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  1. I'm Going to Jail for 10 days in San Berdoo CA, HELP!!!!
  2. Elements of CA Crimes and Defenses (Link) Updated 7/2017
  3. How To Get Criminal Records/Court Transcripts
  4. Son received letter of sentencing error
  5. in no posts yet?
  6. Valley Fever Lawsuit
  7. Is this Odd..He got nothing, she got slapped hard?
  8. questions for CA from AZ
  9. need info plz re: restraining order
  10. Minute orders vs Abstract of judgement
  11. Help Calculating Prison Time Please!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. jail credits after sentencing to SP? who sends them to CDCR?
  13. unpaid hospital bills?
  14. Court Transcripts
  15. Can Attorney Refuse To Send Court Doc's?
  16. Appeal--ineffective council question
  17. What does 28 to life mean?
  18. Filed for 115 hearing and then transferred....
  19. civil case against hubby
  20. how does legal custody of children change?
  21. Moved from state back to county - what happens to the pending 115 at Wasco?
  22. any info on emergency restoration of credits
  23. Does anyone know how to find a pro bono attorney ?
  24. Question about Possession for Sale charge
  25. Prop 36 Info
  26. What do DAs and judges think of absconders? Do juries tend to not believe them?
  27. Your help is needed here so bad-!!!
  28. Pupils and DUI
  29. How do I get prelim hearing transcripts?
  30. CDCR 'underground regulations'
  31. Anything we can do on the outside to appeal a 115 decision on the inside?
  32. request for transfer due to health ?
  33. Getting a Divorce in a CA Prison Q&A
  34. Abstract Of Judgement
  35. When the victim is on your side
  36. dual county sentencing/time credits
  37. Does anyone know about 1381's?
  38. Consecutive changed to Concurrent???
  39. Looking for Lawyer Advice/Referral
  40. I feel like my fiance is not safe in county
  41. My husband was excluded from CRC and he hasn't gotten the paperwork.
  42. Out to court questions....
  43. I'm on probation, If I get a new charge, will I go to jail for a violation?
  44. Help! How can I obtain court transcripts?
  45. need copy of 128G that is verifed as being a true copy
  46. restraining order served while still incarcerated
  47. Violation of Due Process
  48. Any ideas on best way to go with this??
  49. Controlling Case
  50. Going to prison and have questions about my sentence
  51. Who to contact, regarding pass due parole hold release dates
  52. calculating Release date ? 50 or 85%?
  53. Do inmates get time off for good behavior?
  54. Please Help! He wasTransported back to Siskiyou County
  55. Appeal Process
  56. Question about half time?
  57. Does the local DA take precedent over state?
  58. Need Information on Writ of Habeas Corpus Appeal
  59. they gave him 30 more days after the statute of limitations was up
  60. He's heading back to Wasco and I have questions?!?!
  61. What Is Low, Mid, High Term??
  62. Arrested for Parole Violation, while arrested charged with two misdemeanors
  63. What does Extrarm mean?
  64. How do I remove restraining order?
  65. How do I obtain an abstract of judgement
  66. Can The Da Release An Inmate In County?
  67. Question about 35%
  68. Appeal/review Hearing
  69. Need some Info- Can he take back his plea?
  70. Need help brother in LA county on parole
  71. Someone Please Confused
  72. Can they deny him going to church on home supervision?
  73. How much time will my wife get?
  74. Help, what is the difference between a detainer and a parole hold?
  75. extradition help
  76. Appealing a Sentence Term
  77. Identity Theft...Need Immediate Help Please
  78. Question regarding release date
  79. getting concurrent state and federal?
  80. Help appealing a 115
  81. error in jail credits who to contact?
  82. Need info on how marriage to my b/f would impact me financially!
  83. What is the TERM LEVEL for an inmates court setencing?
  84. testify when married
  85. Felon's right to vote
  86. Credit for Time served on violation?
  87. Three Strikes and lots of legal links
  88. Please! Does anyone know about out to court status, half time vs 1/3 time?
  89. California Record of Conviction law!
  90. Any Help Please
  91. URGENT/Coleman
  92. Old CA warrant: What can we do?
  93. Can anyone help me? Child Support
  94. Any news on Cunningham v California law??
  95. He's almost out but has a probation warant.. Help
  96. He's almost out but has a probation warant.. Help
  97. We need legal advice! we had a crappy lawyer!
  98. PC Meanings?
  99. Help motion for early termination of probation
  100. Please Help - Can Sentencing Date Be Changed
  101. Pre-Sentence Report Help! Thank You
  102. Can anyone help me out
  103. About to do house arrest...need help
  104. v. hofsheier & v. garcia~dropping sex offender registration?
  105. Husband P coded and given additional points
  106. filing habeas corpus on plea condition
  107. Info on sentencing and release date
  108. Search warrant?
  109. Recommended Attorneys?
  110. PLEASE HELP! I live in Kern County!!
  111. Need definition of 'No Arrest' Warrant
  112. When will propostion 9 take effect?
  113. Warrant Data Base?
  114. Missed Turn In Date
  115. California criminal appellate practice manual
  116. First time/violent felony-What can we expect if convicted?
  117. Prison Dental Issue
  118. Fight extradition
  119. House Raided
  120. 15 yrs for 2nd DUI?
  121. Habeus corpus
  122. I need help and info ( The State Supreme Court and prop 9 )
  123. good criminal lawyer no. cali
  124. Penal Code 1203.2a Probation Violation Motions (with form)
  125. BPH Lawyer
  126. Valley Fever Hearing...need some help
  127. prop 9
  128. Habeus Corpus
  129. I need a lawyer
  130. Need Disposition Case Help
  131. Hhheeelllllppppp-they still have him as an immigrant and he isn't one
  132. Civil addict Commit at CRC Norco but???
  133. actual time
  134. Sentencing time 85% vs 50%
  135. Restraining orders.
  136. How to file a citizen's complaint
  137. Intro Need Legal Help on Failure to Appear
  138. extradited from az to san diego
  139. Any info on sentencing re modification
  140. Facing State time, Already In Federal
  141. Excessive force in Corcoran State Prison
  142. how much time for driving with suspended license??
  143. Access to Juvenile CPS records
  144. Maxed out
  145. Juveniles tried as adults .. Any updates?
  146. Help with temporary custody of grandchild
  147. How do I expunge my record
  148. Parolee violator gets 115 Capt says he can get his time back but counselor says "NO"
  149. County's running sentences concurrent
  150. 25 to life
  151. Difference in State vs Ramos and State vs Reeves
  152. Penal Code 1381 Speedy Trial Motions (with forms)
  153. Forensic Patients Rights at State Mental Hospital?
  154. Would voluntarily checking in to rehab help?
  155. Title 15 (Link)*DOM (Links)*CDCr Adminstrative Appeal(Link)/Updated7/2017
  156. Recall of Commitment?
  157. Need Advice
  158. A County FTA Warrant While In Prison?!
  159. Fixing sentencing date!
  160. Expungement revisited: Does a felony have to be a "wobbler" to be eligible?
  161. "Presumptive prejudice" and "actual prejudice":
  162. Questions about my Case?
  163. What does these court codes mean and what is an SNO?
  164. Question about charges and cases
  165. 15 to Life?
  166. Help! BPT? Confused.
  167. hs11377 & pc1210.1
  168. What does "Level II" mean?
  169. Question about OR
  170. Help please is this fair?
  171. Anyone know where I can find a good criminal/trial lawyer?
  172. Filing Income Tax for 2008
  173. How much time?
  174. What is a Wobbler? and if you're sentence to Prison...can you expunge your records
  175. Attorney visits to California State prisons
  176. Pimping & Pandering charges...
  177. Don't accept deal and go to trial the 1st deal still on the table?
  178. "N" number and civil addicts commitment
  179. Prop 5 failed - what is current procedure?
  180. Sentencing time 50% vs 80% ..wondering if they sentenced him wrong
  181. statue of limitations
  182. mental health court
  183. Regular court vs Drug court
  184. His mother just passed away....HELP!
  185. Help PLEASE!How do I go about finding his c-file?
  186. rejected vs. dismissed
  187. please help - proxy marriage?
  188. Need to know "catch 22"- 115s from prior prison term
  189. Getting charged with robbery during an argument
  190. Question about a Civil Judgement
  191. Question on paperwork
  192. He hasn't been released!
  193. 120 days sentence-in covina
  194. santa clara court dept xe
  195. Clearing up an AKA - help please
  196. What's the process after sentencing?
  197. Joint Suspension?????
  198. San Bernardino County lawsuit info needed
  199. marriage and adoption
  200. question about vehicle rights
  201. Is this a violent felony? 85%, 50%???
  202. What's the sentence going to be?
  203. striking the strike questions(confused)
  204. Can Ex Change Custodial Agreement Based On My New Fiance' (Parolee)??
  205. P code questions
  206. Process after arrest.........
  207. Is it County or Prison credit?
  208. Early Release Program?
  209. Why won't they just let us move on already?
  210. How to file a complaint based on PC 832
  211. 85% to 65%?
  212. Inmates and Power of Attorney
  213. Do they get day for day for Bridging?
  214. Can he get 50% with a strike?
  215. Parole conditions different than court order
  216. Release question for Gryphon
  217. Legal/Immigration Issues
  218. He entered a plea of "No Contest", what should we expect?
  219. How does the appeal process work?
  220. Gryphon - Is this 1 strike or 2?
  221. Compensation for release after parole date
  222. Any possibility that a sentence will go down?
  223. he got moved to minimum
  224. how do we file an appeal???
  225. 41500- how do you find out if the prison filed them?
  226. Is moving a prisoner out of state legal???
  227. Please Gryphon - can I expect the police to search my residence at any time now?
  228. Inmate point level issues
  229. Example needed on how to write a support letter
  230. Gryphon~~Can you recommend an attorney from San Diego County?
  231. Seized property by LASD after arrest
  232. DUI Charges
  233. Gryphon: Could his sentence be legit?
  234. Sentencing? What is day plus day credit?
  235. Questioning A Minor With Out A Parent/Attorney Present
  236. Question about "holds" and 1381's
  237. What is an "Inmate Appeal Assignment Notice?
  238. Miss innocent got a DUI now what?
  239. I need a civil liberties lawyer asap
  240. Any ideas on how much time for electrical fraud?
  241. grand theft auto?
  242. Anyone else having problems with their Public Defender?
  243. How to find out if a lawyer is good or not?
  244. Judge took a statement from me, can he use it?
  245. State & Fed Time Ran Concurrent
  246. Tulare County failure to provide documents
  247. Can you ever drive again if you have a 245(a)?
  248. Theo Lacy for 2nd DUI
  249. Trying to find parole representation outfits?
  250. help im confused - what's pc647-6?