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  1. Help Save an Innocent Man Convicted Solely on Corrupt Eyewitness Testimony: Tony Ford
  2. Help Felons get housing without discrimination petition
  3. 1 st time federal offenders petition
  4. Don't let congress ban discussion about decriminalization of drugs
  5. Save our husbands, fathers and sons petition
  6. Bring back Parole in NC Petition
  7. Urgent Help Stop Instatutionalized Child Abuse in Utah (HR911)
  8. A Prison Petition To Try and Get My Husband Released from Kilby
  9. Online petition re: bringing back family visits
  10. Sign the conjugal petition!
  11. petition to reinstate family visits in CA for lifers
  12. PETITION: Change federal sentencing guidelines for poss of cp
  13. Prisoners at Robertson Unit TX ask for support
  14. Petition to reinstate Federal parole for ALL Federal prisoners
  15. Palestinian Victim's Petition
  16. Restore Family Visits For All California Inmates (Petition)
  17. Inmate Family's & Supporters Demand Investigation of MCI/Global Tel Link
  18. Increase Federal Good Time Allowances - Please we need your Vote
  19. Important petition
  20. Darryl Durr/Commute Death Sentence Petition/Ohio
  21. Hr 1475 "Federal good time bill"
  22. Sign PRISON WIVES' Richard Sipe Petition
  23. Petition to restore parole and serving 65% of time in Virginia
  24. JOSH PUCKETT'S Petition for the Commutation of his Sentence
  25. Please sign petition to commute sentence for Ex-Footbal Hero Sherman Williams
  26. Petition to release John Howe! Please help!
  27. Extended Family & Conjugal Visitation Petition, please SIGN
  28. Petition for anon for those charged with specific crimes
  29. Change Disporportionate Sentencing for possession of child internet pornography
  30. Re-Open Trial Cases involving testimonies of Drs. Steven Hayne and Michael West
  31. Petition to allow family/conjugal visits in the state of Minnesota
  32. Clemency For Kevin Keith/ Ohio Death Row Inmate
  33. Re-instate a mom's visitation rights
  34. Petition for re-instating IL good time credits
  35. Please Sign~Petition for Georgia Seven Deadly Sins
  36. Petition to reform Mandatory Sentencing in NC
  37. Bring Parole Back to GA
  38. S 1789 retroactivity petition
  39. Petition For a Medically Retired Veteran
  40. Please sign my petition for my Fiance's post-conviction appeal!
  41. Petition for a/c in texas prisons!
  42. Stop Prison Rape - Easy Way to Take Action!
  43. Petition for Tim Davis (Alabama) to Re-open investigation into his case.
  44. Please help Juli Sipe Cummings
  45. Shawn Savage Petition and Newspaper Article
  46. Petition - Mississippi inmate health information.
  47. Commute R. Sipe, 71 yrs for drugs
  48. Make New Crack Law Retroactive
  49. Judicial release for an inmate terminally ill mother
  50. Petition to change 85% to 65% for non-violent offenders
  51. Your own petiton to the judge
  52. Petition on Prosecutorial misconduct
  53. PLEA FOR CLEMENCY for Terry McILvoy
  54. End the oppression of our loved ones
  55. "Echoes of Many"
  56. Overturn Truth In Sentencing Illinois!
  57. Aramark KY food service petition/Please sign!
  58. Petition to help ladys that are abused and battered
  59. Petition Lower Commissary Cost Please Sign!!!!
  60. Please sign the petition for Clemacy/Kwayera K Jackson
  61. Please sign my petition to make FSA retroactive
  62. House Bill 1233
  63. Action item: Please sign pls online petition
  64. Prisoners Forced to Drink Dirty, Cancer-Causing Water~Petition
  65. Ohio Independent Forensic Lab Testing
  66. Voice your opinion on the cocaine crack law
  67. Need writing help
  68. Please sign my petition to support my fiance in receiving parole.
  69. Grandson Killed in Oakland CA - Please sign Petition
  70. Petition to commute his sentence.
  71. A petition to help get my boyfriend a new appeal
  72. IL Death Penalty
  73. The Barber Amendment Petition-amendment to good time credit for federal inmates
  74. Petition to reduce prison population
  75. Petition for furloughs instead of life sentences
  76. Petition regarding Merit Time Bill
  77. Prison Overcrowding and Legislation for 2011
  78. Good time Bill
  79. Please help!!!! Illinois inmates
  80. Petition. PLEASE HELP HIM!
  81. USSC form letter, pls print, sign ASAP!!!
  82. Please sign free-byrd-petition-for-clemency
  83. Phone Kickbacks - Petition
  84. Abolish private prisons
  85. H.R. 223 Federal Prison Bureau Nonviolent Offender Relief Act of 2011
  86. Sex offender rights petitions
  87. Please send public comment for retro FSA to the following
  88. Petition to Abolish Texas Board of Pardons/Paroles
  89. Make the New Crack Cocaine Guideline Retroactive NEEDS SIGNATURES
  90. Petition for TDCJ onsite weddings and wedding bands
  91. FAMM petition to Make the New Crack Cocaine Guideline Retroactive
  92. Make no-contact orders go BOTH ways!
  93. Harsh and Unjust Crack Cocaine Drug Law Petition
  94. Last day to sign end drug war petition
  95. Petition to free a women dying of aids
  96. Please help me fighting! Petition to "stop the execution of Mark Stroman"
  97. Support Prisoners Hunger Strike
  98. Save New York's Family Reunion Program Petition
  99. There is something we can do to help- Federal Prisoner Reform
  100. Campaign Against Solitary Confinement
  101. Save New York's Family Reunion Program
  102. New York's Family Reunion Program petition info
  103. Please support the indefinate hunger strike at Pelican Bay and 13 other
  104. Petition against D.P. for Loughner
  105. Petition for fair hearing
  106. Arizona rep Cecil Ash's initiative
  107. Pictures At Prisons
  108. Petition to the DA for a plea bargain
  109. Allow International Calls from Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  110. Oklahoma LWOP petition
  111. California Hunger Strike
  112. Peition for Federal Conjugal visits
  113. Conjugal visits in the feds
  114. How to start a petition Re:privileges for those transferred out of state?
  115. Missouri switching inmate calls from pcs to securus technologies petition
  116. The Barber Amendment ~ Federal Good Time Bill
  117. Petition for family visits in the Federal prisons
  118. Florida petition for Release!
  119. Stop Illegal Detention in the UK
  120. Pardon for wrongful conviction
  121. Petition for TDCJ onsite weddings and wedding bands
  122. Stop Baking and Torturing TDCJ Prisoners to Death
  123. Petition regarding limitations on Judicial Release filings in Ohio
  124. Couple (& 2 daughters) struggles to stay in touch across U.S.-Canada border
  125. #TroyDavisLives Pledge
  126. 12yr old to be tried as adult
  127. SOs Get A Little Humorous!
  128. Petition: Stop False Gang Validations
  129. Please sign new petition! 85%
  130. Petition to help Lifers get back their family visits
  131. Job training for jessup correctional facility
  132. Petition to Restore Parole in Virginia and Serving 65% of Time for Prisoner
  133. Please help bring Aaron back to court
  134. Help us get justice for Michael Jordan--wrongly convicted
  135. Revisit and Approve Arizona HB 2648 (2011) / HB 2521 (2012)
  136. Need Your Help Please Write about conditions at North Fork!
  137. Imprisoned 4 LIFE with no evidence. Please Sign!
  138. Please Help: Petition to have my husband released
  139. Please sign---- Petition for Missouri to have family visits!
  140. Fathers And Men That Are Exfelons Bill
  141. Ca three strikes to be revised or removed
  142. Please sign petition for my wrongfully convicted brother
  143. The Governor of NC: Change the structured sentencing law for North Carolina
  144. Petition for Weddings in prison (TX)
  145. Sign petition for William Rohman
  146. Warning from the 2care petition site-They were hacked
  147. Petition for a dog: To bring the animal abusers to justice
  148. Petitions for early release of Alabama prisoners.
  149. PETITION: Fiance wrongly convicted; serving life
  150. Please sign petition for wrongly convicted Uncle (murder in 1993)
  151. Sentenced under" Law of Parties" please sign the petition
  152. Human Rights Petition...Free Manson
  153. Felony Discrimination
  154. Help reform the 3 strikes Law
  155. Release of Federal Prisoners over 55 Closes 02-13-2012
  156. CNN poll about felons voting--cast your vote
  157. Conjugal visits for all inmates with consenting spouses
  158. Driver responsibilty surcharge petition
  159. Petition for the guys in the SHU at Corcoran
  160. Federal prisoners to recieve parole
  161. Petition to Stop Stacking 924(c)
  162. Petition for adequate greivance program in TDCJ
  163. PLEASE HELP: merit time for A1
  164. Bring Robert Spiers Home
  165. Clemency petition for Aaron Borrero
  166. The National Public Service Council To Abolish Private Prisons
  167. Merit time for A1
  168. Petitions and question
  169. Deangelo williams needs to see parole
  170. PETITION: Vindicate Officer Patrick Bradford
  171. Toney Brown Initiative Needs Your Signature!
  172. Global Tel petition....
  173. Parole Reform: Bring my man home!
  174. Reform the criminal justice system
  175. Sign the petition to end mandatory minimums
  176. Family/Congugal Visits for Lifers in California
  177. Merit Time Petition NY
  178. Wrongfully Convicted!
  179. TDCJ petition for air conditioning in the units
  180. Please Read Before Posting in Petition Threads!!
  181. Petition- sex offenders family rights
  182. Petition to ACLU regarding the murder of sex offenders and thier families
  183. Letter writing campaign, Sentencing Commission.
  184. Petition for Inmate in SC
  185. CCWF: Stop male inmate Richard Masbruch from being housed in a Womens Facil
  186. Urgent! Wrongfully Convicted !
  187. Petition to BOP to allow extended family visit. Lets get 250+ signautes
  188. Petition: BOP Conjugal visits
  189. Please help support this and sign (Texas heat)
  190. Pleading for change in Georgia DOC
  191. Amnesty International Petition- Free Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot!
  192. Amnesty International Petition- Free Ramze Shihab Ahmed!
  193. The Federal Good Time petition /Barber Amendment
  194. Petition for TDCJ Contact Visits
  195. Would you be interested in attending pre-marital seminars with your fiance'
  196. Hybrid system of parole and good time for Federal Inmates Petition
  197. Review the sentence of Latone James; For possible sentence reduction
  198. Important petition- stop the execution of Reggie Clemons!
  199. Support keefe's sneak attack on snack must go!
  200. Longer visits with inmates
  201. Amnesty International Petition- Stop the Execution Spree in Gambia!
  202. Jeremiah Rodgers appeal petition
  203. Petitioning The Governor of MA about changes to seating at visits
  204. Fighting indeterminate sentencing abuse
  205. Tennessee Extended Family Visitation
  206. Supreme Court Petition
  207. New petition to re-open investigation of Darlie Routier's case
  208. Florida, please sign!
  209. End Predatory Prison Phone Rates Petition
  210. Texas - Please Help a Wrongfully Convicted Man!
  211. Leave the visitation points @ usp pollock @ 12 points a month
  212. Phone calls for less please sign petition
  213. OREGON: Petition to Amend Parole Board Rules Re Exhibit O Time Limits BPPPS
  214. Whitehouse petition-rights, jobs and education for felons
  215. Need help bring back Federal Parole
  216. MDC Brooklyn change
  217. Give Felons Equal Access to Employment Opportunities - Please sign!!!!
  218. Support Needed Immediately For White House Petitions!!!
  219. Current VA petition for 65% served
  220. Felony Murder Rule... Get it ABOLISHED
  221. California petition to Governor Jerry Brown/clemency for the California 12
  222. Justice4E'drickBrown!!!
  223. Kids Of Parents Who Are In Prison Need Your Help--Please Read
  224. We Don't Need More Prisons!!!! -- Help!!!
  225. Reduce mandatory minimums of those sentenced before the fair sentencing act
  226. Allow Nieces and Nephews to be considered "Immediate Family" in Michigan
  227. White House Petition Against Public Registry.
  228. Petition to free Kirstin Blaise Lobato!
  229. Petition for Medical treatment
  230. Petition for 65% in Virginia
  231. Barber Ammendment up again 2013
  232. Petition for Pardon of those arrested in Internet Stings
  233. Death Penalty repeal, moratorium and reform in Alabama Petition
  234. Petition to stop overcrowding
  235. Help inmates that are serving life for someone else actions.
  236. Parole Eligibility for Life Sentences After 25 Years
  237. Oppose Gas Chamber Executions in California!
  238. Petition for Family Visits in Oregon/Member paulemsgirl
  239. Securus tech : Allow skype
  240. Let's end the 85 percent law in Missouri!!!
  241. Support CALI SB260
  242. Free Christopher Bennett
  243. Gov. Brown, STOP CA's Death Penalty Charade!
  244. Petition to save the Merle Cooper Program
  245. Pass HR 62 - Federal Prison Bureau Nonviolent Offender Relief Act of 2013
  246. Petition for pending Federal law to permit early release
  247. Petition in support of a pardon for a innocent man
  248. "Sponsor: The Barber Amendment ~ Federal Good Time Bill"
  249. Marissa Alexander - FL - Fight Continues for Retrial
  250. Juvenile sentenced in 1992 parole petition