houses
  45. Parole Planning, A MUST for the Incarcerated!!
  46. Interstate Parole Transfer
  47. Early Release From Parole
  48. Safer Foundation helping former inmates re-enter communities
  49. Parole options for renters
  50. IL Parole Violation., now what happens?
  51. Will They Approve Home Plan If I'm On Probation?
  52. saturday parole?
  53. Maybe someone can help me..
  54. out dates?????
  55. Transfer His Probation
  56. how long when parole is violated?
  57. parole
  58. Who can I contact re: Halfway Houses?
  59. Parole Housing Approval Help!
  60. I Need Help - warrant question
  61. parol papers?
  62. Homeplan/ASAP parole release???
  63. Was just released from Menard anybody have any questions?
  64. Is this true? House Arrest questions.
  65. Work release or halfway house?
  66. Questions about visitation while on parole
  67. Parole Question
  68. Parole violation
  69. OMG i feel so stupid hopes up 4 nothing
  70. Parole Revoked
  71. Getting out in 3 months
  72. Illinois Parole Questions
  73. Complicated - will parole continue after being picked up on a warrant?
  74. Boot Camp/Projected Parole Date Question
  75. Boot Camp/Projected Parole Date Question
  76. Outdates
  77. Release from Probation Question
  78. chicagoland halfway houses
  79. Help-BF in seg just before release
  80. Parole Violation..Help?
  81. "Court Supervision" for DUI 1st offense questions
  82. Questions about Work Release/Trasition Centers?
  83. Good Time
  84. Parole Requirements Questions
  85. Is it true he really isnt allowed to see his children?
  86. ankle monitors
  87. Release questions, what is the procedure?
  88. Need HELP!! abt Parole Site?!
  89. Help
  90. Have not heard from parole officer, is there a time limit?
  91. Soon to be off house arrest, what is the procedure now?
  92. Arrested while on Parole?
  93. Parole almost done and have questions!
  94. Warrant pending upon release - what can I do?
  95. idk!!!!!
  96. Parole home ivestigation?
  97. Last Day of Parole FREEDOOM IS NEAR!
  98. Question about being released on a Sunday?
  99. When do they do a parole home investigation?
  100. parole violation
  101. Question about release day?
  102. Help! absconded from parole!
  103. Early Release questios for IL?
  104. Was released from IRCC recently, have questions?
  105. Filing a Complaint against a PO
  106. Clemecy Classes
  107. Housing for parolee, have questions
  108. Need info about parole violation for out of state
  109. Questions re: re-location of parolee
  110. Another release date question
  111. Failed Urinalysis on probation for drug charges
  112. Violated parole with same charge, how much time will he get?
  113. Confused - Will he get re-arrested upon release?
  114. Parole violation + new charge - what happens now?
  115. Questions about applying for house arrest after sentencing?
  116. What does projected parole date & adjusted parole date mean?
  117. Questions about max - out date?
  118. Not being able to pay probation fees, what can happen?
  119. When can my hubby apply for EM?
  120. Can an inmate get a warrant for child support?
  121. Permanent party work release question?
  122. Straight Home vs Transitional Housing
  123. Does an inmate get released on the date his parole is to start?
  124. PO made home visit & he might be released early
  125. Need help finding a halfway house in IL
  126. Halfway House/Transition Center - What is the difference?
  127. Son picked up on violation have question's
  128. Association Laws in Illinois?
  129. Parole/house arrest - how long does the process take?
  130. Parole Violation question
  131. Any tips for when he paroles?
  132. Up for parole in 2010 have questions
  133. Need Cook County Release information?
  134. Address was denied for his parole, what will happen now?
  135. Being released to HWH, have questions?
  136. On what grounds would they deny parole address?
  137. Moving into an apartment, will his PO call the landlord?
  138. Question re: paroling to a county other than the county of commitment
  139. Have questions re: Juvenile parole
  140. Can an inmate parole to their own place?
  141. How many people are on a "Parole Board"?
  142. Dirty drop during parole
  143. Is thers any place to find basic parole guidlines?
  144. Need help re: immigration
  145. Probation transfer to another county IL
  146. New here to the IL forum
  147. Son's release date passed & he is still in prison and don't know why?
  148. Looking for someone who has been released from prison & lives in the IL area?
  149. Transferred to state prison - where will he be released from?
  150. Interstate compact approval time question
  151. They have the wrong birthday - Will this effect his parole?
  152. Illinois felon wants to Parole in Indiana with Family
  153. Does anyone know how long it will take to get a transfer from chicago to danville?
  154. Permission to relocate question?
  155. How long will it take to have his parole transferred?
  156. 61 day turnaround
  157. <Parole Hold/Violation>HELP PLZ!!!
  158. Probation???
  159. calling in
  160. Good Time Come Back/Parole Procedures
  161. Can you travel when on Parole in illinois
  162. Parole violation
  163. Parole ?
  164. Arrest warrant for old charge when parole has been completed
  165. Parole Question
  166. Programs to help ex-inmates re adjust in Chicago??
  167. New to forum and question re: Parole violation
  168. Electronic Monitoring/Parole Problems
  169. Help
  170. Parole violation?
  171. where does an absconder turn themself in?
  172. Holding after parole
  173. When parolee doesn't stay where paroled
  174. Just a few things I really need to know!
  175. Being Released.....
  176. Out Of State!!!!!!
  177. Illinois Work Release
  178. Absconded day of parole
  179. How long in advance does he need to have an aproved place to parole?
  180. Who can pick him up?
  181. how long does it take 2 relocate a inmate
  182. Plz help. Can you have a dog at the house you are paroling to?
  183. hello every1
  184. transfering parole to another state
  185. What is the process for picking inmate up?
  186. What does a "projected release date" mean?
  187. Parole violation questions - please help educate me
  188. Will They Inform Me Before Letting Him Parole Again?
  189. Parole Board didn't show and no "snow date"
  190. New Parole Agent Messing with Me
  191. Help please with general release questions
  192. What does it mean? Fiance received parole papers
  193. How long before PO makes Home visit after release?
  194. Anyone have Illinois work release info
  195. Hope someone can help me..confused!!!
  196. Can anyone help? Question on felon trying to get a job...
  197. Parole Violation Info
  198. Question about when parolee comes out! Any info would help!!
  199. Question about a parole transfer to a different county
  200. Discharged from Parole
  201. Son coming home need answers
  202. IDOC Parole Drug Testing
  203. Parole transfer out of state
  204. Half-Way House/Parole Site Suggestions
  205. How far in advance should a parole lawyer be retained?
  206. Halfway back program?
  207. Rehab/Parole violation question
  208. No Place To Parole
  209. last visit and phone call
  210. Help with Parole Process
  211. Possible parole date?
  212. We have a voice as well!
  213. LO On work release
  214. Parole date be determined?
  215. Loved one got a letter from Parole Board-What does this mean?
  216. Halfway house for parole inmates
  217. Question about parole stipulations
  218. Questions about work release terms and restrictions
  219. Can two people do house areest at same location?
  220. What is the procedure for parole to Section 8 housing?
  221. Illinois parole questions
  222. Life Without Parole
  223. Anger management evaluation
  224. Parole rules once Inmate released
  225. Options for transferring probation out of state
  226. Illinois Parole Questions
  227. Looking for housing for my cousin in the Chicago area
  228. What will they do with him-caught a charge while on parole.
  229. HWH Chicago
  230. Changing address whilst on parole
  231. Notification of release to ice.
  232. Parole Housing - Illinois
  233. Interstate Compact
  234. Parole Violation, New Charges? (What to expect)
  235. Unemployment benefits upon release?
  236. Work release
  237. How much time will I really do?
  238. How far will they transport them?
  239. Parole- Home visit
  240. Parole violation
  241. Parole process questions
  242. Parole site question
  243. What do they wear home?
  244. Release from Jacksonsville - how does it work?
  245. Early Release
  246. Parole Violation With New Charges
  247. Domestic violence while on parole questions please help
  248. Parole in Illinois, new charge in Indiana with a parole hold
  249. My boyfriends parole was violated in IL, need answers please!
  250. Moving to different counties within Illinois