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  1. CTF Soledad, CA
  2. Need help on this address (Soledad)
  3. questions about minor visiting at CTF
  4. Soledad lockdown?
  5. what can we send to CTF,soeldad
  6. CTF Soledad Quarterly Package Q&A
  7. Correctional Training Facility- Soledad
  8. how many pictures can i send to CTF Soledad
  9. anyone have a loved one in Soledad Correctional Training Facility???
  10. anyone have info on Soledad Correctional Training Facility?
  11. Soledad as of 08/26/05
  12. CTF - Soledad
  13. Anyone have loved ones at Soledad CTF??
  14. Soledad prison lockdown
  15. Finally
  16. Does anyone know? (what happened at CTF Soledad)
  17. Questions/Info re Family Visiting @ CTF
  18. CTF on lock down?
  19. info on Correctional training facility lockdown?
  20. All Things CTF Soledad
  21. Lockdown At Ctf-soledad North
  22. CTF Soledad - South
  23. CTF Lockdown Status as of Friday 2-17-06
  24. CTF-SOLEDAD Mail Policy
  25. Attempted homicide or suicide @ CTF South
  26. CTF Mail Issues
  27. CTF North Lock Down Status as of 02-24-06 at 9:00AM
  28. Possible Changes to CTF Visiting - Need Your Input!
  29. CTF North Facility A Yard
  30. CTF Visiting Q&A Thread
  31. Anyone Heard of this Vendor for CTF?
  32. What is "X wing"????
  33. I Just Want To Know......
  34. need info on CTF Soledad
  35. Visiting Update
  36. Lockdown CTF-Central C wing only
  37. Visiting Update For Ctf 3/30/06
  38. What section is "GW"??
  39. CTF Soledad...can you give me info. on visiting & getting married there
  40. Whitney Hall A yard
  41. Visiting Ctf North?????
  42. How many prestamped envelopes . . .
  43. In Need Of A Ride
  44. CTF Shasta Hall
  45. CTF Shasta Hall
  46. B Yard In North Facility Ctf Lock Down
  47. Any Mothers Have Son at CTF North A, B Yard?
  48. CTF Guide-Update 10/2010
  49. CTF Visiting Update 4/7/06
  50. question about what yard he's on
  51. South Gym Dorm?
  52. Ctf Lock Down Need Info
  53. Visiting Is Getting Really Tense At Ctf
  54. How long will North B yard lockdown last?
  55. Does Anyone know the address to the CTF Warden????
  56. CTF-Soledad
  57. First Time Visit, need help...
  58. CTF ladies
  59. CTF Visiting Update 04-20-06
  60. Books in CTF-North
  61. Hello CTF Ladies
  62. Visiting on South
  63. CTF North Yard B off Lockdown ???
  64. What is CTF CENTRAL X WING
  65. Ctf Soledad A Yard
  66. Lockdown Status at CTF south yard
  67. How can I find out about visiting approval?
  68. CTF Lockdown!?!?!?
  69. CTF north yard phones
  70. Toro Dorm at CTF North is on lockdown
  71. CTF south on lockdown
  72. I have Questions about Soledad Prison
  73. Is Soledad Prision Centeral On Lockdown???
  74. South Yard at CTF is on lockdown
  75. CTF north yard A is off lockdown
  76. Visiting CTF
  77. From Santa Rosa, Ca Goin To Ctf????
  78. North Facility Friday Visits (CTF)
  79. Need direction to CTF
  80. Do they allow Fri visits for Administrative Segregation?
  81. Lockdown On Ctf South Yard
  82. Heads up for CTF visiting this weekend
  83. CTF-south Lockdown status?
  84. New To Ctf
  85. CTF South Yard
  86. CTF-Central $ allowed
  87. Is Soledad on lockdown?
  88. Im Coming Back To Visit @ CTF North Finally!!!
  89. Does anyone know if the guys @ CTF took pictures yet?
  90. Sending Christmas Card to CTF
  91. CTF North Toro dorm VS South Yard dorm 4
  92. Ctf North Did Anyone Get A Call Today????
  93. 2009 CTF Lockdown Discussion - All facilities
  94. Any Info On The Pictures From Ctf Yet??
  95. New To Ctf
  96. CTF Trust Office
  97. Anyone here from Northern Cali with a loved one in CTF??
  98. Is your mail slowing down? (CTF Soledad)
  99. Proposed changes for Soledad from the Receiver
  100. Ctf Women
  101. CTF-North, Soledad, CA Update
  102. first visit to ctf
  103. CTF - North, I got a phone call today
  104. Any phone call tonite?(CTF-NORTH)
  105. Need Marriage Official! Getting Married at CTF-Soledad, CA
  106. Orientation at CTF
  107. Phone Calls CTF North
  108. CTF NORTH-info re a black that died on north?
  109. Visitation Approval for Out of State Student
  110. F-wing at CTF? Anyone heard of it?
  111. CTF-North, phones on yesterday?
  112. Holiday Card Swap for CTF?
  113. Mail at CTF???
  114. Soledad Lockdown
  115. Soledad Ctf North
  116. Anyone have a man at CTF-North SA
  117. ctf central phone calls?
  118. CTF - Phones back on today! Got a call
  119. Now I'm nervous - Visitation Approval came in today
  120. New and have a quick question about the address/which facility?
  121. Quarantine at CTF?
  122. Tryin 2 Make Sure He's Ok
  123. Any changes with CTF?
  124. CTF-Level III inmates/North Facility
  125. Visiting this weekend - CTF (North), 4/5/2008
  126. Visitation Questions - CTF North
  127. CCF CTF same thing?
  128. Have CTF visits been approved? Are they off lock down
  129. CTF question- When can they use the phone?
  130. Couple of CTF questions - please read!
  131. Question- how long before I should expect a letter or call.. (CTF)
  132. New To Ctf Need Help !!
  133. North Facility Regular Visits Ctf
  134. Counseling programs at CTF?
  135. Help first visit to CTF
  136. Need info about CTF-North....!
  137. I Need Help!...Answers?(CTF) Lockdown and Phone Calls
  138. ???about visits on Friday at CTF central
  139. Getting married at CTF - need info.
  140. what is CTF?
  141. visiting ctf this weekend help!!
  142. Photos at CTF???
  143. CTF visiting clothing question (with pic)
  144. CTF Lockdowns & Mail
  145. any way to find out if my guy was involved in an incident?
  146. Lots of questions re: Lvl 1 Soledad
  147. Lock Down North Facility=[
  148. Family Visit at CTF
  149. Visiting question
  150. Hubby just transferred to CTF
  151. Important Question- Can I visit or not?!?!
  152. Ctf North ..
  153. Regarding Mail../CTF-N
  154. Donations to CTF-North, any advice
  155. Friday, July 4th Holiday visit CTF
  156. Important Questions about Family Visit procedures!
  157. Friday Visits @ CTF
  158. Welcome To Correctional Training Facility (CTF)
  159. CTF - Ride Share Needed
  160. Weekend Weather Conditions
  161. Regarding Mail...In North...
  162. ~~~*July Check In and Chit Chat*~~~
  163. Visiting ? for Central Soledad
  164. Visiting Over The 4th Of July Weekend
  165. Ld Up Date
  166. CTF Lockdown Update
  167. Need Advice On Where To Call...
  169. Mail, Stamps, and
  170. Please Sum Help!!!
  171. Visiting ???
  172. Ton of visiting questions-Please Bear With Me OK??
  173. Sooo Excited
  174. RideShare/Carpooling-CTF...
  175. Lockdown
  176. Ctf North Friday Vsiting
  177. Caterer
  178. Finding Out If Im Approved/Varvari
  179. Who do I get a hold of regarding hearing and out of state transfer?
  180. how many plan on visiting north ctf 7-12-08
  181. Why were these 2 forums split up??
  182. first time visiting please answer!
  183. Mail question
  184. Need caterer info
  185. Anyone else have a loved one in the hole/ shu/O-wing/Ad-Seg?
  186. helppppppp - Visitor Selection?
  187. Are there Friday visits every week now?
  188. Be Careful when traveling alone
  189. ~*August Chit Chat Thread*~
  190. Taking My One Yr Old To Visit..- Need Questions Answered Please!
  191. No Friday releases if on high control parole.
  192. CTF Status Alerts (Visiting & Lockdown Updates)
  193. Need information about CTF Soledad
  194. what is ctf soledad like?
  195. What is the Release Procedure at CTF?
  196. Need information about Soledad
  197. Have basic questions regarding CTF
  198. Levels at Soledad - what do they mean?
  199. First visit, what do I need to know?
  200. Goodbye (sort of)!
  201. Can you get collect calls to cell phones from soledad Prison?
  202. ~~*September Chit Chat Lounge*~~
  203. Do blood tests need to be done to get married?
  204. CTF Ad Seg Info/Q&A/Issues Thread
  205. First Time Visiting Need A Question Answered!
  206. Need info on Friday visits!
  207. Halloween Cards, which kind can we send?
  208. segragation in soledad
  209. Questions about receiving mail and visits in the Hole
  210. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  211. Weapons on the grounds?
  212. How And Where Can I Get A Notarized Letter To Take A Minor To Visit?
  213. ~~October Chit Chat Lounge ~~
  214. Limited lock down
  215. GTL blocked my phone for exceeding calls
  216. Soledad compared to CMC?
  217. ~~~~Questions/Answers for Newbies~~~
  218. my husband was transferred back to county for court
  219. New to this site
  220. visiting from abroad
  221. Does anyone know if this could be true?
  222. ****November Chit Chat Lounge******
  223. ctf father behind bars?
  224. How long for contact visits/family visits?
  225. Whitney facility - what level is that???
  226. Need info on dress outs!!
  227. Who gets family visits here?
  228. New and looking for someone to commute with
  229. Be careful where you stay when visiting SVSP
  230. Att: Ctf north ladies
  231. need informationon getting married!!!!
  232. Help Please! Eligibility for Friday visits?
  233. Recent Transfers?
  234. visitation for thanksgiving!!!!!!
  235. Mailing Question
  236. Notary Question for CTF Soledad
  237. Need marriage process information
  238. calls 2 cell phones
  239. December Chat
  240. Phone calls, all yards
  241. need some info!!!!!!!
  242. courtesy visits
  243. Visiting December 19th or Sunday Dec. 21st
  244. ctf north
  245. Friday visits
  246. building LA
  247. lasser yard A?????
  248. christmas visiting?!
  249. anticipating marriage- finding an Officiant
  250. Need ctf fax numbers