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  1. domestic violence
  2. Out of a child's perspective...
  3. females as abusers
  4. Enough
  5. I'm Worried
  6. new career
  7. Upset and confused
  8. How the lgal system sees domestic violence
  9. Why do abused women stay?
  10. Prison relationships a "SAFE" relationship?
  11. With my eyes closed...
  12. How to change?
  13. This Forum
  14. Very confused
  15. Abusive Relationships
  16. what am i to do?
  17. Women abused in visiting rooms?....
  18. Is change really a possibility?
  19. Poem I wrote about DV
  20. Through Pain (short version of my story)
  21. unable to visit because of offense
  22. What can I do?
  23. thank you so much I can finally admit it
  24. I have been on a rollercoster
  25. David was most likely served today
  26. went to court!
  27. I sent a story from here To Binky
  28. Gonna take a plea agreement have questions
  29. Domestic Violence, FALSE ACCUSATIONS
  30. It's A Good Day
  31. Please let me go!!!!!!!
  32. One day at a time....
  33. A Little Advise Needed
  34. I Got My Property
  35. To Write Or Not To Write?
  36. HELP me save my marriage
  37. i'm scared!!!
  38. I am getting a t.p.o!!
  39. Can they Change?
  40. All Is Well!
  41. really freaking out right now
  42. My Man Changed When He Came Home
  43. I'm scared to death
  44. Husband coming home....
  45. On Wed My Man Beat Me Up....
  46. My ex is using my daughter,tries to turn her against me
  47. Did you grow up in an abusive environment?
  48. Anyone needing help....I am available
  49. trying to find help
  50. Advice Please For My Friend?
  51. I just need some friends...!!!
  52. Black Eyes, Blue Tears
  53. forgive me if i ramble update on letter
  54. Will He Get Violent One Day
  55. Just an idea- would love opinions
  56. I need help to help my daughter
  57. Did violence stem from their childhoods?
  58. Getting out of a violent relationship
  59. He's home but I can't deal with it!
  60. Are some guys abusive in some relationships and not in others?.
  61. Do Restraining Orders Work???
  62. Still being abused.....
  63. "I got Flowers Today" A Poem To All Women!
  64. do you think he will do again ?
  65. I Need Help With This One And You Opinions !
  66. Embarrassed, scared, and confused.
  67. ??? for those that are involved with a violent person
  68. Please Read this!
  69. Domestic Violence During Visitation
  70. Where can I buy a can of mace?
  71. My Dilemma
  72. Order of Protection question
  73. BF charged with!
  74. Prisoner Of Love
  75. Why You Let Him Do It?
  76. You just sometimes cant
  77. What Exactly Happens At A Preliminary Hearing?
  78. Emotional and/or Physical
  79. Survivor of domestic violence question
  80. How Common Is This?
  81. what would you do
  82. Battered Woman's Creed
  83. Sitting With The Shattered Soul
  84. PTO 2005 Conference
  85. He's Crazy, and I'm Scared.... Please Help
  86. Troubled
  87. Picking up the pieces after an Abusive Relationship..
  88. My experience at the womens' shelter
  89. Pto Day At Cedar Point!
  90. Open Offer-('Till I Go Broke)
  91. An Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
  92. Friend Being Abused
  93. I think its probably me
  94. A New Day
  95. Today I put my husband in jail
  96. Where's Isadora?
  97. I have questions.....long
  98. Congratulations to Morrighan
  99. Books Related to Domestic Violence
  100. advice needed
  101. Is anyone willing to write a letter to Ca. Parole Board?
  102. memorial dy weekend
  103. Romeo's Bleeding
  104. When does the "fight" ever stop......
  105. Please help me make a decision about pressing D.V. charges!
  106. Anyone heard from Isadora?
  107. Can He Change?
  108. I knew it was coming but still....
  109. a poem i wrote about DV
  110. 2 years ago my ex-boyfriend tried to kill me
  111. Ladies Please Help me! My husband is in Jail for DV/Parole violation
  112. The hurt, pain and anxiety of continual abuse
  113. My man got convicted something he did not commit
  114. please help. (picking up inmate problem)
  115. My husband is in Prison for domestic violence against me
  116. What signal did you ignore?
  117. Has he ever said" i'll never hit u" but later he did?
  118. Sharing my journey with the broken cycle
  119. So sad.....To all of you out there with children and wondering?.......
  120. Domestic Violence - will he change?
  121. Poem about abuse!
  122. Can a Husband Rape His Wife Long
  123. I need advice~My boyfriend the side of my face with his cigarette
  124. Good News Can Husband Rape Wife Update
  125. What is the procedure to have a Domestic violence Restraining Order lifted?
  126. Do Any Of You Have A Love One Incarcerated Due To Someone In Your Own Family????
  127. I hope this doesn't sound to simplistic.....
  128. Civil Protection Order??
  129. Has your man ever hit you?
  130. Getting an abuser out of my house
  131. do u believe all thug guys are abusive?!....
  132. He Came Out Starting To Drink Again Beat Her And Hit Her Kid
  133. verbal....which is worse? "shut up" or "stupid"?
  134. Having a No Contact Order Terminated in Washington
  135. House OKs Violence Against Women Extension
  136. My man's first domestic violence charge~Please help!
  137. How do I drop a domestic violence charge against my ex-boyfriend?
  138. what do u say about these men?
  139. help i had my ex arrested last night
  140. Seeking Help-tomorrow He's Taking All & Leaving Us W/the Bills. How Can He Do That?
  141. To All That Replied To My Pleas For Help, You Were ALL SO RIGHT! ALL IS GOOD AGAIN!
  142. mother of son in prison
  143. Need advice, in abusive relationship and he is on parole
  144. "Permanent Protective Order" Granted At Our 1st Divorce Hearing
  145. Should I take him serious?
  146. Help The Man Who Split My Head Open Is Up For Parole Tomorrow!!
  147. Another 'victim', but I'm new here, so please be nice!
  148. my ex is dead.
  149. Love Or Hate
  150. need advice- Is prosecutor working against the victim?
  151. will he do it again?
  152. Do abusers Change? If they want to they can
  153. encountering domestic violence
  154. Woman
  155. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders-Sword or Shield
  156. Need some help : ( about Domestic Violence Issue Please
  157. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  158. My Boyfriend Physically beats me~I don't know what to do
  159. My Boyfriend put his hands on me over the weekend. What a mess
  160. Can He Change With Some Help?
  161. Are You Still With Him???
  162. Be an a**hole with abusive guys
  163. She's In The County For DV Charges! Help
  164. I hung her picture.....
  165. The Movie "Enough"
  166. New To PT Have Questions about DV & Ontario Jail
  167. order of protection and visitation
  168. My Friend is being abused~Anyone have any advice?
  169. My boyfriend is the "other" in a Domestic Violence Case
  170. has he hit u in visitation?
  171. how to know whats right for me ?
  172. children involved...what to do?
  173. Boyriend in Prison for DV~I am stressed out HELP!!
  174. Blackeyes and bruises....
  175. Don't Think it Can't Happen Twice
  176. Another Woman
  177. Friend Obsessed over Abusive ex(long)
  178. New Here
  179. Domestic Violence Forum Check In
  180. The Gal In The Glass
  181. when is it TIME to leave?.....
  182. Some Questions..
  183. When Is It Time To Get Involved
  184. You Think He'll be Different with You...
  185. Question about Domestic Abuse
  186. I don't know if I have the strength
  187. Scared he will try to find me..two weeks in counting.
  188. I Have Been There!!
  189. October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  190. Possible sentencing
  191. Security Deposit Assistance
  192. abusive while in prison
  193. Very Important!!!!! Need Help
  194. Abusive Ex Apparently In Trouble
  195. Need Heeeelp!!!! I'm doing a research paper on abuse. Need first hand experiences
  196. Umm,help me can I get him out sooner?
  197. need help!!!!
  198. Ready to Leave...Finally
  199. He is getting out and I am scared!
  200. Canadian Domestic Abuse Community & Blog Network
  201. Hopeful He'll Want To Change
  202. Thankfulness
  203. would you relocate?
  204. A different spin on things...perhaps
  205. When you can't Convince PRAY
  206. I'm out
  207. Some personal advice needed
  208. The Holidays Making It Tougher
  209. Tired of feeling like this...
  210. Ok I Had A 6yr Order Of Protection How Can I Extend It???
  211. Poem from an abusive man
  212. should i run??
  213. Do you think they just go find another one?
  214. Calling On Dv Surv W/ Children
  215. Is this normal?
  216. Prayers that God will keep you....
  217. For infomation
  218. Domestic abuse of a Pastor
  219. I'm so stupid
  220. A prayer for the abused, and abusers
  221. Should I bother to email?
  222. Just a question
  223. What,who gives ca right to decide I want...
  224. Recommended Reading for Parents of Victim?
  225. he tried to beat me up
  226. This past week
  227. ever felt like...
  228. Snow in the month of April.
  229. Going back to DV Counseling
  230. Withdrawals?
  231. SHOULD I WORRY?(As he wants me back OR to be friends with me again?)
  232. if you hit him first
  233. Did he later want sex after beating you?
  234. got my divorce papers.
  235. The Bad Penny Returns!
  236. I Can't Believe Him
  237. Missing him, even though he abused me
  238. Can't We All Get Along?
  239. Mother's Day in the DV world
  240. questioning myself...
  241. Female Abusers Becoming The Abused
  242. Im Scared..not Sure Where To Turn
  243. He used to beat on me.. but I got out.. and you can too..
  244. Another kick in the gut
  245. now what?
  246. Threats of Violence
  247. Death of a baby -
  248. He wrote the girls
  249. Was it Rape?
  250. Both sides of the game