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  1. Alright Men
  2. hello all
  3. Mind Reading!!!
  4. 1/2 house & home confinement?
  5. Anniversary
  6. she is officiallly my girlfriend
  7. Looking for love crimes
  8. My girl is on the inside...
  9. My girl doing time for the last time
  10. Don't believe everything you hear...
  11. Someone needs a friend?
  12. Steve & Stephanie, Ending to begin...
  13. Have I Lost It?
  14. John Walsh Show?
  15. help for a "new" couple?
  16. OMG am I sick with it....
  17. Loss in the family
  18. opinions?
  19. George from AL-- my wife is in prison
  20. Visit
  21. Ricky's girl...
  22. Communication Ended, Transferred to New Jail
  23. Missing Her
  24. I hurt
  25. my love
  26. my love
  27. Support after release
  28. Marrying my baby and moving to TX
  29. Marrying my baby and moving to TX
  30. CarolK joins the party..
  31. Are we so stupid?
  32. Just Lookin 4 Opinions
  33. Silly question, but maybe not...
  34. God I miss Her
  35. no pics nor phone calls.....
  36. New to all of This
  37. fiance' may get released soon
  38. Woo hoo Finally approved to visit
  39. Father Hesitates To Tell Son His Mother Will Be In Prison
  40. Dating a convict and your job
  41. Bout Damn Time!!!!!
  42. Bout Damn Time!!!!!
  43. Girlfriend/Future Wife/Mother of my Daughter Going to Prison
  44. Need Your Help!!!!!
  45. Did Aeren's GF have the baby???
  46. CarolK's sentence
  47. Mail??
  48. How do we do it?
  49. Staying home or Going out Help !!
  50. My girl met with parole Nov 5
  51. Visitation Question
  52. Are you in love with your penpal?
  53. Documentary to see!
  54. it's so tuff to take care of two little girls and to be a dad, with nobody to help me
  55. are our wives cheating on the inside?
  56. visitation tonight
  57. Travel rights after release
  58. me and my girl going to prison
  59. Hi,can you help
  60. What Do I Know?
  61. Is Their World the Same?
  62. She refuses to go up for parole
  63. Got to see her !!!!
  64. Women's prisons in NC?
  65. need some advise
  66. Newcomer
  67. Wondering what's it's like.............
  68. joey speaks
  69. Women & Violence
  70. First Call
  71. Are they just messing with us?
  72. How Much Time R Women doing in California, County Jail Time?
  73. VSPW lockdown?
  74. when?
  75. Our PTO Flyer is done.
  76. Encouragement
  77. money
  78. Not forgotten.
  79. To all the Boyfriends and Husbands
  80. contact visitation
  81. She reported wednesday
  82. I finally heard from her by letter
  83. THink youcan change the conditions of your Inmate? think again!
  84. Now she won't Marry me and now I am confused. HELP I need Imput
  85. i need help. we decided to write our own vows.
  86. In need of help...
  87. Note to all of you starting a relationship with an inmate
  88. Just a small update.
  89. Do you think she notices......
  90. Will he leave me
  91. missing her
  92. Little White Lie
  93. Women & Violence (Yes, this idea is from the husbands & boyfriends)
  94. Who's got the kids
  95. for all men who have loved a women but been in love with another women
  96. Nosey or Understandable curiousity
  97. Depressed
  98. A Thank You to Everyone that Participates In this Forum
  99. Fellas - you ever feel partly to blame?
  100. I Fell In Love This Week!!!!
  101. She's Getting Transferred - I think that's what she wanted
  102. 11 Facts About Women in Prison
  103. Passing the time?
  104. Is this commons?
  105. I miss a few days and...
  106. She's Finally Happy
  107. 1st visit
  108. New to PTO
  109. Single dad?
  110. Prime Time
  111. Ok Guys I need your opioins..
  112. Detainee ????
  113. Mothers and Parent Teacher conferences
  114. Less of a Person
  115. NEARLY 11,000 female inmates subjected to routine pat- searches by male guards
  116. This should be the last transfer
  117. Questionnairre on women in prison
  118. Her Holiday inside
  119. California but the subject matter affects all women/families.
  120. First Visitation
  121. News story
  122. Ok, so what's been going on?
  123. She's coming HOME
  124. Any advice would be nice?
  125. Hard turning to understanding
  126. The Right Stuff ?
  127. What to expect ?
  128. a few questions
  129. Never taking for granted.
  130. do women have prison names too?
  131. How do you cope?
  132. How many of you are men, waiting on their woman to get home from prison ?
  133. Prison Rules, Rules, Rules
  134. Female release any different ?
  135. Anyone's Loved One doing time in Marysville, Ohio???
  136. I miss her
  137. Rough Times
  138. What can I do fo him before I leave ?
  139. cps trying to terminate my ladies rights
  140. Should They Be Grateful
  141. My girlfriends clemency was denied.
  142. How......??? (to say I love you )
  143. Getting past those times ?
  144. Advice on Funds Needed....
  145. How do I know if she is using me?
  146. Is this something common?
  147. Federal BOP Inmate Locator makes this all to real...
  148. Can Someone Help Please!
  149. Got a card today I thought was pretty cool
  150. We are in Prison too.
  151. My Wife Went In Today, Any Suggestions?
  152. What should or shouldn't I say
  153. dwight or kankakee prison anybody have girlfriends
  154. Why Do Some People Get To Surrender Themselves To A Prison
  155. Update on Kacib80
  156. she wants me to buy her friend a typewriter
  157. Counseling for hubby of offender?
  158. WOW!! did she ever get mad at me!!!
  159. Men Marrying women in prison
  160. I married a woman in prison
  161. How to find out ?
  162. good time being increased??
  163. Interesting Article -- How to Make $220,000 Without Leaving Prison
  164. Highly Recommended Reading !!!!
  165. One for Sherlock Holmes
  166. Their conviction - ripple effect?
  167. They took my baby away
  168. I made it to the halfway house yesterday
  169. Why do we fall for DR inmates?
  170. Has she ever given you walking papers?
  171. Questions
  172. Beware of Problems in Missouri!
  173. Got a letter yesterday and she gets out Today.. now what?
  174. Second Time Around Seems Way Worse
  175. She said she is almost too busy to write?? I don't get it
  176. Visiting - what to wear?
  177. She wants to bring her girlfriend home from prison
  178. women in prison
  179. How do you have fun?
  180. What do you want to accomplish before the new year?
  181. Conjugal Visits
  182. Sexual favors to prison guards
  183. Lonely guy here... girlfriend locked away for a long time
  184. Pick Your Heads Up
  185. can we have a honeymoon at the prison?
  186. I miss her more everyday
  187. It's Been Awhile
  188. girllfriend sent me a goodbye letter
  189. Unfair treatment in Utah prisons
  190. What would you like to see in this forum?
  191. Happy Holidays
  192. Merry Christmas Wives & Girlfriends Forum!
  193. The Flaw of a Woman
  194. Calculating Time
  195. Ciw-chino
  196. Her First Time !!!
  197. Wife/gf- what to expect, money, and female/female relationships?
  198. What an FPC did for Me
  199. Real Men Do Feel
  200. Men, have you "slipped" while you wait?
  201. How Much Interest Is There In....
  202. Have I Been Played?
  203. WOW, Thank god i'mnot the first
  204. Dwight Illinois Help
  205. Introductions
  206. What are you doing for your special lady for Valentines?
  207. newest member with a wife in prison
  208. have you guys heard of prison princess ?
  209. Valentine's for Wives and Girlfriends....
  210. has any body else had their woman push them away?
  211. Girlfriend Is Headed To MCI Framingham Tonight, what will happen to her?
  212. Anyone Else?
  213. Do men struggle as much as women?
  214. Mint
  215. Love my wife
  216. What is in their minds?
  217. Maybe of interest
  218. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  219. Love Song for a Felon
  220. Wanting to Work to Help
  221. Now is the time I have waited for, she's being released and I am neurotic
  222. Welcome Guests
  223. Chit Chat
  224. Love your woman
  225. Top 5 Things
  226. More Support
  227. Bad night
  228. Another Bad Night
  229. I Found my Wife
  230. God Does Work
  231. People have asked me.
  232. A Prayer for your Wife
  233. Husbands/boyfriends of someone in NY?
  234. 1st Contact Visit at Lane Murray Unit - Texas Women's Prison
  235. I Cant Stop Crying
  236. How has prison affected your relationship?
  237. Rockville Indiana women's
  238. ***ONLY MEN VOTE*** Have you "slipped" while you waited?
  239. Happy Father's Day.
  240. What kind of changes?
  241. How do you stay faithful?
  242. Intro: someguy83137 from Tennessee
  243. How Much do the Two of You Share?
  244. staying faithful to your woman
  245. transportation
  246. Girlfriend is Making me Crazy:
  247. Female=stronger sex
  248. WHAT to expect!!!!? Have your Wives/Girlfriends been targets?
  249. How/ where did you meet your woman
  250. Looking for some advice