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  1. KVSP 2010 Visiting Q&A Thread
  2. New prison in California
  3. Delano II
  4. CA Opens 33rd Prison, Kern Valley State Prison
  5. Kern Valley State Prison...need a little info
  6. Hispanics and Whites on Lockdown at Delano II
  7. Delano II prison info. pleaseee
  8. KVSP ~ Delano II B-Yard
  9. does any1 have a loved 1 @ KVSP, or the new delano, or delano II?
  10. All Things Delano II (KVSP)
  11. Information of Kern Valley Prison Delano II
  12. Delano II - Kern Valley State Prison
  13. KVSP- I visited there today.
  14. Kern Valley State Prison Delano II
  15. Help. Delano 2
  16. Kern Valley State Prison A&B Yards
  17. K.V.S.P Blacks on B Yard
  18. Delano II-180 or 270 design
  19. Vendors For Delano II
  20. Does New Delano have a name other then Delano
  21. Does Anyone know........ (Kern Valley ??)
  22. Has anyone had a family visit @ Kern Valley?
  23. Question's Help (KVSP)
  24. Questions please help - Need info. on KVSP
  25. Carpooling To Kern Valley State Prison (delano 2)
  26. Kern Valley State Prison - Information Guide
  27. Carpooling from Northern Cal to KVSP
  28. kern valley state prison
  29. Kern Valley State Prison problems
  30. Some KVSP visiting questions
  31. HELP!! Need Info Quickly - Med Dept.
  32. KVSP Holy Visiting~
  33. March Check In for KVSP......
  34. Is Visiting @ Kvsp Reallly Packed Now?
  35. Any info on how visiting was this weekend at KVSP?
  36. is KVSP better or worse than where he use to be?
  37. motel rooms, address and carpool
  38. Approval to Visit
  39. Incident on B Yard?
  40. Delano/ on line packages
  41. What Time Does Visiting Open? 7 Or 8 Am?
  42. Crazy long line and terminating visits
  43. Has anyone had a family visit @ Kern Valley?
  44. Name & address for Warden (at KVSP)
  45. Family Visits For Lifers... Don't Forget
  46. Has anyone got married at DelanoII?
  47. CDC Hotline doesn't mention e yard
  48. New here - Old friend in Kern State Prison
  49. Kvsp....e Yard... Level 1.....
  50. Kern Valley State Delano II mail
  51. no visiting at KVSP on April 29th due to TB "day"?
  52. Important #'s and extensions for KVSP
  53. New To Delano
  54. visiting delano
  55. Anyone Wants To Carpool To Delano II
  56. Visiting KVSP
  57. Carpooling From Riverside/san Bernadino To Kvsp
  58. Any Ones Man In The Gym?????
  59. Moving
  60. Is Kern Valley Still on Lockdown
  61. Letter To The Warden....
  62. Was Visiting Crazy This Weekend At Kvsp?
  63. Kvsp Concerned
  64. concerned kvsp
  65. Kern Valley Marriage
  66. Directions to Kern Valley State Prison
  67. Where is ASU at New Delano
  68. message for Montgomery on the E yard @ KVSP
  69. Bside B/5 North Kern Info
  70. ~june Check In~ *kvsp*
  71. Does anyone have inmate at Delano II
  72. So how was visiting this weekend at KVSP?
  73. KVSP~ D Yard Mail. . .
  74. KVSP - A yard
  75. Hes Off Lock Down
  76. Concerned Kvsp D Yard
  77. .:~ July Check In (kvsp).:~2006
  78. Kern Valley (carpooling)
  79. How The Visiting Process In Kvsp
  80. Anybody's husband in mainline E-1?
  81. Need your help on KVSP visits and directions please
  82. Visiting Delano II - KVSP
  83. What Happened In D Yard @ KVSP
  84. Any information on C Yard - KVSP?
  85. anyone know if e yard @ kvsp is on lockdown?
  86. Any recent mail problems at KVSP?
  87. KVSP D YARD visitation?
  88. Getting married at KVSP
  89. Marriage question for KVSP
  90. Lockup:Inside Kern Valley
  91. Visiting On Fridays At Kvsp
  92. Worried & In Need Of a Little Help!
  93. Kvsp Lockdown?
  94. documentry on KVSP ON TV ON 9/22/06. 7PM ON MSNBC
  95. Kvsp Still On Modified Program?????
  96. Finally Friday Visits At Kvsp........
  97. Don't Forget! Friday Visits Start for KVSP
  98. KVSP: B yard.
  99. Friday visits at Kern Valley State Prison?
  100. Anyone from Lancaster/Palmdale to KVSP II
  101. Picking up from KVSP
  102. Anyone visit at Kern Valley State Prison
  103. Kvsp Info website
  104. carpooling to KVSP
  105. Mail @ Kern Valley SP
  106. Question about B Yard (KVSP)
  107. Did anyone go visit their loved ones this weekend at KERN VALLEY SP??
  108. Help, any good towns to live in near KVSP?
  109. Kern Valley
  110. Visiting next week at KVSP
  111. Restitution Fee is going up in January 2007
  112. Terminated from Visiting!!!
  113. Phone Calls At Kvsp
  114. I'm soooo happy!
  115. My boyfriend just arrived
  116. A yard KVSP
  117. Lockdown on B~Yard
  118. Lifers in A Yard @ KVSP
  119. CDs @ KVSP
  120. KVSP C-yard lockdown
  121. Questions-my man is transferring to Kern
  122. Ladies w/level I men at KVSP
  123. A Yard On Lockdown In Kvsp
  124. KVSP Visiting Update - 02-07-07
  125. Lockup:KVSP
  126. Re: a Yard north kern state prison
  127. Inmate killed at KVSP Feb 14th
  128. C Yard Inmate death from Nov.
  129. Several questions about special packages to KVSP
  130. How long can a phone call last?
  131. I am new here and have a question on KVSP
  132. KVSP LD-anyone know what went down?
  133. Visiting KVSP For The First Time
  134. Visiting Hours
  135. KVSP Lockdowns Update
  136. Is C Yard Protective Custody?
  137. Kern Valley A Yard
  138. Brother shot and killed on D yard @ KVSP- any info?
  139. Daylight saving time
  140. Do you have a penpal in KVSP
  141. What is SNY
  142. Update On Visiting For K.V.S.P
  143. Inside Supermax
  144. question on family visit at K.V.S.P
  145. Has anybody heard from their loved ones at KVSP??
  146. Has ANYONE on DYARD received mail since March 5th?
  147. KVSP-Duz anyone know how the marriage process works
  148. Current Lockdown status
  149. grand jury report on Kern valley SP
  150. New Lock Down @ Kvsp 4-1-07
  151. A Yard~KVSP
  152. A yard Visiting????
  153. INFO about the hole!!!
  154. KVSP-Delano2-Check In
  155. KVSP (Delano2) General Lockdown Info
  156. Aww my man got to mainlineeeeeee
  157. Ok SO what exactly is Orentation?????
  158. Visiting for 6-1-07
  159. I'm Sad =[
  160. KVSP-B yard. Visits cancelled Saturday morning.
  161. New to KVSP, would love your help
  162. kvsp qp's
  163. Need All Updated Info On Kvsp
  164. Mail @ Kvsp
  165. Who has a man on A yard KVSP
  166. Confused????
  167. Need a ride to kvsp
  168. Quick KVSP Question
  169. Has Anyone Received a call
  170. Need Help Regarding Denial of Visitation!
  171. Help!!Denied Visitation
  172. Visiting Kern Valley
  173. Transferred From Kvsp On 5/29/07 Without His Property
  174. Pen Pal vs Your Man
  175. Canteen List
  176. KVSP Visiting Rooms
  177. Sandals At Kvsp
  178. KVSP A yard
  179. Kvsp Visiting Question
  180. Some General KVSP Questions
  181. Kvsp ladies with a myspace
  182. What Magazines in KVSP
  183. Phones on A Yard at KVSP
  184. Mail Question KVSP
  185. MCI -KVSP not getting calls out
  186. How was everyones visit?
  187. STILL no KVSP mail...
  188. Does anyone know the Wardens ETX. KVSP
  189. yay, i got mail today
  190. ok what can i wear KVSP
  191. is anyone going tomorrow??
  192. whos goin to visit this weekend 7/20-7/22
  193. Ok Need help KVSP
  194. omg people
  195. Ohhhhhh Yeeeah!
  196. new here
  197. He wants an electric razor
  198. My Visit
  199. Another Question about KVSP........
  200. KVSP A Yard
  201. Has anyone heard from D yard?
  202. Family Visit...
  203. suspended visits - what should I do? KSVP A yard
  204. Who's going this weekend to visit?
  205. KVSP on emergency lockdown? 7/28/
  206. Friday Visits At Kvsp
  207. KVSP is off lockdown
  208. Still looking for a ride to KVSP
  209. Misc. Questions about Kern Valley
  210. KVSP - best day/time to vist?
  211. Firts visit KVSP
  212. KVSP - E Yard?
  213. Has anyone recieved a call from KVSP A yard?
  214. Hi Ladies!!! Tell Me Your Experience At Kvsp!!
  215. KVSP - Revised Mailroom List of Unauthorized Items
  216. Any advice??? first visit KVSP
  217. D yard KVSP
  218. Getting married at KVSP...HELP!
  219. Inmate in D-7 at Kern Valley
  220. A Yard (KVSP)
  221. lock down at KVSP?
  222. Who would visit more on Fridays if the hours were later?
  223. KVSP D yard girls
  224. What can you tell me about E yard @ KVSP
  225. KVSP - What is it like to visit on holidays?
  226. Any loved ones at Kern Valley State in Delano?
  227. Mail at Kern Valley State Prison......
  228. Whats Goin On With The Mail In Asu1
  229. Carpool to KVSP this weekend!!!!!
  230. Visiting at Kern Valley State......
  231. My Visit At KVSP
  232. carpool to kern valley state prison?
  233. Kvsp lockdown?
  234. Info Please
  235. KVSP Lockdown
  236. KVSP A Yard Mail
  237. Info On "D"Yard at KVSP
  238. Confused...moved from C Yard to A Yard?
  239. A yard KVSP
  240. kvsp question
  241. KVSP New Visiting Hotline Info
  242. kvsp
  243. Kvsp 9/15
  244. Visiting with a toddler tomorrow at KVSP
  245. Looking for Steve Jackson, Kern, California
  246. Kvsp Mail Q
  247. OK Package Q
  248. CO's trash KVSP cells
  249. KVSP - C yard stabbing - yard is slammed
  250. Requirements for family visits?