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  1. Illionis Prison System
  2. In which Illinois prison is your loved one located?
  3. Lockdown Blues?
  4. This is outrageous!
  5. Hospitality House Information
  6. Toilet Paper.....
  7. Specific Prison titled threads (please read)
  8. Facility Information
  9. Hospitality House Information???
  10. Van Service To Illinois Prisons!! Found A Source!!
  11. losing my durn mind
  12. Lockdown notification?
  13. Help finding special shoes
  14. hospitality sites to help visitors
  15. Boyfriend denied IIP
  16. Questions Re: Prisons in Illinois?
  17. Better Prison - Big Muddy or Shawnee?
  18. Looking For Support Groups For Parents With Child In Prison
  19. Need any and all info aboout Taylorville and Jacksonville
  20. confused
  21. water situation at lawrence
  22. Prison Profiles (work in progess)
  23. Questions about material witnesses.
  24. Someone please advice
  25. For all Pre-Trial mental illness cases - MUST READ
  26. confused about good time???
  27. How much money does an inmate need?
  28. Lawyer Needed in the Menard Area - UPDATE
  29. Questions about finding court records?
  30. What does this mean and does it happen? (Meritorious Good Time)
  31. Looking for sentence reduction legal form? Please help
  32. IDOC Monitoring PTO
  33. Question Re: Interstate compact from MI to IL?
  34. Confused - Has anyone heard of this?
  35. Presenting health care issues to IL Legislators - Need expamples
  36. Need Help? Contact your CURE Chapter.
  37. Medical Hearing..May 19th
  38. Diet in Prison- Finally Help
  39. Medical Furlough in Illinois....PLEASE HELP!!!
  40. Question about getting tattoos in the IDOC?
  41. Non violent offender law in Illinois
  42. Relationships and marriage
  43. Question about NewYears Eve and lockdowns for prisons?
  44. Early release/good time credits Q&A/Information thread - Post Here!
  45. He is stuck in Seg & dont know why, need to vent!
  46. Looking for ladies who are dealing with the Illinois DOC?
  47. Protest in Springfield,IL
  48. Cell Companions Paralegal Services - Has anyone in IL heard of this?
  49. Requesting juvenile stories for IL
  50. Need Springfield Office Phone Number!
  51. Questions re: son dealing pot
  52. Not getting much information, any thoughts?
  53. Confused - Recieved recent package from him & I dont know why?
  54. Dude writing report on MGT Push is FIVE MONTHS LATE.
  55. MGT & other program information & complaints - Post Here
  56. Denied again for the 4th time & I don't know why?
  57. Latest news on mgt push and overcrowding...can they be serious?
  58. How do you deal with...
  59. Vote wisely this November!
  60. Frustrated about the early releases in IL
  61. Need advice re inmate attack
  62. Back and Forth has me confused....
  63. where do you get GED Records
  64. Finally some news about my hubby's 6 month good time
  65. House Arrest Possible
  66. Need Driver's license help please
  67. Just Wondering - Difference between prisons
  68. Are they going to reinstate good time?
  69. Will I be able to visit?
  70. Who am I voting for?
  71. Need advice on grievence issue
  72. IDOC web site down?
  73. How to transfer to another unit
  74. Quinn is Behind- Good Time Leverage?
  75. No House Arrest?
  76. Parole Address List Question
  77. T.V. should I or shouldn't I?
  78. No good time, so what about credits?
  79. Can a prisoner pay for my post ? help!
  80. letters in Recieving
  81. Mother searching for insite about Menard Prison in illinois
  82. Highly Upset
  83. Transfer to another facility
  84. Today was a very good day for me!
  85. Avoiding Seg.
  86. How to check an inmate's Commissary Account
  87. Did this guy benefit from early release?
  88. Confused about how much time
  89. Explaination of Inmate's ID numbers
  90. Does anyone know if "habitual felon" is automatic 85%..
  91. Any news on overcrowding issue???
  92. Soon to be released
  93. Did your loved one receive fines when sentenced?
  94. Need to know ASAP !!!
  95. Returned to court authority on release?
  96. Private Investigator in Ill. chicago i prefer
  97. Need Help. Looking for information on apartments
  98. Sentencing and time served questions
  99. Just a few questions
  100. Quick question about seg and c-grade
  101. Need local resources in chicagoland area for a petition
  102. Please help-Will he have to serve the full sentence or can it be cut in half?
  103. Pekin Facility
  104. Meritorial Good Time
  105. Scared & have questions about husband in IL facility
  106. Kind of confused
  107. So lost without him
  108. Earn Good Conduct Credit 2011?
  109. Commissary lists for prisons available?
  110. Receiving prison stay lengths in Illinois?
  111. 10,000 prisoners released?
  112. Prayers Needed-submitting request for work release
  113. Habeas Corpus & Clemency
  114. Downstate Illinois Innocence Project @ Illinois Springfield
  115. Need a resource to file a violation of civil rights suit
  116. Wow! I'm writing anyway!
  117. 50 percent law and sentencing questions
  118. Bail and sentencing
  119. Felony Escape
  120. Anyone Please/info on aggravated DUI
  121. Yankton, SD
  122. Sending money
  123. If there is no call, does that mean they're Lockdown?
  124. Broken Hearted
  125. What is SEG
  126. Has he been sentenced?
  127. Seeking a Pardon in IL
  128. Legal Help NoT sure if i am to post here!
  129. The Soy Lawsuit
  130. Violating parole question
  131. Western Union
  132. How long can county jail hold IDOC inmate violating parole hold
  133. General pop. VS Seg. Pop
  134. Does the parole board have dates for prisoner hearings
  135. does anybody have any info on getting a divorce while on the inside
  136. No Commissary - Computers Down in Illinois?
  137. My daughter just went to Dixon Springs Boot Camp
  138. No letters, phone calls and feeling so alone
  139. How can he get time served for tickets in another state?
  140. Questions about sending money etc
  141. Work release after reclassification
  142. Less rights for us &our men!
  143. Shopping in R & C
  144. Revisiting Howell v. Snyder (denial of MGT)
  145. Photos
  146. Very Important Question (Need Advice!)
  147. Close to a year left....
  148. Big Muddy River
  149. Anyone deal with the Appeals process after sentencing for a felony?
  150. Boyfriend in stateville northern reception center
  151. Missing hubby vent
  152. In so upset.....what is "C" grade in illinois prison?
  153. I feel so sad - with him or without him it's the same
  154. Hate the prison system in Illinois
  155. Need info on HWH Chicago
  156. Not a happy day
  157. Request a move in placement
  158. Do they send people to prison for short periods of time?
  159. Does anyone have a loved one in Du Quoin bootcamp
  160. C-grade
  161. Questions about attorneys and sentencing in Illinois
  162. What gifts can you send to Hill CC Galesburg IL
  163. Does Illinois transfer inmates often?
  164. Anyone have anyone in Menard?
  165. Three strikes? Does Illinois have this law?
  166. TASC - Anyone know about alternatives to incarceration?
  167. Update Stateville RandC transfers
  168. Merry Christmas Illinois!
  169. Anyone going to graham tomorrow or soon?
  170. Need info on Transition facility in Peoria, Illinois?
  171. Is good time coming back?
  172. Earned Good Credit vs. Good Time??!?!?
  173. US marshals arrested my brother while leaving court. What do I do?
  174. Are there any new laws that will affect the Prisons/Inmates in Illinois?
  175. My friend just got sentenced - how does this all work
  176. Day for Day in county
  177. Attorney Michael Costello?
  178. Appealing insight?
  179. Address for Statewide waiting list
  180. New to this - Many questions about Northern Reception Center
  181. Parent institution Vs. Location??
  182. In Illinois how long could a person do n a 2 year sentence?
  183. Important question-how much good time can you earn?
  184. Sentencing and blind plea agreement
  185. What to expect (drug charges)
  186. License Plates
  187. Need info about good time
  188. Illinois laws as they pertain to home invasion charges?
  189. Husband in Cook County jail for VOP
  190. Please Help me understand his PRD! How long is the wait for boot camp?
  191. Anybody's loved ones in Vandalia, IL?
  192. I am on lexapro & and norco / Do I qualify for Work Release?
  193. I think he got transferred... Pinkeyville or Menard? Are they the same?
  194. Support face to face - found a support group in Chicago
  195. The farm?
  196. Fascinating inmate blog
  197. Boot Camp ???
  198. Boot camp - anyone not have to wait the 90 - 130 days to transfer?
  199. Support group south side of Chicago
  200. My girl got busted in illinois with 25+ lbs of marijuana... What next?
  201. Cannot receive good time?
  202. ?s about Lawrence C.C
  203. Father got sentenced, how long will he be away?
  204. Lawyer - trying to find one in Ottawa area
  205. Pittsfield work camp?
  206. Good time 2012???
  207. Segregation!!
  208. My husband is finally home
  209. Transfer Approval
  210. Good time
  211. 18 months, where might I go?
  212. Need help-sending sole provider to prison?
  213. My Story
  214. Can we send them word search books?
  215. Yes! He's finally leaving that darn place...
  216. Scared to death! HELP!-Dixon damaged in storm.
  217. Need info about getting married..
  218. Head of Chaplains
  219. Haven't heard from loved one at Pittsfield Work Camp, any news?
  220. Protective custody
  221. Class X Felons & Good Time?
  222. Trying to move my husband to Utah DOC from Illinois DOC
  223. Need a referral for minister
  224. Commissary money upon release?
  225. How long can they be in Reception?
  226. Does this raise red flags or am I overreacting
  227. 2nd Felony Theft Charge-how much time will he get?
  228. Research study for women $125 near O'Hare in Chicago
  229. Anniversary Gift
  230. BF violated parole, now back in county
  231. How much can an inmate spend on commissary in a month?
  232. I need a lot of strength
  233. Question about transfers to East Moline
  234. Parole Violation Question
  235. Master menus at IDOC
  236. Meritious Good time
  237. Problems with Mo Music Entertainment?
  238. Rekindling an old flame
  239. My Babe Just Got To Bootcamp :(
  240. Need info quickly...county to reception
  241. Photo changed in IDOC
  242. I'm scared of loving him
  243. Time cuts qualifications?
  244. Has early release started for anyone yet? Vienna still has not.
  245. What advice would you offer to people when a loved one is incarcerated?
  246. SMGT on IDOC- here are things I noticed about releases
  247. Does Illinois have any rehab centers?
  248. Can I become a CO?
  249. Good time June 1
  250. Photo changed